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message 1: by Theodore, Mind of Sanity (new)

Theodore (ddaythecannibal) | 165 comments Mod
Demons chose before Earth was even created to spread chaos through the world. They are evil, but not thoroughly. They have consciences too.

Real Age:
Mortal Appearance:
Realm of Residence:
Affinity: (Tempter, Watcher, Warrior, Dark)
Special: (Powers, skills, weapons. All angels can turn invisible and have a set of good powers.)

Tempters focus their days on tempting humans to do evil.

Watchers keep an eye out for the influences of the Angels and inform a warrior or Tempter as necessary, as well as keep an eye out for new Fallen. They are also in charge of recruiting any new Fallen they come across.

Warriors fight Angels who try to do good and spread general chaos.

Darks are the rest of the Demons, who simply spread chaos whenever they want.

message 2: by Gordon (last edited Dec 16, 2013 02:07PM) (new)

Gordon  (gmonie) Name: Heather 'The Reaping' Redrum

Age: 26 human years

Real Age: Lost count at about 400 years

Appearance: demon look:

Mortal Appearance:
red dress

Personality: selfish, possessive, short-tempered, & will prey on her own to spite hell's decision

Realm of Residence: Earth - owns a fortune teller service, online, tarot cards, crystal balls, wee gee boards, anything to prey on any vulnerable creature.

Affinity: Dark - Esp. ruining happy lives by seducing married men & women

Background: Was a favored female demon, in heirloom for princes of darkness (most powerful demon, 'devil' to her is a slang word). Was cast to earth for her possessiveness & temper to teach humility by more powerful & influential older demons. Keeping out of hell is denial to a crazy club for her, earth is 'sooo laaaame'(valley girl voice).

Special: Turn to smoke & pass thru where air can. In human form she uses her charisma & charm to enthrall mortals/humans (intelligence & intuition determines severity of enthrallment, works like a soulgaze, like 'Dresden File' books the eyes are windows to soul, a few seconds of direct eye contact initiates intense feelings/peek into a humans soul, they're desires, etc)

Hand weapon: secretes a 2 ft. spear/knife edge - works like spear or large knife, & can move independently to other limbs - The magical spectrum quickly reveals the weapon is an extension of her tail in demon form, like scorpion tail. Unless looking at magical spectrum she can appear human after changing into demon form.

** Must revert to human form in sunlight **

Misdeed: Just way too naughty, tried to play hard to get with the prince & other powerful players... 'devil wears red & Prada'

Other: She's friendly to tempters in a mutually beneficial way to keep tabs on potential 'toys'. She knows watchers to keep up to date with any possible enemies. Absolutely loves turning angels into fallen because it tastes like a fine sherry or aged wine.

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