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Best Bits...Desert Spear

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message 1: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 11 comments Mod
When Arlen goes back to meet his adoptive family at Miln. Sad scene and a happy one. Cobb is dead, Ragen and Elissa have two kids and Mary and Jaik are together. Emotional roller coaster.

message 2: by Tim (new)

Tim Bartling | 1 comments I loved Arlen revisiting his past in Miln and Tibets Brook! Best part of the book

message 3: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 11 comments Mod
Very true. Learning about Arlen's and Jardir's past was also pretty amazing. The whole journey.

message 4: by Glen (new)

Glen | 5 comments Yeah, i enjoyed the Arlen and Jardir's past story. Is it me or the more the story and the books go on, the more i like Abban and think he has a hidden agenda.

message 5: by Glen (new)

Glen | 5 comments Also who thought Renna getting beat up by her dad and then being put out for the corelings very confronting but also gripping!

message 6: by Jules (new)

Jules | 1 comments Agree with Obaid's first post.
Had a long time without shedding a tear while reading a book.
That "back to roots" scene got me with "something on my eye"
I suppose, or would like a moment when Arlen reveals himself to his dad.

message 7: by Jingizu (new)

Jingizu | 4 comments Arlen going back to Miln and Tibbet's Brook.

Jardir's back story - surprisingly gripped reading

Arlen and Jadir's separate fights with the mind demons

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