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Jennifer Priester (jenniferpriester) Okay so I thought I would create a new topic in my folder for testing out some of the things I am writing as far as different people's reactions to it. To begin with I want to get a better idea of whether I am going in the right direction with my nonfiction book: Animal Snippets: Memories of My Pets and Anipals which was originally titled: My Pets and Their Lives. I previously began writing this book like other nonfiction books I have read but came across problems with memory. I couldn't remember what order certain things happened in or the full details and I also decided I didn't want my book to be exclusive only to my pets so changes were needed.
I eventually decided to try using short story form and only write out the stories in which I still have strong memories of, which is how the new title came to be. Short story form is my most natural form of writing, however nonfiction is not. So with this in mind I would like to share the first story I have written out to see what you think about it. These animals deserve the best written book possible so if you have any suggestions on making it better or just want to say what you like and dislike about it this book is going to be published sometime in the distant future since the rest of my series and several other books of mine will be released first so until the day I say the book is available now you can continue to comment on this one.
For anyone who has read my other topic about my adventures with animals, this story will already be familiar.
And now the story!

Should the dog that graduated at the top of his class get to choose his graduation gift?
If you were to ask CeJaye he would have said yes.
Upon graduating every puppy in the class received a free ball. CeJaye's ball was blue and at first he seemed excited to be getting a new toy.
Maybe this would have remained true if he hadn't spotted another puppy playing with its ball. The fellow puppy was small, cute, fluffy, about his size, and was a girl. For the first time it appeared that my puppy had taken an interest in meeting another dog.
Upon being allowed to interact with this puppy, the first thing CeJaye did was to grab her ball which was exactly like his own with one difference...it was pink.
After some time the puppies were forced to part. CeJaye reluctantly left the pink ball behind having had to return it to the puppy it had been given to.
Once out of sight CeJaye turned his attention to the sights and smells surrounding him eagerly checking out everything he could.
During this time he behaved really well. He didn't try to grab anything off nay of the shelves until we were walking down the toy aisle.
CeJaye took a very high interest in all of the toys but was particularly interested in the ones on the bottom shelf. These toys were the only ones within this puppy's short reach.
He wanted to play with all the toys he saw but one specific toy really caught his attention. On the bottom shelf was a section that was overflowing with balls. The same pink and blue balls that had been given out to the puppies at the end of class.
The balls proved to be too tempting for my young puppy to resist and CeJaye proceeded to grab one of the balls. His ball of choice was a pink one which he wouldn't be allowed to keep since he just got a blue one for free. I tried to help my puppy, seeing how much he wanted a pink one, by suggesting we trade colors for him. This wouldn't happen and once again CeJaye was forced to leave the ball behind but not before attempting once again to grab a pink one.
CeJaye may not have gotten a pink ball that day but either for his first birthday or Christmas, when shopping for a present for him I was finally allowed to get him one. I knew what toy my dog wanted most and was proven right when upon receiving his gift CeJaye ditched the blue ball for the pink and would choose the pink over blue for the next few years. Later CeJaye would completely lose interest in both colors as soon as he discovered balls that could bounce instead of squeak but that's a different story.

message 2: by Julius, He Who Arises in Might (:D) (new)

Julius (bookseeker007) | 1781 comments Mod
So then this was an actual event?

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Priester (jenniferpriester) Julius wrote: "So then this was an actual event?"

Yes, it was a real event.

message 4: by Julius, He Who Arises in Might (:D) (new)

Julius (bookseeker007) | 1781 comments Mod
Ah, okay. Great!

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