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Bitten (Otherworld, #1)
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Has anyone read this book? I haven't but I heard it is good.

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Bronda | 1 comments I have heard they are gonna have a Syfy show of this book series. Has anyone read the series? I haven't. I think I have the first book in the series but I have not read it yet.
Is anyone else interested that a tv show is being made of this series?

Tammy Pickens (tpickens) | 23 comments I read the first 4 or 5 from that series and it was pretty good. I likesd The Carpathian series by Christine Feehan much better. It would make for an interesting TV project. I would watch it!!

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan | 65 comments Mod
Sure looks like she can't decide on a cover! lol
I haven't read the series either - it's in my TBR pile, but I have read the ENTIRE series of Carpathians - they were my intro to PNR! Love that series! and it is HOT HOT HOT!

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Lissa (lissagarcia95) I started at one point and got distracted by other books/series that I had been waiting for. I will probably re-start this one soon- a really good friend of mine loves this series, I just haven't had a chance to start one that is new to me.

Tammy Pickens (tpickens) | 23 comments Did any of yall catch the new series "Bitten"?? I have to say I was disappointed. But I will watch episode 2 just to give it a chance.

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