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E. Stoops (estoops) | 13 comments Hello Readers. Small Tomatoes Press is releasing a brand new LGBTQA title on November 29th. It's F. Trantham's Debut novel and I am in the enviable position of giving away some free copies for review.

UPDATE: Due to some challenges, this book is actually free over at Amazon until the evening of Friday the 6th. If you'd like a free copy, please do fetch yourself one. But at this time, the review for a free copy is a kindness :)

Mods: since this unexpectedly became a bait and switch, please feel free to pull this post. My apologies, it was unexpected.

Witchell: A Symphony

Cover: (Waiting for Goodreads to catch up...)

Word count or pages: ~150k words.


Happily exiled to a semblance of normalcy, Tavin Witchell has deliberately forgotten that he is also Baron Witchell. He hasn't used magic properly in years, and he's barely thought about the Mageplane and its stifling, stagnant society of mages. The worst of his troubles have been maintaining his family's dilapidated mansion and making sense of the welcome but confusing affections of his close friend Ben. But when Tavin gets a strange phone call about his brother, he realizes that the Mageplane – derelict and failing for for nearly a century, must be in its final death throes. Tavin and his brother Lyvance have both been hiding possible sources of renewal. Tavin's best friend Amelia, and Lyvance's daughter, Emmaliss have talents that could be warped to resurrect the dying world.

Hoping to hide them from those that would exploit them, Tavin attempts to slip back into his old life until the Mageplane breathes its last. He hopes he will only be Baron Witchell for as long as it takes to convince everyone that Emmaliss is dead and Amelia doesn't exist. But instead, he finds himself violently propelled into intrigues that began centuries ago.

*Content Warnings*

Tavin's father committed suicide in advance of the narrative. The subject matter is probably more appropriate for readers 15+. There is no graphic violence or sex.

Excerpt From Chapter Three
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Additional Notes: We'd like Amazon reviews before Christmas. We will aim to have the book listed with Goodreads in the next week or so and reviews can be cross posted, but we need reviews on Amazon.

Thanks for looking, hope to hear from new fans soon!

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Jordan_n | 7 comments I'd love to try out this novel! Fantasy LGBTQA is my favourite to read and I'd be happy to give a detailed review on Amazon too! The excerpt looks interesting - I really want to know more now =)

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E. Stoops (estoops) | 13 comments Thank you for your interest Jordan! I've sent out a copy.

Seven more left!

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