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message 1: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Rogers | 7 comments Hello all. I don't know if you can help. I am the author of The Bloodlines Project but Goodreads has also assigned a history of Ethiopia to me. It is by a J.A. Rogers...just not me. Can anyone advise? I've stared in vain at the edit profile page and can't find the remove this book button! Grr!

Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) The best thing to do is leave a comment in the goodreads librarians group. they're the people in the know and they know how to separate author profiles so that only your books are assigned to your profile.
the group is here - https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/220
Good luck! They usually answer problems within the hour ☺

message 3: by Camy (new)

Camy (camytang) Hi J.A., I went to look at it, and since I have librarian privileges, I tried to unlink you from the Ethiopia book and I think I did it! I changed the author from J.A. to J. A. (with a space in between).

message 4: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Rogers | 7 comments Thank you so much Camy. It's gone. The other J.A. is male and dead! The irony is that I have only called myself J.A. rather than Jane Rogers because there is also a brilliant author called that already!

Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) The problem is the ethiopia book needed moving to the other J.A. Roger's profile, and instead is now listed under J. A. Roger's and isn't in the right place. This is why I suggested getting one of the other librarians to move it, rather than using a quick fix.

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