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Abimbola Iletogun (abimbolailetogun) | 20 comments I read this book,it's been like 5 years now but it was about UFO's. About a police officer who saw aliens and her life never remained the same. The author of this book used a pseudonym. the cover of the book was red and black. many thanks

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Abimbola--people are checking your post--you've had 18 viewers so far. But no one has known the book yet. Usually, if the book isn't found, (and there are no responses) you wait 30 days or so to bump it back to the top of the queue.

On that note--I have a few questions for you. . .
How was the police officer's life changed? Was this hard sci-fi or just kind-of sci-fi (where the main action is how the mc's life changed, rather than anything about the aliens and UFO.)

How do you know that the author used a pseudonym? Did it say so on the back or the flap of the book cover? Do you remember if the author was well-known in "real life"?

Abimbola Iletogun (abimbolailetogun) | 20 comments Yes. It stated in the book that the author used a pseudonym. It talked abput the UFOs as well as aliens. The officer coulnt practice again. Tanks

Abimbola Iletogun (abimbolailetogun) | 20 comments yes thanks...this is the book....thanks everyone!

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Kris | 34474 comments Mod
Great, glad we could help. :)

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