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Do you think Albus Dumbledore purposely planed for Severus Snape to be killed by Lord Voldemort?
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Requesting Severus to kill him (Dumbledore)would leave Severus the owner of the elder wand. In Such case Voldemort was bound to kill whoever the person was. Dumbledore must have foreseen this.


Dumbledore's plan was to allow Snape to kill him, which would not make Snape the master of the elder wand. To win a wand's loyalty you must take it from its owner against their will. Since it was Dumbledore's will that Snape kill him, Dumbledore would have died master of the elder wand and theoretically broken its power.

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Ok, just so you know, the wand NEVER belonged to Snape. Voldemort just thought he did. Draco was the one who disarmed Dumbledore, which means the wand was his. Then Harry disarmed Draco in Malfoy Manor, which made the wand his. That's why the wand never worked for Voldemort. And no, I don't think he planned it. He did plan for Snape to kill him, but I don't think he planned for Voldemort to kill him.

C.C. that's right...the wands power would have been broken because it wasn't taken.
However when Malfoy disarmed Dumbledore in the 6th HP, he, unknowingly, became the master of the elder wand.
Which then became Harry because he stole Malfoys wand from him, and the elder wands allegience switched.

No, he did not intend for Snape to die. He only wanted to preserve Dracos safety and innocence.

re-read the book, the elder wand belonged to Draco.

Voldermort made the mistake thinking Snape was the new owner of the wand.

I don't think he planned it. However, I think that Dumbledore may have realized that Snape might be killed by Voldemort, though maybe not for that reason. Maybe he did foresee it, but I can't see him knowing for sure and then not telling Snape.

I don't know that I'd say he planned it, necessarily. But maybe it was a safeguard.

As was pointed out, Snape was not the master of the Elder wand, but Voldemort didn't know that.
I think Dumbledore probably guessed that Voldemort wanted the wand, that he would have figured out it belonged to Dumbledore eventually, and that he would then kill whoever he thought was the wand's master to gain it for himself.

Dumbledore said he didn't want Draco do be the one to kill him because he wasn't that 'dark' yet, and I think that was part of the reason. But I also think it had to do with Voldemort believing that whoever killed him (Dumbledore) would be the master of the wand, and he wanted to protect Draco from that.

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How many readers have you killed with your stupid godamn thread title containing a MASSIVE SPOILER? Seriously, this is just the dizzy limit. What kind of imbecile fanboys can a book series have, when they repeatedly pull this nonsense?

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Mika oh whatever, its in the deathly hallows section most people rate a book after theyve read it so they should have already known.
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C.C. is completely correct.

I don't think that Dumbledore planned for Snape to be killed, but I also think they both realized that it was a very real possibility that Snape would not survive this second war. How could he once Dumbledore, who helped protect him from both sides, was dead by his hand? I don't think the Order of the Phoenix would be rushing to his side to protect him once he killed Dumbledore and now that Dumbledore is dead, Snape serves little use to Voldemort as a man on the inside. Let's say that Voldemort won the battle and now runs Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic. What purpose does Snape serve? I'm sure Snape realized that his time was limited, no matter what the outcome of the battle was.

Purposely? No. But did he think it was a possibility? Of course he did. We are talking about Voldemort here. You work for him and there' s a good chance you gonna die. Dumbledore knows it. Snape knows it. Especially with risk of being a double agent.

That is the deal, that' s a risk they are willing to take for the greater good. For Lily.

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