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Five Years (A Fire in Redbridge) by L.M. Langley L.M. Langley

Genre: Mystery

Five Years (A Fire in Redbridge)

Book Description:

Nothing much ever happens in Redbridge. Nothing, until Nate, a bright young man who is visiting his family during his freshman year, drives over the town bridge and onto his death.

Casey watches as her high school sweet heart leaps to his death. Together with Alex, his best friend, she will look into what happened. How far are they willing to go for someone they may not have known at all?

Casey has always been an outsider in the small town of Redbridge. Her only tether was Nate. When he died, she turned to the person who had been closest to Nate when they were in school, best friend Alex. Casey doesn't know that Alex has a few secrets of his own... secrets that are about to affect her life in unimaginable ways.

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