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These are all or most of the characters within the show

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Yui- A girl who joined an after school club called "The Light Music Club" or "Keion" (K-on) club- in this club she meets Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi. After performing with them Azusa joins the group. Yui loves cake and has a hard time doing anything without it. She's incredibly reliant upon her friends and her little sister, Ui. She plays the guitar.


Ritsu- A tomboy who plays the drums. Much like Yui, she can be very irresponsible and reliant upon Mio. Who is a more serious character. Ritsu loves to tease Mio and often goofs off, however she is far more attentive than Yui.


Mugi- She's a very sweet girl who is wealthy and kind. She loves to spend time with her band mates and often serves them cake and tea after school. Mugi plays the keyboard. A lot of their adventures allow Mugi's homes (so many) to be pit stops or hot spots.


Mio- A more serious character and Ritsu's childhood friend. She is often pursued by her friends as the one to tease. Dressing her up as a porcelain doll or a kitten is the norm. Mio is a mature character who likes to have fun but can relate to Nodoka Manabe for having to monitor Ritsu. Mio plays the Base.


Azusa- Azusa a freshman and joined the K-ON club after seeing their amazing performance on stage at school. She is timid and gets angry when people (Yui and Ritsu) aren't working but instead goofing off and eating cake. Azusa, when she joined, automatically became the new target to tease and began to play the guitar. She's a lot better at the guitar than Yui.


Nodoka Manabe- Yui's childhood friend. She's responsible and well-educated. She's sort of like a mentor for Yui. She's not in the K-ON club and saw it as a stupid club in the beginning. She's nice and sincere and can relate to Mio for this.


Ui- Yui's younger sister. Ui is responsible and often takes care of Yui. She cooks and cleans and looks a lot like Yui. She often cosplays Yui for kicks.


Sawako Yamanaka- She's a young music teacher at the school. She's asked by the K-ON members to be their manager, she at first declines but then becomes nostalgic. She remembers of her once being in the K-ON club and thus obliges. She is actually quite silly, a slacker, she enjoys Mugi's cakes and teas and loves to tease Mio.


The_Feelings_Of | 2 comments I want to be Sawako :D

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Okay! Laura, you get sawako

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Ken (kensamcampo) can i be mugi?

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yes! definitely !

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Ken (kensamcampo) I just love blonde hair, sorry, it's a thing with me. I think she's hot

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awesome~ ha~thanks for being Mugi, we really needed one!! :D

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