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message 1: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Hope the problem is fixed now...

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

(( shall I post first or ??))

message 3: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Let's make our characters first.

message 4: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Yep.

message 5: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Characters age?

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Umm idk shall the reporter be 17 or 18?

message 7: by Holt (last edited Nov 27, 2013 02:40AM) (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments 18, Yep. My guy is 19.

Not 25 like Mikoto

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Ok :)

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Carson

Age: 18

Gender: make

Looks:shaggy brown hair hazel brown eyes, short for his age, pale soft skin

Personality: sometimes shy but always curious, outgoing, always goes with his opinion, doesn't back down

Other: always carries a note book and pen

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

((Sorry it's short :p))

message 11: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Random gif to start off:

Name: Īgurūaī Corr (Eagle/Igurai)

Age: 19


Personality: TBRP

Gang Name: Poison

Items: No guns! Simple violin bow.. Sword disguised as violin bow.

Other: He is the gang leader of Poison.

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(( should I start?))

message 13: by Holt (last edited Nov 27, 2013 03:12AM) (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments ((Wait for clairene!!!))

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

(( oh right XD!))

message 15: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( le sigh.. CLAIREEEENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!))

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(( hello clairene??))

message 17: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( she's off..))

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

((Oh :( ))

message 19: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( Claiiiirrreeeennneeeeeeeeee..... Is on.))

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(( yay!!!))

message 21: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments ((Now lettuce wait for her character.))

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(( yes yes we will))

message 23: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments ((But...))

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(( but what??))

message 25: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( She's now off..))

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

(( :())

message 27: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( I know.. In the meantime, would you mind reading a Yaoi story I did? :D ))

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

(( I have no idea what that is though))

message 29: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( Yaoi is MxM.. I'm not done with it. Just want to see if you'd like to comment on it? ))

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

(( sure I will :) ))

message 31: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( I'll send the link to you through message!))

message 32: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments ((Hey I want to read (; Sorry, I was having a lot of issues with my fam))

message 33: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( Sorry!!! ))

message 34: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments ((I'll do the character later or tomorrow!))

message 35: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( okays ))

message 36: by Reiko (last edited Nov 27, 2013 06:33AM) (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Name - Rafe Priest

Age - 19 [ He looks younger than he is ^^ ]

Appearance -

Personality - TBRP

Gang Name - Flash

Items - Archery set [ Everyone has one and is trained to use them ]

Other - You'll see

message 37: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Yesh.

message 38: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Shall we start?

message 39: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Chloeeeee

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Carson heard about a gang, his boss was telling him all about it going on non stop. and by the end of it Carson got himself into having to write a report about them. He didn't know anything about these people and that's what he told his bias, to try to get out if if because gangs are pretty scary, instead his boss face him a address ere they usually are found. He sighed. " I guess I'm just going to have to go" and that's what he did. He stepped into the alley way, it was old, cold and gross. The gang was no were to be seen, so Carson turned around and was about to head back

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

(( aww image not found for your character :( ))

message 42: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( Order of typing and replies: Chloe, Natsu, Clairene ))

Eagle sauntered by the brick wall of the place near the Scorpion's headquarters. He neared the alleyway where members were going to gather and discuss something when he saw a boy, more like.. a reporter. Eagle probably looked less like a gang leader and more like a normal school boy and he walked into the alley. He said nothing to Carson, then as if realising he had a different way to go, he backed out of the alley and walked away, though not before making eye contact with the reporter.

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

Carson meet eye contacted with a boy. A school boy perhaps? " wait!" Carson said running after him, maybe he knew were he could find this gang he was looking for " wait up!" He turned a corner were the boy had gone, but he wasn't there " we're did he go?" He said quietly to himself

message 44: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments (( I'm saying.. Clairene.. Okay. After my post.. Clairene's turn. So we wait. ))

(( Also..

*Where ))

Eagle heard the boy call to him but he disappeared away, narrowing his eyes. Pesky reporters. If they ever got word of what the gangs did, he'd have to take out the boy. Or he could keep the boy.. as a pet..

message 45: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Rafe was walking aimlessly around the area for he had nothing particularly interesting to do that day. He walked towards an alley and spotted a boy, who looked very much like an reporter which he learnt to avoid. Rafe tucked his hands into his pockets and started walking at a faster rate than before, head ducked. He wasn't nervous. He just didn't have the mood to meet anyone that day.

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Carson took if his hat and blazer when he saw the man from the alley maybe no one wanted to talk about the gang if he looked like a reporter, he shoved his hat and blazer I to his messenger bag and decided to get out his note pad and pen after he started to talk to the person. Carson started to jog up to the man, well by the time he got close enough to him he realised he was a boy maybe near his own age " hey wait up!" He said

message 47: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Eagle walked back to the area, and saw the reporter boy again, and his rival gang's leader, Rafe. He headed past the alley towards an office building which no ordinary school student would go into and on purpose, he looked around, as if to make sure no one would see him, he headed inside the building.

message 48: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Rafe knew he couldn't ignore the reporter but he could definitely try to not answer his question. He stopped and turned around, red eyes fixed on the reporter, with an eyebrow quirked, "Yes?"

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

Carson stopped suddenly, nearly falling over. He at righted himself up " um hi my names Carson, what's yours "

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

Carson said looking the boy in the eyes, maybe he was part of a gang, maybe, he looked around his age to young to be doing crimal stuff (( sorry needed to add some stuff))

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