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Another Fine Myth (Myth Adventures, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy Young Boy Wizard w/Lizard man tutor [s]

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Jennifer | 4 comments I had such great luck with you guys in a previous question, I thought I would try one more book series that I have always wanted to find to read again.
I remember there was a Young boy Wizard? Sorcerer? Magician? (I've forgotten the term used) He is taught by a Lizard man, At one point they are caught and hung by knights or thieves- the boy survives by using a hoover spell to keep the rope from killing him, the entire time he is distraught thinking about the Lizard guy being killed, but after the knights/thieves leave, the Lizard guy shows that he was able to tighten his neck because of special muscles and wasn't dead. They end up in a dimensional bazaar/market and run into a redheaded woman that the boy instantly has a crush on. In one of the books they ended up in a vampire world. In another there was a war, and I believe they had a gargoyle that fought on their side.
I borrowed this series from a girl that was in my Spanish class in 1998, I have desperately tried to find her on FB to ask her, but I haven't had any success. Can you guys help? This is the last series I'll have to ask about, I'm usually great at remembering enough to find them on my own.

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M— | 379 comments Sounds like Robert Asprin's MythAdventures series, which begins with Another Fine Myth. It matches all your details.

General series information can be found here:


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Jennifer | 4 comments THANK YOU!! This series has been haunting me for years you have no idea !! googling lizard man and red haired chick with magician boy and I never came up with that. thanks!

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M— | 379 comments You're welcome! Enjoy rereading them; I remember them being heaps of fun.

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