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Percy turning a bit dark?
Harmeet Boparai Harmeet Nov 26, 2013 01:01AM
I've noticed in the fourth book that Percy is showing a bit of darker side. For an example how he tortured misery.What do you guys think of this change? you think it just temporary side effects from being in tartarus? I for one am glad for this change as I love anti heroes and feel like this series needs a bit of darkness.

I sure HOPE it's temporary. Percy is always such an upbeat character, so if he turns dark like Nico did, I will get depressed. (Ex: Compare Nico in the beginning of The Titan's Curse to Nico in the House of Hades. Big difference.)

Maya I just really, really hope that won't happen ...more
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Osage Crie ya that would suck
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Look, people, he can't always be perfect. It was just one moment. Calm down! its no big deal. I mean, he is PERCY JACKSON. The PERCY JACKSON. the guy we all love. he won't turn dark, it was just a little phase, so calm yourselves.

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That was the only time I noticed that, and he was in TARTARUS for goodness's sake! I have to say that I'm suprised he didn't go completely over the edge. But I don't see what was so bad about killing misery. He kills monsters all the time. He fights titans and gods and all sorts of greek things and Annabeth fought with him. Why was she so upset? And scared? Isn't killing bad guys what demigods do?

Tell me about it. Everybody like grey character, i just prefer them closer to black then white. Though going by the general tone of the book I don't think they'll turn Percy dark.Try Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, the protagonist is a criminal mastermind, doesn't get greyer than that.

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I don't think that it was THAT big of a deal but I did notice that he seemed to be making less jokes than normal ;(

I dont blame Percy for being a bit dark. He just went through Tartarus! But, not everyone is going to be happy every single moment of every day and is going to show a bad side eventually.

Its true. He had to stop himself from killing remember? Annabeth got scared even.

i love it and it's kind of terrifying, but it also shows character development and parallels luke a little bit. percy's not going to be dark all the time, but i kind of like knowing that he can sometimes go out of control. i'm actually surprised it didn't happen sooner.

I sure hope it's temporary... I like the old Percy who joked all the time. It's probably just a side effect from Tartarus. Besides, he couldn't exactly KILL misery could he, wasn't she kinda a goddess or something?

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