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Has anyone ever noticed that the book is glow in the dark? :O

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Gian I was reading the book one night, and I placed it o the table next to me and then I turned of the lights and voila! it's glow in the dark. I just wanted to share

CindySR yup! It has to soak up light first.

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Cheyenne Yeah, I had the audiobook from the library, but I'd read somewhere that the actual book has a glow-in-the-dark cover. It actually makes me want the hardcover!

Danielle Neldon I placed the book on my bedside table and then went to sleep without noticing it. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw something glowing right next to my face. I was freaked out for a few seconds til I realized what it was.

Laura Wattie My version doesn't do that!! Goddammit!

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Gave me quite a scare when I first realized it. Woke up in the night and saw a glow on my nightstand. Growing up on the x-Files, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it ... until I realized the truth was that the book jacket glowed in the dark. ;)

Janet Rochester I had it in my hand and stepped out into my dark garage. I think my heart skipped one or two beats.

Chandra I noticed it too! I had it on my night stand and turned off my light after reading it. I noticed it glowed, pretty cool!

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Sam I noticed the moment after I finished the book -- it startled me a little after I switched off my reading lamp.

Gave me a nice sensation to complement that bittersweet feeling when a book is over.

Michelle 🌹🕊 I'm so mad I gave this to a friend before I noticed!

Maryclare Fawver Yeah, I realized it was glow in the dark when I went to bed. It scared the heck out of me.

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Tama i love the fact that cover glows in the dark
so appropriate for this book

iloveromance I didn't care for the book itself at all but it is cool that it glows in the dark!

Sarah It's so cool. I feel like it fits in with the book so well kind of like a little secret!

Naomi I noticed it the other night when I set it on my nightstand and turned off the light in order to go to sleep. Had to stick it under another book!

Ninuschka I LOVED this book (read it couple of years ago). I will immediately go and check out whether my paperback glows in the dark.....

Ninuschka It does!! :) I found this book (or rather it made me find itself) at TLV airport years back. I've always hated the colour yellow, but just had to buy this one because of the cover. Little did I know it would surprise me yet again many years later.
I would give this book six stars if it were possible.

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Jane Goldberg Dang. I never noticed that. I loved this book! Reading it made me add a category to my "Books I want to Get" list. Its called Books and Books. I'm almost done with a very long Preston and Child 'Still Life With Crows,' but when I'm through I'm going to read The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson. I can't wait!

Amber Which edition(s) glows in the dark??

Callie the paperback and hardcover. It's got yellow books that look like they are on a shelf on the cover.

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