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message 1: by Ember (new)

Ember Casey (embercasey) | 23 comments Hey! I couldn't find the answer to this through the search function, so forgive me if I've missed this information somewhere!

There are three books in my series (the books are numbered #1, #2, and #2.5) but under the "Series by" section on my author profile (here: it says the series only has two books--book #2.5 is missing.

Now, if you click on the series name, all of the books show up on the series page, but at the top of the page it says there are only 2 primary works. Is it possible to get that third book (#2.5) listed as a primary work so it appears under the series information on my author profile?

The series is called His Wicked Games (series page: and the book I'd like added as a primary work is Sweet Victory ( (If this isn't possible for whatever reason, just let me know!)

(Ooh, and quick note--the series boxed set also appears on the series page. There's no need for it to be added as a primary work. It can just hang out where it is. :) )

Thank you in advance!

message 2: by Cait (new)

Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments This is actually the way it's supposed to work. A novella isn't really a primary work in a series of novels, is it?

message 3: by Empress (new)

Empress (the_empress) Yes novellas, short stories and omnibuses are not marked as main works. That is why under the title it says 4 works, 2 primary works . It means there are 4 book but only 2 are the essential for the series. Often those novelettes are not even sold in a print version, and if they are marked as a main work it means the author is selling incomplete series. Well this is the way I understand it.

Of course this a system that is adapted on GD, so librarians never mark books like 0.5, 1.2, 1.3, or 7.3 as main works for series. Even if they are printed out as long as the numbers 1,2.3...23 follow the story consistently.

message 4: by Ember (new)

Ember Casey (embercasey) | 23 comments Oh, okay! Thank you.

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