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message 1: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Ramseyer I couldn't decide whether this should go into After math or Welcome, so I hope I chose right.

Nano snuck up on me this year, and I wasn't ready :(. Last year I made 14042 words, this year I couldn't even come up with an idea.

I have been thinking about you all, though :).

I'm in awe of the Nanowrimo writers that prep all year around, and I'd like to find groups that do Nano or similar challenges at other times of the year or throughout the year.

Is it possible to discuss this after November? Everyone must be swamped between Nano and Thanksgiving for United States folks.

I never know what to say or do in groups like these in between Nanos. If I don't write and/or post often, then Nano sneaks up on me again. On the other hand, I don't want to be a pest.

Stay warm and dry - and thanks!


message 2: by T.H. (new)

T.H. Hernandez (thhernandez) | 31 comments I really wanted to do it this year, too. I did last year and loved it. But I had too many other things to do this years. I definitely want to do next year!

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily nanowrimo also has campnanowrimo a couple months throughout the year basically the same idea just not in Nov. I completed the July one as well as already won thus one now I just need to disapline myself to revise and edit.

message 4: by Anna (new)

Anna Wadlow (awadlow42) | 3 comments I am working on nanowrimo this year. I fell behind in the second week and am suffering for it now. Currently I am at 40,000 words and plan to hit the 50,000 by Wednesday night...I

I also done it last year and just over 60,000 words.

Good luck to all those Participating this year!

message 5: by T.H. (new)

T.H. Hernandez (thhernandez) | 31 comments Good luck, Anna!

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