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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Was Andrew dreading the whole 'go investigate the pub, we were alerted to shuffling sounds' assignment he'd been out on? Yes. There was a reason Andrew did patrol, it was easy to shoot runners and clickers from afar. Having to go into a building and take them out? When there could be something like a bloater? Or worse? It was more than a little nerve-wracking. Which was why Andrew found himself taking deep breaths before he started walking around the pub, finding some missing boards that were obviously the way inside. "Shit..." Andrew had been hoping he wouldn't find a way in, that it was just someone's overactive imagination.

Unfortunately that didn't seem to be the case. Slowly h moved through the boards, the wood scraping agains his back as he squeezed in. It was a tight fit and one of the other boards broke as he squeezed in. Standing in the lower level, Andrew bit his lip, his grip on his gun tightening as he slowly started walking. As luck would have it every time he stepped the old floorboards let out a menacing creak. Normally Andrew wouldn't have been nervous, but normally he didn't do these kinds of things alone. Careful to avoid shattered glass, Andrew continued his way through the pub ready to shoot anything that moved.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Making his way through the pub, Andrew couldn't help but notice that the glass seemed to be pushed around in places. All through it had been scattered aimlessly, but then he walked into one of the main rooms and it was all pushed away, creating a nice space that was free of the glass shards. Frowning, he passed the counter, his back turned towards it as he made his way through. Once at the broken, boarded up windows he paused frowning. Reaching up he pried away one of the boards, the topmost ones had already been pulled away. Immediately sunlight flooded the room, illuminating the dust particles that swirled in the air.

"Nothing here..." Shaking his head, Andrew loosened his grip on his gun and then turned around, prepared to leave when his eyes spotted something. A bag. On a counter top. That meant that someone was here. Or had been..... Walking over to the counter rather quickly, he picked up the bag. The smooth fabric bunching in his hand. No dust on it. Which meant it hadn't been here long. Which meant that whoever had been here, was most likely still here. "Hello?" Calling out into the pub, he really hoped there were no infected here. If there were....well he'd just invited them to come after him. Tightening his grip on the gun he frowned, straining his ears for a sound that could indicate a person.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [I have a dog named Nikita, and she's like this google-eyed boxer so I keep thinking of her xD (view spoiler) ]

To say Andrew wasn't startled when a girl suddenly popped up, dagger ready to strike? Well that would've been a lie. To say that he hadn't almost dropped his gun? That would also have been a lie. Still, looking at her he frowned, there was something familiar about her. Staring at her he frowned, his brows pulling together before he paused and nodded. "Right. You're Renee & Richie's girl. Wait...." Andrew's frown hardened, turning to a scowl as he looked at her, "What the hell are you doing out here girl? With nothing but a dagger? And a bag of-" He paused and lowered the bag to the counter looking at it's contents.

"Spray paint? What the hell were you going to do with that if a clicker came at you? Or a bloater?" Damn.....they were right. Girl has no common sense. A lot of the guards had been saying that the higher class people had no sense. That they didn't know what it was like outside. They thought it was games and fun and that nothing would harm them. Apparently, what Andrew had dismissed as gossip was the truth. I mean here was a girl that was high class...and she was hanging out...alone...in an abandoned pub with nothing but a dagger? "I could've been a rapist or something." Andrew frowned, glaring at the girl, hoping she would realize that she had done something pretty stupid. Never thought that I would be comparing myself to a rapist....

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [hahaha no it's fine xD It's just that I think of my dog xD]

Andrew rolled his eyes, "Well I would think you'd rather explain what you were doing, to me. Or if you don't want to do that....Then I guess I can have you explain it to your parents." Oh yes. Andrew may have been playing a little dirty......but he wasn't going to just let her go completely unpunished. Either she told him what she was doing out here, alone, with spray paint. Or she could tell her parents when he dragged her back to her sector. Well now....you're like the annoying tattle-tale kid in grade school... Andrew internally winced at the voice in his head.

"And you can't always run. That's why you have to stand and fight. If you run.....you'll never stop." Andrew frowned. It was something he had first learned, that if you ran. You were leaving an enemy that would claim the life of someone else. And all the people it killed? Were on you, because you had a chance and you ran from it. "And you don't know that for sure. For all you know a clicker could've moved in yesterday. You don't know. That's why you need to be safe, not running around like you own the place." He frowned, working hard to keep his eyes from going to the form-fitting yoga sweat pants, or to the tight tank top. She'd obviously come here with the intention of being able to move. "Were you going to dance here?" Andrew's voice was thick with shock as he looked at her.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Yes, Seriously!" Andrew frowned, knowing that it certainly made him seem like quite the downer. But he had to be sure that she wasn't going to be stupid and do this again. "I mean if you're going to go out, at least bring a gun. Or tell someone when you're leaving. That way they can make sure to go looking for you if you don't come back on time. And I'm pretty confident you didn't tell anyone, so don't even try to play it off like you did." He had to admit though, he was surprised when she said she liked spray painting. Wait....did that mean. Was she the- no. No way. She couldn't be the one that painted those flowers on the walls and stuff. Right?

I mean, if she was....then it was her stuff that the guards all took bets on. Everyone that did patrol knew about the paintings. The symbols. And everyone on patrol made bets to see how long before another one popped up. Some even tried to bet where. Spinning his gun over his shoulder so it rested comfortably on his back he ran a hand through his hair before smirking slightly. "So you come here often. You're not holding up well in court, Princess." Smirking at her he watched as she raised her chin at him, her position becoming stand-offish when he asked if she had been dancing. "Show me. I haven't seen anyone dance in a long time. Kind of curious to see what you dance like." He smirked, wondering if she'd actually do it. He was going to challenge her right back. And a chance to see a pretty girl dance? That would be quite a reward.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay When she finished dancing, well there were only a few things that Andrew could say. "One, I do know how to have fun. I just don't have fun when I'm working. What do you want me to do?" He paused and then started speaking in a higher pitched, obviously sarcastic voice. "OHMIGOSH! Sector 1 girl in some old run down pub? We should totally get wasted on some ancient beers in here!" Rolling his eyes, his voice returned to normal and he shook his head. "No. Just no. That would have been highly inappropriate. Not to mention any beers in here are probably riddled with bacteria." Yeah....Andrew was a bit of a clean freak. He liked things to be clean.

"Two, I didn't exactly know your name. Princess fit. But fine. Kita it is. And, it's Andrew. Not, Drew. Not Andy. Andrew." He frowned, making sure she was looking him in the eye when he said that. He wanted to make sure she got that, yeah....he didn't like nicknames. Not for him. Reminded him of his brothers. "And next time you're gonna sneak out? Tell me. I'd rather know something than find out that you never returned home and not be able to tell your parents anything." He wasn't wanting her to tell him so she would be his friend. He wanted her to tell him because it made sense, was safer that way. She should have someone that treated her like a person. "Fourth, I don't care about your sector."

He had to say that. Make sure that she knew he wasn't one of those people that was like 'oh hey, you're rich'. No it was the fact that she had parents that made him know who she was. That and he walked through sector 1 pretty regularly. It reminded him of the times before....was a good place to go to forget the outside world for a little bit. "And lastly, Where did you learn to dance?" No sense complimenting her yet. He was just curious as to where she had learned to dance, they didn't exactly offer lessons. Not even in sector 1. Things weren't that normal there. Did she read about it? Watch old videos? How did she learn? She was obviously good. Anyone with half a brain could see that.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "That is definitely not true. I'm off duty. I just....." Well, he trailed off. Why? Because what was he going to say? I have the habit of patrolling even when I'm not on duty? That sounded like he was robot person, even to his own ears. When she commented on his sarcasm he smirked, "My girl voice emphasizes the drama of the event, besides it-" His words were cut off as she commented on how she had drank a beer from here. A beer. An old beer. From back when this place was running. A beer that most likely had bacteria in it. And she had drank it. If it was possible for people to break, well she had just broken him. Andrew couldn't even think he was that shocked. Shocked. Disgusted. Flabbergasted. Yup. Startled. He couldn't even speak.

Almost everything she said afterwards faded away as his mind tried to connect the information together. However he did zone back in just long enough to hear her description about how she learned to dance. All that before that? Well that had just been for nothing, he hadn't heard a word of it. His mind was still stuck on the whole beer thing. "You drank a beer from here...." The words echoed out of his mouth hollowly, his jaw actually felt like it should flop open and he should just stare at her in shock. That was how surprised he was by this.

"I can't- That-" Shaking his head he stepped back from her, as if she had cooties or something. "That is so gross!" His voice increased in pitch slightly at the end of his sentence, like a kid that just watched another kid eat broccoli or something. Except for Andrew it was a girl drinking an old beer. "And that's cool with the dancing thing. I mean you're a good dancer and everything...Nope. Sorry, I can't." Yup. He tried to make conversation. Tried to get past the whole beer thing. Holding up his hands in a gesture of surrender he nodded. "That is.....I can't even speak of how......" Shuddering he didn't even bother trying to contain the shudder.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Well- You- Well- I- YES!" Shaking his head, Andrew straightened, "It is bad. Some beer goes bad three months after it's been bottled, especially if it's not refrigerated and- And you just drank it!" Andrew couldn't help himself and he reached out, his hands gripping her shoulders lightly and shaking her slightly, not forcefully enough to hurt her or anything. Gently as if mock scolding a friend, only he was actually scolding her. "And you could've died and you're lucky you didn't!" Looking into her eyes, Andrew realized that he was invading her personal space and quickly dropped his hands, leaned away and creating some space between them again. Casting his eyes off to the side he cleared his throat. "Sorry...."

"And it's not like we soldiers are robots or anything....it becomes habit. For some it feels weird to go without doing it. I just....I feel like i'm letting time slip away when I'm not. I feel like I have to do it. I have to make sure I'm doing my part in protecting people." Andrew sighed and then laughed slightly, a somewhat bitter laugh. "It's not like you care. I'm just a buzzkill soldier in your eyes." Even though I'm only trying to protect you and keep you from ending up dead. Unfortunately the people that wanted to protect people were often seen as the bad guys. It was a part of society. "And yes...out of everything that was what stuck with me."

"And don't look at me that way. You're looking at me like I owe you something. Just because I said for you to show me didn't mean you had to do it. You're obviously not a fan of listening to people so obviously some part of you wanted to perform. So stop staring at me like I assaulted you." Andrew frowned, dropping his gaze to the ground and shaking his head. "Whatever...." Mumbling the word he turned and started for the exit, not wanting to sit around and be looked at by a girl that obviously wasn't going to come back to the Sectors with him anyway.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Pausing in his walking away, Andrew stopped and looked down at the girl by his side. "I do not consider drinking beers that could possibly kill me, to be fun. For one thing. For another, I do enjoy life. I enjoy the looks on people's faces when I help them. I enjoy helping people." Or really in otherwords, Andrew didn't really remember how to have fun. He didn't remember what it was like before everything went to crap, not anymore. That life? Seemed like a far away dream, like a luxury that he could no longer afford. The fact was, Andrew didn't remember how to have fun. The whole concept was....well it usually ended up with Andrew standing somewhere awkwardly for about ten minutes and then going home to sleep.

"And glad to see that you do know how to smile. For awhile there I was thinking you were going to end up throwing one of your shoes at my head." Andrew smiled slightly, teasing her a bit. Playing up her 'defenseless-ness' after all she had called herself defenseless, even if twas a joke. He figured that it was okay now to tease her about it. To jest with her and perhaps even experience some worry free time, if but only for a few moments. As she had said, this place was safe. Or at least safe enough, it was regularly checked up on. So there wasn't much worry of anything other than an occasional runner. It was just...well he was naturally paranoid on the job. Better to be paranoid and live than to be relaxed and die.

"Well, since I owe you. What do you want me to do? I can whistle if you want?" Andrew smirked putting his fingers in his mouth and giving off a true old fashioned New Yorker style whistle. The whistle seemed twice as loud with the empty building and the quiet noiseless street outside. That was the worst thing about all this. "I hate the silence." Andrew hadn't even realized that he said the words aloud, instead thinking that he merely thought them. But it was the truth. He hated how quiet everything was now. He had never had quiet as a child, being the youngest of five older brothers? Quiet wasn't something you ever had. So with the constant silence? It was always a reminder of the family he had lost.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay When Nikita commented on him filling the silence he paused, curious and then realizing he had said his thoughts out loud he opened his mouth to correct things. Only he didn't actually get any words out, because then she grabbed his hand and soon enough they were outside. But the time that she was dragging him? He had decided to say something. "It takes a lot of skill and practice to whistle like me." Laughing slightly he certainly wasn't expecting what she had in mind. The fact that she brought him to the alley and then shoved a paint can in his hand? He felt a bit off.

The can felt heavy and foreign in his hand, yet at the same time it felt light and freeing. Looking at the can the nozzle was stained dark blue and he found his mind turning back to one of the designs he had seen. A rose...or so he assumed. It had looked like a rose, but it had been dark blue. Like this. Holding the can he smiled slightly, "Alright. But I warn you now. I am a terrible artist. Nothing like your Picasso flowers you like to spread around." With those words Andrew's grip around the can tightened a bit and he smiled slightly. With his eyes squinting slightly in concentration he started to spray....and after a few minutes he had something that looked a bit like a lopsided monkey.

Stepping back to admire his handy work he couldn't keep a straight face and instead grimaced slightly as he looked over at Nikita. "I'm a regular Van Gough, huh?" But Nikita was succeeding in her goal because Andrew was smiling and in fact he almost felt like laughing. Almost, but not quite. Still he was smiling, and he usually didn't do stuff like this. It felt invigorating and it certainly was something new. It was like being a kid again and making pictures in grade school. It was fun. "I can see why you enjoy this." Looking over he couldn't help but wonder how she had become so artistic. How the world didn't just suck all the color from her life and drain her of all that inner happiness and creativeness that she seemed to have. It was a bit awe-inspiring. Certainly made him smile....gave him some hope.

[she reminds me of this one alien in Mars needs Moms xD ]

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [haha glad you know what I mean xD and those flowers are pretty]

Since he was looking over at her, Andrew saw her cheeks flare when he complimented her, the scarlet hue creeping up her neck and spreading over her cheeks, tinting her skin a shade darker than it already was. He was a bit surprised by her reaction, after all he figured that she knew how talented and creative she was. Yet it seemed every time she did something creative she was secretly itching for confirmation that she was talented, for praise. Did that mean she wasn't praised? I mean surely her friends would tell her how talented she was. Or her family? Well maybe not her parents, those two tended to work quite a bit and were far more straight and narrow than they were creative and loose. Still the fact that she seemed to be shocked by compliments made him curious, curious to learn about why she was so put off by compliments. At her mention of his art though, his attention shifted back to the wall.

Looking at his spray painted drawing he smirked, "No. I was obviously going for a self portrait." Teasing her with that information he laughed and couldn't help but look over at her out of the corner of his eye, watching her to see how she would react. She had a nice smile, the kind that was filled with innocence and hadn't yet been tainted by incredible hardships. It wasn't completely innocent, mind you, but it wasn't filled with the hurt and sorrow that most people's smiles were. Once you had to live out there....it changed people. They were never able to bring that joy back into their lives. The fact that she had a joy that was rare and an optimism that was even rarer, well that was something a bit remarkable and Andrew couldn't help but admire it.

It was because he was watching her that he stopped and then turned and looked at her as she spoke, her eyes filled with a sort of awe and wonder. When she started spraying it was different then when she had been dancing. When she had been dancing she had been determined and fierce, now she was....well her face was relaxed, carefree and what he imagined someone's expression would look like if they could fly. She had that sort of uplifting aura around her, and it almost made Andrew smile himself. He was sure if he gave in and let himself be engulfed by her aura that he would feel as though the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. The way that she sprayed was like an extension of her very being. So when she turned to him and told him to paint, it startled him from his awe and a smile flashed on his features as he turned back to the wall and started spraying himself. It wasn't the same for him as it was for her, and after a few moments he gave up and went back to watching her out of the corner of his eye. "I'll teach you to whistle, if you tell me when you're coming out here. Who knows....maybe I'll go with you." He smiled slightly, still wanting to keep her safe.

[sorry if it's a little poopy xD I just got hit by a wave of sick D:]

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [still sick D: Which was why I wasn't on yesterday. So you know....posts will probs be reduced to two paragraphs for the time being DX At least on my end.]

In response to Nikita's compliment on his smile he flashed a grin at her, large and overly cheesy but still it was better than the frown he had worn before. Then again, Andrew was a soldier he didn't have the luxury of always being optimistic and happy. I mean here he was, a guy that had seen the face of hell. He'd been there when everything went downhill and he was still there. He would be there until he had given his life to the cause, he was that kind of person. The kind that fully believed in the cause and was willing to do anything for it. The kind that believed if he gave his life to help distract the infected, just long enough for others to escape? Then it was all worth it. at least in his mind. "And thank you, I tried very hard to capture my likeness." Smirking slightly he almost laughed. Almost. He had to actually remind himself that he was supposed to be working, not hanging out and laughing.

At her comment about agreeing to tell him, but only if he came with her his brows rose slightly. "Oh? I think that might just be an excuse." Leaning closer to her he smirked, his dark eyes glinting with mischief. "You think I'm foxy, don't you Kita?" Smirking he continued to lean towards her, leaning down so his face was aligned with hers and holding her gaze. He didn't actually think that she thought that, but hey, if they were going to be spending time together she would have to get used to him teasing her. What better way to get her accustomed to his teasing than to start right now? Hopefully she wouldn't freak out and spray paint his face. Although he didn't really think she would, after all she had reached up and pinched his cheek like they were old friends. After awhile he leaned back and a laugh escaped his lips, soft and breathless and hardly even there, but if you had been paying attention you would've heard it. It was gone in a moment though and instead he was just smiling, hesitating slightly as he looked up at the sky and frowned. "We should be getting back. I have to check in...before they start thinking I died." Andrew paused and looked over at her, raising a brow wondering if she was going to come with him.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay At the reaction that Nikita gave him when he had leaned in, obviously getting personal, well Andrew would be lying if he said his heart hadn't skipped a beat. He certainly hadn't expected her to respond like that. Hell, he had expected her to back off and blush, not lean up and respond to him, her face having been only inches away from his. Yeah it was a little offsetting and he had almost flushed himself. Thankfully he had more experience dealing with women and didn't totally fall to mush at the simple fact that she flirted right back with him. Yes it definitely was a surprise, but one that he could handle. Smiling slightly, it wasn't a full out smile, nor was it his cheesy smile, rather it was a real smile.

It was a smile that reflected how he really was, hesitant and yet happy. Not completely happy, no he didn't know if he would ever be able to be completely happy, but for now? Yeah he could celebrate the slight happiness in the moment. At least for now. "I'm pleased to be described as being foxy." He laughed and shrugged his shoulders as he smiled at her, watching her curiously as she turned and started to put her cans in her bag. She was obviously pleased about the sky, which since it was getting quite dark, then that meant that soon there would be rain. Was that why she was smiling? Because of the rain?

"Are you a fan of the rain?" Andrew inquired, raising a brow as he took her bag from her and added his own spray paint can. Giving the bag to her he started walking with her, back towards the sectors. He would need to have his hands free so that he could shoot anything if any danger appeared. Thinking of that he twisted his gun off his back, holding it in his hands pointed towards the ground but ready to be used at a moment's notice. It was obvious from the way he held his gun that he was a soldier, he so easily slipped into his soldier protective mode. It was like a second skin.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [did you want to bring them to her sector after i post?]

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Andrew was a bit surprised at her reaction, at how she commented that she loved the rain. Everything about it. Sadly, all he could think of was getting stuck in the rain for 4 hours in the rain because the roof had collapsed and yet he was barricaded in the upper part of some house because there was a bloater downstairs and he had only five bullets. Let's just say it hadn't exactly been a good day. The rain was something that Andrew enjoyed from the safeties of indoors. He liked to look at rain outside as it fell to the ground and sort of washed away the world, making things better and a little bit more wholesome. "I like the rain too. But only if I'm inside somewhere.....I like the sound of rain against the roof." Andrew found that it was easy to talk to Nikita, that talking to her was like talking to a friend.

She wasn't like the soldiers that he worked with, the guys that sort of just nodded and had seen too much of the world to do much more than drink and sleep and be shells of themselves. No. She was alive, and being around her was refreshing. Not to mention she was surprising, which was why at her comment he laughed. Short and sarcastic. "nope. No way. A hand gun? Maybe. But not this. This thing is hard enough to find bullets for as it is. I don't want to waste a single one on practice shots." Pausing he looked over and smiled, "But maybe I'll show you how to shoot the same way my dad used to show me. A box of blankets, a bb gun, and a basement."

As they continued walking, Andrew found that he felt evenly balanced, part of him was focused on the world around them. On the dangers that could come at any moment, and the other part of him was focused on Nikita. "You seem to be very eager to be out of Sector 1.....and yet so many others would do anything to get in. Why don't you like it there?" He frowned as they walked and headed back towards the sectors, curious as to why she seemed so against the safety and protection that the sectors had to offer. At least that the upper sectors had to offer. Andrew was lucky he had been given an upper sector job....the lower sectors were mad-houses.

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