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Here you will up characters that you have under consecution. When you are finished you will delete the characters you have posted on here and add them to of of the tree finished character treads.

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tori This template is brought to you by →ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}. (view spoiler)

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▌⌇❖ ₣ᑌᒪᒪ ᘉᗩᗰᕮ ❖⌇▌
First Name: Lyssa
⇝ A variant of Alice (Old German), Alyssa (Greek), Elissa (Greek), Elizabeth (Hebrew), Larissa (Latin) and Lissa (English), and the meaning of Lyssa is "noble, exalted; rational; from the blessed isles; God's promise; God is my oath; cheerful, lighthearted".
Middle Name: Rose
⇝It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Rose is "rose".
Last Name: Morgan
⇝The surname Morgan has several different origins. The Welsh surname is derived from the Old Welsh personal name Morcant, which is of an uncertain origin. The Irish surname is an amalgamation of this Welsh surname, which was brought to Ireland in the Middle Ages, and several Gaelic surnames, most notably Ó Muireagáin. The Scottish surname is of an uncertain origin. It may, however, be derived from a Gaelic cognate of the Welsh Morcant already mentioned.[1] Ultimately, Morgan's origins are Celtic
Nickname: N/A

❝Quote Here❞

▌⌇❖ ƁƗᖇƬᕼ ÐᕮƬᗩƗᒪᔕ ❖⌇▌
Age: 19 years
Date of Birth: March 4
Time of Birth: 7:01 p.m.
Place of Birth: Sherrill, New York
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
⇝Also unassuming, the Pisces zodiac signs and meanings deal with acquiring vast amounts of knowledge, but you would never know it. They keep an extremely low profile compared to others in the zodiac. They are honest, unselfish, trustworthy and often have quiet dispositions. They can be overcautious and sometimes gullible. These qualities can cause the Pisces to be taken advantage of, which is unfortunate as this sign is beautifully gentle, and generous. In the end, however, the Pisces is often the victor of ill circumstance because of his/her intense determination. They become passionately devoted to a cause - particularly if they are championing for friends or family.
Birth Flower Daffodil
⇝This month is synonymous with the onset of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere). Accordingly the flower associated with this month is Daffodil also known as Jonquil or Narcissus. The colours of the bloom include white, yellow and orange. A gift of these flowers conveys the hidden meaning of friendship and happiness.
Birth Gem Aquamarine
⇝This month’s birthstone is aquamarine, which has been linked to the making of new friends as well as affection and love, hope and health. This stone was once also thought to protect those at sea. As the name of this birthstone suggests, it is a green-blue in color and has a rich, sparkling look.

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▌⌇❖ ǤᕮᘉÐᕮᖇ ÐᕮƬᗩƗᒪᔕ ❖⌇▌
Female⇝derived from the xx chromosome
Sexuality: Heterosexual
⇝A person sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex, which, in this case, is male.
Religion: None
⇝She has lost the meaning of whatever God was.
Ethnicity: She is 1/4 Polish, and 3/4 Italian (a weird mix, she knows)
Race: Caucasian

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▌⌇❖ ᗩᑭᑭᕮᗩᖇᗩᘉᑕᕮ ❖⌇▌
Face Claim:
Physical Appearance:
[image error]
Physical Description:
Include hair(texture, length, and color), eyes, weight/height/body details, and any "special" makings(scars, tattoos, piercings, etc).

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▌⌇❖ ᑭᕮᖇᔕ〇ᘉᗩᒪƗƬϒ ❖⌇▌
At least 2 paragraphs

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▌⌇❖ ᕼƗᔕƬ〇ᖇϒ ❖⌇▌
At least 3 paragraphs

At Present...
Please add a brief description to your character that is what is going on in his life at the moment. (only about 4-5 sentences)

❝Quote Here❞

▌⌇❖ ᖇᕮᒪᗩƬƗ〇ᘉᔕ ❖⌇▌
Father: Name; Age
Mother: Name; Age
Siblings: Name; Age
⇝Name; Age; current bf/gf or ex?

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▌⌇❖ 〇Ƭᕼᕮᖇ ❖⌇▌
Weapon Here⇝How it came into possession

Like Here
Like Here
Like Here

Dislike Here
Dislike Here
Dislike Here

Strength Here
Strength Here
Strength Here

Weakness Here
Weakness Here
Weakness Here

Pet Peeve:
Pet peeve here

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tori reserved for possible part two

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