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CVS/Walgreens/etc. in Boone.

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Seamus drove off campus and into Boone, on the lookout for a pharmacy. He turned into the parking lot of the first one he found, a CVS. "I hope they have what you need here," he said to Andrew as he pulled into a parking spot. He put the car in park and killed the engine.

He got out of the car and went inside the building. He'd decided on the way over here to get a couple boxes of condoms: one for him and one for his sister, just in case.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 651 comments Andrew followed his lead, getting the same before looking around. "I am going to run back to the pharmacy" he said to Seamus, "I will be right back." He turned and jogged over to the counter. He sighed in frustration when no one was there. He rang the bell once, and a second time when no one was there within ten seconds. He wanted to hurry here, He had never been made to wait and this, to him was outrages. He tapped his foot impatiently as a young women walked slowly to the counter. He nodded to her. "Would you by chance have the morning after pill here?" he asked.


The women gave him a blank, confused look but nodded. "Yes sir." she said, walking over to a shelf, she pulled down a small box, bringing it over and placing it on the counter. "that will be..."


Andrew shook his head and put down a hundred dollar bill. "just keep it." he said. He was getting anxious, he was not a big fan of public places, at least not with out a guard or two. He walked back, meeting up with Seamus. "do you have everything you need?" he asked. His voice was a bit calmer with him, though it still had a hint of anxiousness.

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"Just about." Seamus was still looking at the vast selection of condoms. He'd never guessed there were so many types. With a sigh, he grabbed two of the largest, cheapest box he could find. He walked up to the counter, waiting behind an elderly woman to pay for his purchase. She only had two items but stood there talking to the teenager running the register for several seconds until the young lady pointed out she had other customers.

"Thank you," Seamus murmured as he stepped up to the counter. The girl blushed when she saw what Seamus was buying. She was cute, even cuter when she blushed he decided. He sensed Andrew was in a hurry so he didn't flirt. Much. He wished her a good night as he left, his purchases in a bag.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 651 comments Andrew laid his stuff out on the counter, he pulled out another hundred, sliding it across the counter before the cashier could speak" keep the change." he said, excepting the bag and walking out quickly, getting into the car and looking over at Seamus, "How where you so calm in there?" he asked. It honestly shocked him, he was always told going anywhere without guards was dangerous and unruly, that anything could happen if he where not alert.

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"You never went to public school, did you?

"After our parents died in a car crash, Fiona and I were sent to public school by our Uncle Bradley, our court-appointed guardian. It was quite a shock, but we eventually adjusted." Seamus shrugged. "You can get used to anything if you have to. Trust me, after going to a public high school in Dublin for four years, this place is nothing."

He went back out to the rental SUV, unlocked it and got inside. Once Andrew was inside, they went back to the college.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 651 comments Andrew shook his head. "No...Me and Sofia where home schooled for most of our lives." He leaned back and listened as they drove back to the campus. His main focus now was getting to Sofia's room and giving her the stuff he had bought. Then he could get back to Liv.

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Seamus nodded; he'd guessed as much. "Fee and I were home schooled for a while. Then we went to a private school for years. Then our parents died, and, well, Uncle Bradley said private school was a waste of money. So he sent us to public school. Fee and I both started studying martial arts then," he said with a small shrug.

"Turning eighteen and finally getting to throw Uncle Bradley out on his ass was wonderful. It's a day I'll never forget." He smiled at the memory.

He was quiet the rest of the way back to campus.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 651 comments Andrew nodded at Seamus. "Thank you" he said with a smile. "I need to get to my sisters room though." he said, starting to get out. "I really do appreciate your willingness to go out of your way to help me though." He smiled gratefully before taking off towards the girls dorm, bag in hand.

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"You're welcome," Seamus said with a smile. He sighed as he got out. He hadn't heard back from Fiona yet, which worried him. She was too caught up in that Jasper boy. Far too caught up in him. He shook his head. He got out of the vehicle, locked it up, and headed to his dorm room.

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