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Boba ((Your post Lacey ;) ))

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Lassy run up. Her dress flowing behind her. She lived in a little house. Had a nice big bedroom. A medium dozed living room. A kitchen and a bathroom. The house was painted bright blue and had flowers growing at the base of the house.

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Boba "Nice home Lassy." He said nodding at her house and then back to staring at her.

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Lassy smiled. She stopped by the door way and pulled him in and kissed his lips.

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Boba He smiled with her and followed, grinning bigger when she met his lips. He moved his gently against hers and moving to hold her curved hips with his hands.

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She smiled. She fumbled with the lock as she continued to kiss him. She laughed in able to do it. She sighed and turned around trying to stick the key in.

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Boba "Here." He said taking his phone out of a space it looked like he shouldn't be able to fit it in and lit the lock up.

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"How...." She trailed off sticking the key in and opening the door. She giggled. "Did you do that?" She finished b

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Boba "Same way I can do this." He said sticking his hand into his own chest and it shimmered like liquid metal. He then pulled out his favorite gun a 44 colt revolver heavily engraved.

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Lassy watched carefully. But once she saw that gun her eyes widened. She stepped back and then ran yelping. "Don't shoot me!" She yelled her heart racing. She turned and ran into the living room behind the couch.

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Boba James looked confused as he stuck the gun back in place in his hidden body pocket for it then walked in "Why on earth would I shoot you Dearie?" He asked sitting next to her behind the couch.

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She eyed him. Scrambling back. "You're a hunger aren't you!?" She asked. Her dress rode up as she scrambled back. Her heart raced.

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((*hunter not hunger...))

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Boba He sighed and looked down So that was why she approached me He thought to himself. "No Lassy, no longer am I a hunter, that ended when I lost my human form." He said being honest and not looking flirty at all as he noticed her dress.

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She eyed him. Her heart racing. She had honestly started to like him but.... She didn't like at all really. She froze. "Really?" She whispered.

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Boba "Yes see?" He let his form show what he really was made of now, not organs and blood but completely of a liquid metal that could mimic anything. He kept his form and features his own but the color left him leaving him all silver.

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She gasped. She moved forward leaning over touching his silver cheek. "You're amazing...."

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Boba He concentrated and brought back the color to his face and clothes showing that his eyes and hair were still the same color as his metal form actually was. "I am no longer a human Lassy that is why I take my company when I can get it." He said sadly.

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She cupped his cheek. Watching him change back. She smiled and leaned in and kissed him sweetly. "Maybe something more....?" She whispered running a hand through her hair.

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Boba He smiled slight as she moved her hand to his cheek then fully as she kissed him and he gave her kiss back sweeter. "Maybe but not easily accepted." He said looking to the ground.

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"What do you mean by that?" She whispered tilting his head up with her finger. She looked into his eyes.

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Boba "I have been run out of countless a town." He said shrugging and looked into her own eyes his no doubt full of lonesomeness.

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"Then stay here..." She kissed him. Her hand cupping his cheek still.

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Boba He forgot his loneliness in her lips and put his hand in her hair then to her neck rubbing it with his thumb as he moved his lips upon hers passionately.

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She kissed him back. His lips made her tingle. His kisses made her heart flutter. She leaned and pulled him closer.

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Boba He tasted her through her lips and loved it. He moved his lips faster now showing she was exciting him and he moved his free hand to her thigh and moved it softly on her.

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She smiled and kissed him back. His touch amazing. She giggled and kissed him back.

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Boba James grinned and moved more roughly, showing her flirting had worked and he wanted to take this farther.

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Lassy smiled trailing her finger down his chest. She grinned widely. Kissing him fiercely and deeply.

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Boba ((SOrry forgot this feed))

James pushed her down to the ground and kissed her, trailing his hand through her fire red hair.

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She wrapped on leg around his leg. She bit her lip and grinned kissing him deeply. Her heart racing.

((It's okay!))

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Boba He kept kissing her for a money then pulled away an inch and asked "Are we going to the bedroom?" He asked sliding more of his accent in to tease her.

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She giggled. "I love your accent..." She slipped up. Her dress calling back down. She giggled and ran up the stairs. Her heels on the first step in the middle of the stairs were her tights. On the top was her dress.

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Boba "Well you work quite quickly Lassy!" He called up not having to bother taking clothes off because his clothes were an illusion already. He followed her up the stairs smiling and letting his form shift to one with no clothes, showing his hunter physique.

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Lassy giggled and ran into the first door on the right. She grinned an shoppe don the bed. She decided he could have a little fun removing her undergarments. She lay on her stomach and kicked her feet

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Boba "You like that I don't have to actually take anything off love?" He asked walking into her room stark naked.
((Pm time))

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((Kk. Let's finish the other one and then we can do this one???))

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Boba ((Yea I need to leave for a bit so get Her to go once more then Neno will go.))

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((Oh okay... Opps. I'll post once more after you..))

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Lassy panted. She smiled. "You.. Are truly amazing!"

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Boba James grinned "I am made of metal Dearie, it makes it fun with anyone but a witch..." he grinned wider thinking of her minutes ago.

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She smiled back at his comment. "You can make a bumpy ride.." She giggled

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((Might fall asleep))

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Boba "Yes but you weren't complaining about my control of form or the ....bumpiness" he said moving a finger up her back lightly.

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She shivered slightly at his touch loving it. She smiled. "Your form was amazing James..." She smiled

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Boba "Thanks Lassy, makes me a good spy when I need to be if ever you need some help" he offered messing with the form of his free hand for fun.

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She smiled widely. "It's amazing you can do that..." She whispered. "I can always move something and give a little shook!" She held out her hand. An electric ball formed.

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Boba "Interesting so is it a paralyzing ball?" he said tempted to touch it as he stared.

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