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The 120 Days of Sodom
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Stephanie (lastnightsbook) | 346 comments Mod
Did anyone survive the book?

Because I didn't. I could not finish the book.

Something about the monotonous tone while describing sexuality with the very young started to deeply disturb me.

Is this what the Marquis De Sade intended for his readers to go through?

Where is the merit to academically study this type of text? Why didn't his manuscript fade into oblivion? I know for the longest time it was hidden from public view.

I had really high hopes to finish this book, and it is a rare one for me not to finish a book, no matter how much I dislike it. Anyone else feels a commitment to finishing a book once it is started? Post your final thoughts here!

Danielle | 60 comments This is late, but I've been off goodreads for a while...

I gave up too. Once it got to the violent parts that were only unfinished ideas I couldn't take it anymore, and then I felt really disgusted at having read through so much of it, thinking it would get more interesting or have more to offer than shock.

I would also like to know why it's so well known if it was hidden and unpublished. Why did his name become the base for the word sadism? Why wasn't the manuscript destroyed when his son vowed to burn everything?

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