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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 102 comments
This is for characters who have received the green light, the thumbs-up, or the go ahead. If you are looking for somewhere to post the character you just created, a) this is not the place and b) you probably didn't read the topic

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 102 comments KALLI

Name: Kalli Ira Excidio
Goddess: Kali the Destroyer
» Powers: Kali has the power to destroy time. She also has control of the element earth. She is equated to a formless void full of potential.
Gender: Female
Actual Age: Between 1000 and 2000
» Appears: 26
Description: Kalli has black hair cut above her shoulders with fringe cut straight across her forehead. She is pale, with eyes of such dark grey they are nearly back. She has lovely curves and is quite tall, around 5'10" or 5'11". She is always packing, and only she ever knows the exact amount of weapons she carries on her person. Kalli is ferocious and determined. She is quick to anger, naturally, and her wrath is something to fear. Her reputation usually proceeds her, though little seems to follow her but for destruction. She cares little for the lives of others, particularly those of humans, as they are but flashes in her eye—there one moment and gone the next. She is witty and sarcastic, with her own, confusing set of morals no one else could ever hope to understand.
History: Kalli is indeed Kali the Destroyer, a goddess in Hinduism. Despite her supposed origins in battle, she evolved to a full-fledged symbol of Mother Nature in her creative, nurturing and devouring aspects. As Kalli can't remember how she came to be, or much of her history, she frequently reads human lore and examines their religion so as to humor herself and also to see if it would bring back any memories. So far, it hasn't. While the Hindus may call her Kali, and that may have once been her name, she knows and thinks of herself to be Kalli. In the more recent years, she has served as a mercenary, a job highly applicable to her skill-set.
Combat: Kalli loves handguns, but she is also a deadly hand-to-hand fighter. Over the years she has had time to master many weapons and styles of fighting, and even if she can't remember learning certain things, the muscle memory remains.
Other: A common thought is that she destroys only to recreate, and what she destroys is sin, ignorance and decay. That is true, but it is only a part of the whole.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) VANTH

Name: Vanth Pure Nesithva Zertnai
Goddess: Vanth
» Powers: Being a psychopomp, she acts as a bridge between the world of the living and the dead by guiding newly deceased souls on their journey (she ensures their safe passage to the afterlife). Vanth can also shape shift by disguising her wings in the mortal world. While she still possesses these powers, it has been over two millennia since Vanth has guided anyone on this journey and what she once did for free, Charun now charges payment for.
Gender: Female
Actual Age: Between 2400 and 2500
» Appears: 20
Description: Vanth has shockingly red hair that is straight and thick, contrasting heavily with her stark white skin (since she spends ninety-nine percent of her time in the Underworld where there is no sun). She has a very frail figure that is boyish and flat-chested with no muscle definition. Vanth is often depicted with bat-like wings, which she does possess but she hides when she is in the mortal world. Her other attributes include the possession of a torch, key, or scroll, and she is shown often to be bare-chested with cross-straps across her breast, adorned with fur boots, a rolled short chiton, and sometimes with unattached sleeves. In total, Vanth is depicted as a young, vibrant female chthonic figure, sometimes in the company of Charun. She is almost always shown in Etruscan iconography to be a benevolent guide, not an avenging spirit, depicted as a benevolent psychopompian figure, in contrast to the menacing Charun, her sometime companion. Since her brother has gained control of her, in an attempt to hold onto her sanity and purity, Vanth has learned to block off her emotions and as a result, she has become almost robotic in her mannerisms and callous or indifferent in her interactions with others. This behavior makes her appear callous but she is far from it.
History: Vanth is a female demon in the Etruscan Underworld that is often accompanied by another demon, Charun (later referred to as Charu). Both Vanth and Charun are only seen in iconography beginning c. 400 BC, in the middle period of Etruscan art, although some earlier inscriptions mention her name. Vanth is involved in a variety of different types of scenes in Etruscan art; the most common types associate her presence with occasions of slaughter and murder, including scenes from the Trojan cycle. Occasionally she is shown rising up out of the ground in such contexts, as seen on an ash urn from Chiusi. Sometimes she is even shown as a solitary figure decorating the sides of ash urns. Other scenes in which Vanth is present involve the meeting and escort of the dead, in the role of psychopompos, who are either walking or being transported on horseback, wagon, or chariot. In general, Vanth is associated with death and the journey of the deceased to the Underworld, but in a variety of different ways; she is present in scenes of the moment of death as well in scenes where the deceased is already fully dead and journeying to the Underworld. In c. 400 BC, she was the one in charge of guiding souls; however, this soon changed when Charun turned against her (his role was to serve and protect her) and decided to become the psychopomp in her place. What was once a yearned for journey for the dying soon became one of absolute terror and revulsion for being "assisted" by Charun was not the soothing experience it used to be with Vanth. She now spends her days in her brother's fortress, heavily guarded by his dead army without access to her items or weapons. Vanth cannot remember the last time she saw the world above or when she conversed with another being, her only companion her brother when he visits her.
Combat: She is proficient with a sword although she rarely uses one.
Other: The materials that Vanth is identified as carrying, which include a torch, key, scroll, or sword, also relate to her role as guide in the Underworld. The torch can be used to light the way for travelers to the Underworld, although some scholars interpret it as a status symbol or as an indication of office, and the key unlocks its doorway. Additionally, the scroll may reveal more about the nature of this demon, as one instance actually displays her name inside, vanθ. Vanth has been interpreted as a goddess of fate, and using this association, the scroll may contain the destiny of the deceased. Vanth also suffers slightly from Stockholm syndrome when it comes to Charun.

message 4: by Emma (last edited Nov 27, 2013 01:06PM) (new)

Emma SIF

Name: Sif Valda Terra
Goddess: Sif
» Powers: Sif has power over the element of earth, and has a minor shapeshifting ability—she is often associated with swans and can shift into one if she so chooses.
Gender: Female
Actual Age: Between 1500 and 1700
» Appears: 21
Description: Sif has clear light green eyes and pale skin. Her hair is golden—literally golden, but it grows as if it were her own natural hair, long and softly curling. She is very tall, standing at six feet and two inches. She has a curvy body type, but is more muscular than one may think, she is a warrior even if she doesn't love fighting, unlike her husband. She has never been a quiet person, and is quite blunt with people, not shy about anything. She is naturally loud, and even has a hard time being quiet. She isn't ashamed about who she is, and won't try to change herself for the sake of anyone else, either. Her favourite trait about herself (Since her hair was cut off) is her eyes, in their clear, piercing colour; while Sif is not vain, she could stare into a mirror at her eyes forever, analyzing all the colours.
History: Sif is the norse goddess of earth, fertility, family, wedlock and battle. She was arranged to marry Thor, god of thunder, and is still married to him, although she is in love with and has had affairs with the trickster god Loki. Sif is known for her golden hair, although it was not always such a harsh, metallic colour. Sif's hair was once long and the colour of wheat. Loki, however, as a prank, cut off all of her hair, and Thor beat him, causing Loki to go make a deal with dwarves, having multiple things made for the gods, golden hair for Sif that would grow as if it were natural, and Thor's famed hammer being only a few of them. It is an event Sif will not soon forget, as it made her realize just how much she loved both brothers, along with how alike and yet how different the two are. Their love triangle has gone on for ages, and while they are all married, it seems to have no sign of coming to an end soon.
Combat: Sif does not love fighting, although she is a warrior. She is most comfortable using knives and swords when she does fight, and she is also quite skilled.
Other: The word sifjar is the plural of the name Sif, and it means affinity, connection, and marriage, quite appropriate for the goddess.

message 5: by Emma (last edited Nov 27, 2013 01:06PM) (new)

Emma ANI

Name: Anubis Obitus
God: Anubis
» Powers: Ani's powers include the ability to shapeshift into a jackal, or a form where he is half jackal and half human, the only difference between him and a real jackal would be seen however, as Ani would appear pure black. Another power of his is the ability to speak to dead people.
Gender: Male
Actual Age: Between 4900 and 5000
» Appears: 25
Description: Ani is often depicted with a jackal's head or as a jackal, and while he can appear in either of those forms if he so chooses, he does not always look that way. Instead he has dark, curly hair that falls to just above his chin and a bit over his face. Ani has tan skin and dark brown eyes that are just light enough to distinguish the pupil from the iris. He isn't overly tall, at 5'9, and is quite muscular, though he doesn't fight much. He is fairly quiet in personality, and doesn't draw a lot of attention to himself, preferring simply to wait and watch people. You can learn much more about a person that way, in his opinion.
History: Ani is the ancient Egyptian god of funerals, mummification and death. He plays the role of protector of the dead, and he would do the weighing of the heart, an important role. He was the original god of the dead before Osiris, and after he was said to be one of Osiris' sons, taking on a psycopomp role.The deceased person's heart would be weighed against a feather which represented truth, or Ma'at. If the heart was heavier than the feather their soul would be devoured, if not then they would go on to the afterlife. Anubis adopted the nickname Ani in recent years, as a shortened and more modern sounding name. He will answer to either. He doesn't really remember significant events in his life worth sharing with people, it's always just been him doing his job, but he wants to change that.
Combat: When Ani does fight, although it is not often, he only uses his hands. He is the protector of the dead, not deliverer of them, and doesn't have much skill with weapons.
Other: The name 'Anubis' would be written out in hieroglyphics like this:

message 6: by Emma (last edited Dec 28, 2013 07:51PM) (new)

Emma ANYA or AVA

Name: Aphrodite Pulchra Lorem
Goddess: Aphrodite
» Powers: Anya, as a goddess of beauty, can alter her appearance to look like anything, or anyone, based on what their perception of beauty is. She can compel people to do anything she wants them to, even affecting emotions such as hate and love.
Gender: Female
Actual Age: Between 3900 and 4000
» Appears: 23
Description: Aphrodite's appearance changes with whomever she is around, and their perception of beauty, so it is hard to say that she has a specific 'appearance.' When she is alone, however, or if she were to ever find someone with the same idea of beauty as her, she appears to be a five foot seven inches brunette with medium length hair and hazel eyes. She deemed that form 'Anya', and adopted that name for her own—but only for people close to her. She'll give anyone else the name Ava, as it is almost a short form of her original name; Aphrodite, and the name has no where near as much meaning to her as Anya does. She always looks like the most beautiful woman that the person looking at her has ever seen, she never takes on the appearance of a man. Her clothing changes as well, depending on the viewer's likes and dislikes. Anya herself is a fan of more revealing and provocative clothes, short shorts and skirts, low cut tops and high heels. In personality she is not vain, although she knows she is beautiful. She doesn't settle down easily, especially not with men and although she is married to Hephaestus, she views this as more of a technicality than anything else. She is not a fan of heavily committed relationships, as they make her feel trapped. She is very friendly with people, and harbours a deep love for everyone and everything, it is impossible for her to hate something. It is, on the other hand, not impossible for someone to hate her and people—especially women do. She tries to not let this bother her though, reminding herself that love is stronger and more important than hate.
History: Anya is the oldest of the Greek gods and goddesses, born out of sea foam as a fully grown woman. She remembers nothing of this time however, as if she were born a baby. When she was older and the rest of the gods were in existence as well, Zeus married Anya off to Hephaestus, seeming to think that the two would balance each other out. Instead, Hephaestus was overjoyed with the arrangement, and Anya felt the opposite way. She would always have cheated, no matter who she was married to, but her unhappiness causes her to do it more—most often with Ares and any mortals she finds beautiful. She also spends a lot of time with Eros, who acts as a companion and almost assistant to her duties. People would call the pair 'friends with benefits', but there is love, at least on Anya's side. Some would say that in doing this, she is embracing the 'goddess of sex' part of herself.
Combat: Anya's fighting skills are about as good as her ability to stay with one boyfriend—practically nonexistent. The one skill she does have in this area is both starting and ending fights. Armed with emotional manipulation and a girdle that makes her irresistible to men, she can make the two sides love or hate each other, whichever she chooses.
Other: Her favourite colour is green, because there is beauty in nature that not enough people see.

message 7: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) EROS or HALO

Name: As a male: Eros Dorian Anthanasios
As a female: Halo Doria Anthanosios
God: Eros
» Powers: Eros has wings and possess magical arrows that can cause people or gods to fall in and out of love as he pleases. He can also shape shift into a female form of himself, which he sometimes does in order to further his hedonistic nature.
Gender: Male (most of the time)
Actual Age: Between 2000 and 6000
» Appears: 23
Appearance: As a male:

As a female:

Description: As a male, Eros has long, tousled, curly, dark golden blond hair that appears untamable but he likes it that way. His intense, bright blue eyes are surrounded by thick dark lashes and are one of his most prominent features and his sun-kissed skin is accentuated by full, rosy, seductive lips. He has a thin and slender physique and rather feminine features. As a female, Eros’ hair goes down to her shoulders and is lighter colored, often highlighted with darker gold, and more sleek and controlled looking. Her eyes are also a lighter blue but still surrounded by this dark lashes. She has a wonderful hourglass figure with a fairly large bust and is tall and slim with pale, lightly sun-kissed skin and full red lips. Eros is somewhat mischievous, loving to stick his nose into everyone’s business and have fun, but he is also very loyal to those he cares about. As the god of love and desire, Eros enjoys meddling in everyone’s business as he sees fit, although not usually in a malicious way. He hardly knows the meaning of restraint and often sees no reason for it, indulging in any whim he pleases. He loves lavish parties, beautiful objects and people, wealth, and luxury in general, and sees no better way to spend his time than having fun and creating intrigue. However, Eros does often reflect a very refined and poised demeanor when he desires, he is a god after all, and he enjoys being revered and worshipped, finding it very flattering. Being the god of desire, Eros does not feel strictly that he should be confined to only heterosexuality and enjoys a rather pansexual view, which allows him to delve into all types of sexuality as he pleases without restraint no matter which form he takes on physically.
History: Eros is the Greek god of desire, love, fertility, eroticism, and sexuality. Depending who you believe, Eros was a primordial god (he was there at the beginning and never really “born”), he was the son of Aphrodite and Ares, the son of Nyx and Erebus, or the son of Iris and Zephyrus. However, even Eros does not remember who his parents are or if he even has any, and could really care less, as the fact would be inconsequential as it furthers his idea that he does not have to answer to anyone but himself. In some ways he detests authority because it would hinder what he is allowed to do. For as long as Eros can remember now, he has been an attendant to the goddess Aphrodite, and they have a very close bond that most entities cannot understand because of the natures of both Eros and Aphrodite. The closest modern term would be "friends with benefits" on a much deeper level than most would find possible. Eros likes to run in high circles and has amassed quite the earthly fortune over the centuries through various lines of unique fashions. He likes to model in both his forms as he considers it a form of worship.
Combat: Eros would rather not fight anyone and if he was challenged, he would likely cause them to fall in love with someone as a distraction to let him escape. If he couldn’t escape, then he would use his eloquence with words to deflect conflict.
Other: The fourth day of every month is sacred to Eros and May, being the fourth month, is his favorite month. Consequently, for various reasons that I’m sure you can all imagine, spring is his favorite season. Also, his arrows come in two types: golden with dove feathers which arouse love, or leaden arrows with owl feathers that cause indifference.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 158 comments SMITH

Name: Hephaestus Vulcan Rautio
God or Goddess: Hephaestus
» Powers: Hephaestus can take any metal material and craft it into whatever is asked of him, imbuing things with magic. He also can make automatons and control fire.
Gender: Male
Actual Age: Between 3900 and 4100
» Appears: 28
Description: His eyes are as dark as the coals that fuel his forges and his hair is curled, dark brown, and short so it wouldn't interfere with his work. If he didn't have a limp, he would stand at 6"4', but instead he stands at 6'0". His skin is lightly tanned and his hands are burned from over the years. His limp is mainly in his right leg (though both of his legs were damaged) and he uses a walking stick to go about when he isn't working at the forge. Typically, he wears a white cotton shirt and jeans, though when he's working he decides to go topless. Hephaestus is a patient man, his craft having taught him that. Though he isn't one to socialize, he is actually quite kind and he's willing to make gifts and weapons for anyone who asks. He likes to keep to himself, finding his brothers and sisters too exuberant for his liking. Always interested in metalwork, Hephaestus can become quite animated when discussing anything related to his work. Moreover, he takes quite an interest in the idea of making machines, robots, and automatons to do one's bidding.
History: He was born out of Hera's spite towards her cheating husband and similar to his other siblings, he was born as a fully grown man. Just after his birth, his sister Athena was born with his assistance. However, his role on Olympus didn't last long when Hera saw his lack of interest in helping her make Zeus jealous. In her anger and disgust, she threw her son down to the earth. For nine days and nights, he fell, until he landed in the ocean, shattering his legs. With the help of nymphs, he was brought into the care of Thetis and Eurynome. They raised him and took care of him, though they couldn't fully heal his broken legs. When he was old enough to leave, he came across the island Lemnos where a tribe of Sintians taught him their craft. At his young age, the god decided to have revenge on his "mother" and so he crafted a magical, golden throne and sent it to Olympus. In her greed and vanity, Hera immediately sat on it and tried to look imperious, but she discovered that she was paralyzed in place, similar to how Hephaestus was temporarily paralyzed and in a wheelchair. The other gods tried to persuade him, but eventually after Zeus arranged his marriage to Aphrodite, he broke the magic over Hera. From there, he has helped mankind in various ways, mainly through gifts. He had once tried to stop the affair between his wife and Ares, but he had long since given up having any relationship, seeking solace from his craft.
Combat: Though he could engage in combat, Hephaestus is assigned to working at the forges and has only some experience in battling.
Other: He is the only Olympian who was exiled and allowed to come back to Olympus. Also, he has a fondness for studying human inventions and making up his own gadgets.

message 9: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) MORPHEUS

Name: Morpheus Oneirus Enypnion
God: Morpheus
» Powers: Morpheus is able to control any aspect of sleep or unconsciousness by infiltrating a sleeper's dreams, taking any shape or form to achieve a particular effect. In waking he exerts soporific power over anyone who can perceive him,radiating debilitating waves of lethargy to render others insensate. Exerting control over the unconscious mind, he can summon somnambulants to do his bidding, sift through one's unconscious and subconscious for memories
Gender: Male
Actual Age: Between 3000 to 3500
» Appears: 25
Appearance: description
Description: Alistair could most certainly be described as virtually horizontal. Casual to the point of indifference, he somehow manages to exude a near palpable aura of rampant charisma discernible by all who perceive him. A combination of soulful eyes and soft, measured speech makes him, not so much a stoner stereotype, but more of a detached philosopher with a deceptive awareness of what is going on around him. Taciturn but amiable when approached Morpheus's opiate-taking liberal is quite the man of mystery.
History: The eldest of triplets (the Oneiroi) born to Hypnos, son of Nyx the 'nightmother', and God of sleep, Morpheus and his brothers Phantasos and Ikelos were each allotted a specific role and position within their father's opaque kingdom of Meard, west of the Underworld, the realm of the unconscious. The most powerful of the brothers, Morpheus took up his father's responsibilities with glee, conceiving and fabricating the dreamscape through which the sleepers, or dreamers meandered. All he can remember is being on the outside looking in Envious of the waking world from which he and his kin were barred from entering, Morpheus devised a means by which their subtle influence could transcend the curtain of reality by instilling lingering impressions of their adventures through the dream world upon dreamers, subconsciously nudging them to serve a pre-conceived purpose. The three brothers took delight in manipulating the foolish man-things secure in their superiority over the slow, plodding mud-brained creatures infecting mother Gaia, and sensitive to the conscious life of each dreamer, conceived a credulous fantasy by which humans were articulated as pieces upon the chessboard of the world. Striking a deal with Hades, Morpheus gained ownership of a young wastrel by the name of Sebastian Rosencrantz who had recently ODed on, ironically enough, morphine. Fashioning an existence for the renewed youth, whom the brothers renamed Alistair Gaiman Lovecraft, each of them made the step beyond the curtain, adhered to the world of the waking by their 'personae'; Ikelos chose the form of a black cat which he named Wicker, as a joke, and Phantasos opted to be an onyx ring. (Their choices of human, animal and object is in keeping with the parameters of their divine abilities.)
Combat: Why would the one who could render all who see him unconscious simply by closing his eyes need to fight? Able to render the deadliest warrior senseless with a look, a word or a touch, his manipulation of the mortal mind renders him unassailable by the foolish flesh things.
Other: Only in existence in the realm of dreams, Morpheus can only manifest his presence upon the physical plain by usurping a sleeper's subconscious. Subtle to the point where ninjas are lumbering noisemakers, the lord of Maerd, the realm of the unconscious mind where he is undisputed king sifts through the open apertures that are the mind's of dreamers and upon selecting a host, takes up residence for a period of time. Using that host as his 'persona' he walks both the conscious and unconscious world, manipulating sleep and dreams to influence the waking world, shaping it to his own inscrutable design.

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