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message 1: by David, Teacher (new)

David Patterson (MrPatterson) | 79 comments Mod
Sometimes the minor characters in a book are more interesting than the major characters (or at least the protagonist and the antagonist). Select a minor character from a book you're reading now, or a book you've read in the past.

What's the title of the book, and what's the minor character's name? Why is this minor character interesting? What is it that made this minor character memorable to you?

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian Rosario | 36 comments The book I read was the Odyssey by Homer. One minor character in the book was the Cyclops. He was a character to remember because he was the one who trapped odysseus and his crew. And when Homer went into detail about the way odysseus took out the Cyclops's eye. Those are the most memorable moments in the book with the character the Cyclops.

message 3: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 25, 2013 06:39AM) (new)

The book I am currently reading is The Glitter Trap by Barbara Brauner. One minor character in the book was Paige. She was a character to remember because she was the one that got
Lacey stuck with her fairy god mother. It was all Paige's fault because she put way too much glitter glue on the poster. Then the glitter glue on Paige's poster got into Lacey's hair. The glitter glue was from Katarina's (Paige's godmother). Paige was memorable to me because she had some many hidden secret's that surprised me.

message 4: by Miguel (new)

Miguel | 22 comments The book name romeo and juliet. The main character was Romeo. He was memorable to me because he was like a desperate person for juliet. He wanted to love her but none wanted them to love each other. He would do anything to love her and all he wanted to do was to love her. He thought that she was dead so he killed himself just to be with her and be happily ever after.

message 5: by Miriam (new)

Miriam | 20 comments A minor character in the book I'm reading pretty little liars is Mona because she is not recognized right away she needs to make a lot of deals with the devil to become noticeable and that what she ends up doing and turning on her friends and now she's a major character in pretty little liars

message 6: by Luke (new)

Luke Marable | 19 comments I am reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. One of the minor characters is called Bean. Bean is new and he is very rebellious. He has a lot of potential though according to the main protagonist, Ender.

message 7: by Liam (new)

Liam | 27 comments In Brave New World the nameless World Controller seems unusually fleshed out. He may be a main character though only appears a few times in the book, but his story of a young Alpha-Plus, being chosen for world controller for Europe and gaining access to all the ideas of the past, is a really good one. He has the air of mystery around him that never goes away, and he seems so old in knowledge but yet so young.

message 8: by Imani (new)

Imani | 25 comments In the book I am reading now Anatomy of a boyfriend by: Daria Snadowsky. The minor characters name in the book is Westly. I think he is important in the story because he makes the main character loved struck. He also is just portrayed as a shy sweetheart.

message 9: by Rocco (last edited Nov 28, 2013 04:48AM) (new)

Rocco Rinaldi-Rose (roccorr) | 40 comments The series "A Song of Ice and FIre", by George R.R Martin, has some of the most interesting and developed side characters of any book I have ever read. One example of this is the character of Davos Seaworth, a retired smuggler and a servant to his king. He, despite being a character that only gets a few hundred pages of time, is very well developed and has clear motivations. For example, we know that he will protect his king to the death, in exchange for the service that the king did him many years ago. This tells the reader that Davos has a large sense of honesty, respect, and loyalty.

message 10: by Willem (new)

Willem | 21 comments One of the best books I ever had the pleasure of reading was Blade of Fire by Stuart Hill. The main character, Charlemagne, must lead the civilian population out of his home nation of Icemark, while his older brothers, sisters, and royal parents prepare to hold out against the overwhelming resources and manpower of over 20 countries. This is one of my favorite characters in all of the books I've read. He dreams of becoming a great warrior like his elder siblings, but was crippled by a sickness that left him with a weak leg. He is thoughtful, honest and kind, but also temperamental and feels that he should be defending Icemark with the rest of his family rather than leading a fleet of civilian ships to gather allies and wait out the war. However, he eventually welcomes and accepts his role as leader of the Exiles, and through diplomatic relations, eventually meets Prince Mekhmet of the Desert Kingdom. Fiercely loyal to his friends and allies, dreadful to his enemies, fair and honest, Charlemagne is one of my favorite characters of all time.

message 11: by Nichollas (new)

Nichollas Rampulla | 17 comments The title of the book I am reading now is DOG ON IT by Spencer Quinn. The minor character I chose was Bernie the main character's owner. Yes the main character is a dog. Bernie is a private investigator going through a divorce and financial problems. He is a interesting character because he has a rougher out look on life then Chet and often is doing something more important than Chet like actually trying to solve the case. I'll remember this character because even though he is a minor character he plays a lot of the roles of a main character.

message 12: by Alvin (new)

Alvin | 18 comments The title of the book that I'm reading is called ''The Judgement'' by Clem Martini. One minor character that I find is interesting is a character called Kuper.Hes portrayed as one of those oddballs who is slower then the rest of the group. He can also be considered as a trope for the crazy member of a group. I find Kuper to be a comic relief for the story too.

message 13: by Ronan (new)

Ronan | 19 comments The title of a series I am currently reading is A Song of Ice and Fire. One of the most memorable minor characters is Hodor. Hodor is a stable boy in Winterfell. He is rather simple-minded, and does not say anything else but "Hodor." He is mentioned often throughout the books, and is known to be loyal and kind. Hodor is memorable because he frequently says "Hodor" and is part giant.

message 14: by Monica (new)

Monica | 22 comments The title of the book I'm Reading is called City of Bones by Cassandra Clarke. A minor character I found interesting was Simon. He's the main characters best friend. He's in love with her and she doesn't even realize. I think he's really cool because most of the time when a character in a book finds out they're part of a whole different mystical world they leave they're friends behind and in this book she bring him with her and he supports her. He believes her and helps her out even though he does't really belong in that world which i thought makes him really courageous and loyal.

message 15: by Akahr (new)

Akahr Bussant | 16 comments The title of the book is the Battle of the Labyrinth, and the minor character is Annabeth. She is the main character friend. She is always going with Percy Jackson on their quests. And in the last book, that was one of the conflicts of the books, to save Annabeth. This minor character is interesting because she is the opposite of Percy Jackson, she's smart and she knows a lot about the setting of the plot and architecture. She's a daughter of Athena while Percy is the son of Poseidon, Athena hates Poseidon so its kind of ironic that they have such a strong bond. The most memorable thing about Annabeth is her love for Luke. Luke is the main protagonist in the plot, but she still loves him and thinks that she can help him. Luke is long gone but Annabeth won't come to grips with that. And Percy actually hates Luke, but he really dislikes that Annabeth still has feelings for him.

message 16: by Zachary (new)

Zachary Killmer | 4 comments In the Hobbit, a (relatively) minor character that had piqued my interest was the dwarf in Thorin's company, Dori. Dori is interesting because he has a very disposition from all the other dwarves, being much more civilized, often using larger words and being less interested in battle than other dwarves in the company. He also seems to be a connoisseur of fine foods and drink, such as tea and wine. I dearly wish that he was a more mentioned character as I believe he could have been fleshed out very well by Tolkien.

message 17: by Bruce (new)

Bruce Turley | 17 comments The title of the book Is The Difference In Butterflies. A minor character in the book is Chiang Kai-shek. He is rarely mentioned but is very interesting. In the biography it said, "Yung Yung is suddenly free of the political dictator Chiang Kai-shek," This part interest me because it explained the power he had.

message 18: by Brandyn (new)

Brandyn | 10 comments In my independent reading book The house of Hades, there is a character that Percy and Annabeth come across. Once a victim of Percy's defense of the world from the titans, now lost his memory, "Bob" joins forces with Percy and Annabeth to help them escape Tartarus. Bob does not remember much, including how to speak properly. It is interesting to watch him forget transitional words like "is." Bob later even gains him memory back, but still has Percy's back in battle, and for the Journey.

message 19: by Kyla (new)

Kyla Cain | 19 comments The book I'm reading is titled Running Away. It's a story on this app called Wattpad. A minor character in the book is the mom and the dad. They treated the main character so poorly. I would want to know more about them so I can understand why they treated their second daughter so poorly. These minor characters are memorable to me because it makes me realize that I am so loved.

message 20: by Michael (new)

Michael Marrero | 15 comments The book that I have read before was Legend. The minor character that I think intersecting is named Chian. I think that he interesting because he is the person that oversees all of the Trials even the protagonist's. He is memorable is because he has a big scare from his ear to the bottom of his chin by the protagonist that was of the ages of 10 to 12 years old.

message 21: by Gabe (new)

Gabe | 18 comments The book the hunger games had a great minor character is Katniss and Peeta mentor Haymitch. He is interesting because he leads Katniss to her victories and he also was a victory and had a strange outcome. He is memorable because he is always around in a way.

message 22: by Julien (new)

Julien | 24 comments The book I'm reading is Confessions of a D-List Supervillain, there are numerous minor characters, but my favorite one is Andydroid. He is an artificial intelligence robot/ super-hero, who becomes the best friend of the protagonist after he reactivates Andy. He always thinks things through and gives logical advice to Calvin whenever he needs it. In a way, he's a robotic Spock.

message 23: by Max (new)

Max Warner | 19 comments Diary of a Wimpy Kid, automatically emerged into my thoughts as i read this weeks assignment. I always felt as if the main character's older brother Rodrick was more interesting than Greg. I felt he was more interesting because he was more mischievous, and he played the drums. It just seemed like he was way cooler than his younger brother. He was memorable becuase he was the typical older brother, he constantly was in trouble and he stayed on Greg's back.

message 24: by Joey (new)

Joey Sotomayor | 16 comments The book that I was reading back then was the hunger games mocking jay. Now in that book there was a lot of minor characters but there was this one that had a big role and that was finnick. He was a good minor character because in the beginning of the book he was just another character that Katniss wasn't sure she could trust but somehow he got Katniss to trust him by finding a way to save peeta. The way that the author made finnick die was the worst because he got mauled by a group of monsters which didn't really give a lot of the readers some closure.

message 25: by cordelllane (new)

cordelllane n summors (summorscl) | 19 comments The book called roll of thunder year my cry. The protaganist was tj. who I consider to one of the biggest character in tye book. He was the reason the book, story was moving. Tj was all way in trouble with his parents, friends, and law. He was a big mouth, who did now when to shut it. He doesn't considered the conquest of his action. He represents boys who are coming up in a roof time.

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