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"The Opal Deception" compared to "The Eternity Code"

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Ajay Naidu I have just started reading the fourth book of the Artemis Fowl Series, "The Opal Deception". The story so far has been quite boring but interesting at the same time. This is because in the beginning, Artemis decides to steal "The Fairy Thief" painting from a bank. Whereas the fairies are not involved yet. I have to say that the previous book was much more interesting in the beginning compared to this one. But who knows, "The Opal Deception" might get more interesting in the later pages. Also, now after flipping through some of the pages from the first Artemis Fowl graphic novel, I am able to picture what the characters look like. For example, I had no idea that Foaly always looked so gloomy until after looking at the graphic novel. Finally, I think that "The Eternity Code" was more interesting because of how they planned to steal the C cube from Jon Spiro and also how they divided their responsibilities to make sure the heist was successful.

Rosalind Eh... I always liked how much of a jerk Artemis turned into after his memories were removed. And then how annoyed Holly is about it. But yeah, not as good as Eternity Code.

Bryan Suh Warning: Spoilers ahead. In the 4th book, Root dies. (Yes, the old commander. The part that was not too shocking was that it was Opal Koboi.) (I know, that is a bit shocking AS well.)
In the 3rd book, he created a C Cube with stolen LEP equipment. It was the first book that I read, because at a library I knocked it off of the shelf and decided to check it out. So " The Eternity Code."

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Noa Both were really good reads for me, however I did enjoy The Eternity Code more as the dialogue and one lines are great, the plot is action paced and always keeps you on your toes, and Juliet is there for most of the book.

The Opal Deception was an addition to the story, it was there so there could be future books, and to establish Opal as even more evil.

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