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Caissy Boudreau So I really hope Dylan gets some in this book..She is super frustated

Two Nerds With Words Tell me about it. I quite like the idea of visualising - in detail - Cyrus's ass. Please, RM, let Dylan get a piece of Cyrus action!

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R.M. Gilmore You guys are all too much! I'm so sick of hearing Cyrus this and Mike that - so I did this:

"Whatever form of being that man was I wanted it and had no fucking clue as to why. Two men up my ass and I want to add a third? This is turning into a fucking Harlequin romance. Not in my story!"


Caissy Boudreau Oh come on now...she has got to get some dick sooner or later!!!!

Caissy Boudreau R M you are killing us here..We only want to see Dylan happy not frustrated by these men..She needs to get he upper hand on both of them

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R.M. Gilmore Happiness is for suckers.

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