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message 1: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett | 163 comments I can't answer your question, but if your application gets accepted, you should get an email notification. If not, Goodreads won't tell you that. However, there is a way to check to see if you were denied librarian status. Go here and apply to be a librarian again:

If it says something like you have already applied for librarian status, then it means your application likely has not been processed. However, if you were successfully able to apply again, librarian status was denied.

message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex Linschoten (strickvl) | 5 comments Is there any way to appeal this process?

message 3: by Banjomike (new)

Banjomike | 5530 comments Alex wrote: "Is there any way to appeal this process?"


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