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Now we'll never know > A girl who drowns at the beginning and goes into a game with dragons and such

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I don't remember the title or author, but right at the beginning there's this girl on a ship, I think, and she falls in the sea while playing some game on her laptop and "drowns". She ends up somehow in the game and she has this dragon and to live they have to defeat the game. This turns out to be impossible for some reason because there is this major plot twist to do with the final boss. I don't remember what happened at the end.
I might be misremembering some stuff, and it's a bit garbled, but hopefully someone will recognise it. I loved the book when I was younger, but I haven't a clue about the age range.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6972 comments Mod
When did you read the book Angelica? Do you have any memories of the cover? Where did you find the book--school, library, bookstore, grocers?

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I read it about 4 years ago, maybe less, and I don't remember anything about the cover, I am afraid.
No, that's not it Kris, but thank you anyway.

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Js700 | 107 comments Or Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande Velde? That doesn't have the ship, but the game thing sounds right, and I think her first life is lost when she drowns in a pond? I could be wrong on that too

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Hélène | 17 comments I love this book!
It's Dragon Tamers I'm certain of it!

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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
Angelica, are you still looking for this book? Was it "Dragon Tamers?" Or was it "Heir Apparent?"

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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
Looks like Angelica's account got deleted.

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