The Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge, #1) The Pillars of the Earth question

Which one is better?
Chirantan Goswami Chirantan Nov 24, 2013 07:14AM
Which one is more gripping "The Pillars of the earth" or "Fall of Giants"?

I think that depends on the reader's preference. Follet's writing style and attention to detail are consistent in both, but I find The Pillars of the Earth more "gripping" because I am more interested in medieval history. I would surmise someone more interested in 20th century history would find Fall of Giants to be more interesting.

I cannot give an accurate answer since I have never read "Fall of Giants" but "Pillars of the Earth" is one of my favorite books of all time. It is a lengthy read, but doesn't have any parts that "drag" in my opinion. The storylines are compelling, character development is wonderful, and the book is just overall amazing, in my opinion. I must admit that I am partial towards books with a setting in the Middle Ages, so I may never end up reading "Fall of Giants."

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Pillars of the Earth simply because it was first, original and all around great to read. Although I loved the second book, they are too similar in style to compare equally. Recommend you read both, period.

My vote is Pillars of the Earth. I agree, I like historical novels about the Middle Ages. Fall of Giants is about a more familiar world order/disorder. Pillars and World Without End are about times that are not as familiar, but I keep reading and putting the pieces together. I appreciate the research and detail in all 3 books.

Pillars of the Earth every time!

Even though I enjoyed the historical aspects of Pillars of the Earth more, I found myself getting a lot more wrapped up in the characters and drama of the second book. The second book, for me, was even more 'un-put-downable.'

They are basically the same book with different time periods.

Families moving, expanding, contrasting. They are both good reads.

The sequels are somewhat of a struggle to enter. Have started them several times -- I'll get there someday.

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Consensus seems to be Pillars of the Earth. I agree.

Loved both series. Ya can't go wrong with any of them

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I have given both books five stars. They both are excellent something about Pillars of the Earth makes it a touch better.

"The Pillars of the earth" for sure

Pillars of the Earth, and World Without end were one of my favorite "series" of books. I liked Fall of Giants very much but not as much as the other two. I have not read the sequel to Fall of Giants, was it good?

Pillars of the Earth, definitely.

On balance, Pillars has it for me - and I would rate it as one of the best books I've read - totally absorbing.

I think both books are good. The two I enjoyed them in a different way, as someone said at the beginning, everything depends on the reader and tastes.

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