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Frank Freudberg (frankfreudberg) | 12 comments Hello and thank you. I have a Kindle and paperback edition of "Find Virgil" listed here on goodreads. The Kindle version has 6 reviews and 5 ratings; the paperback version (for which there is a current giveaway) has no reviews and one rating. I know how to set the default status of a book, but I'm not sure which is the best one to make the default edition. In light of the current giveaway (it ends 11/26) which edition makes most sense to be the default/combined edition? And, would combining the two editions cause any confusion when readers want to check out the book and/or register for the giveaway? Please combine these editions for me in the "best" way -- at your own discretion. I am certain your decision will be a better solution than my wild guess as to which is the best way to go. Again, thank you.

Nucking Futs the Fire Fairy Book-a-holic (firefairyholic) | 348 comments Hi! I've combined the two editions. You can find it here:

Don't worry. When you combine books the readers can choose which edition they are reading or have read. Also, the reviews and ratings are combined as well. So it doesn't matter what edition they pick. All the reviews and ratings will be present on both editions. Only the author has the power to choose the default edition. And frankly, it really doesn't matter except for the fact that the default ed is what appears when you search for the book on goodreads.

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Frank Freudberg (frankfreudberg) | 12 comments Chelssie...THANK YOU! for helping -- and so quickly. I appreciate your time; I'm sure you are busy. Regards,
-- Frank

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