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Jessica (_afkbookworm_) I think this is the right section or at least to d owith a similar thing but I didn't go through all the sections to find out, would have taken forever, haha.
I was talking to a friend recently saying how I spent so much time on the computer reading ecopies of books and she asked why I just didn't print them out. Are you actually aloud to print copies you receive of authors (not that I would, way too much ink!) or is it something that's different every time?
Thanks in advance.

Michael Cargill Cargill (michaelcargill) I can't think of any reason, barring some kind of paranoia on the part of the author whereby they explicitly tell you not to print it, why you wouldn't be allowed to print off an ebook copy of a book.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (_afkbookworm_) Okay, thanks.

message 4: by Chele (new)

Chele Cooke (chelecooke) | 23 comments I think it's the same sort of thing as PDF versions of charts or patterns for crafts. You can print them, but for personal use only. There should only be 1 physical copy.

As an author, I really wouldn't care if someone wanted to print the copy out themselves. - Hell, if they asked, I'd probably say "Do you want a microsoft word copy to make that easier?"

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