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Caleb Walked into the library with his headphones on. He loved to spend some time alone sometimes, especially in libraries. He kept his headphones on as he sat down in a chair.

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(I think so lol)

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Caleb looked up to see a girl with red hair picking up a book. A smile crept onto his lips as he got up and walked over. "Hey." He said and slid his headphones onto his neck.

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Caleb smiled back at her. "My name's Caleb. Yours?" He asked as he put his hands in his pockets.

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Caleb looked down at the book she had, smiling as it was against her hips. "Nice book. I've read it." He commented and looked back up at her.

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Caleb smiled, "I don't know..." He said and walked slowly around her. "I've read some books better than that one."

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Caleb chuckled, "Alright, but they're all classics." He said and grabbed her hand to lead her over to the shelf. He immediately dropped it once they got over, "Basically all of these. Classics."

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Caleb shrugged, "I like them all. But I guess..." He paused to grab one from the shelf. "White Fang has always been one of my favorites." He said and held it out to her.

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Caleb raised an eyebrow, "Impressive. How about Charles a Dickens? Read any of him?"

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Caleb smiled charmingly, "Well you should." He murmured and pulled out one of his books. "Here."

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Caleb watched as she took the book and smiled to himself. She was beautiful, and smart. He never met a girl who read the same books as him before. He found it intriguing.

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Caleb sat in the chair next to her, "Nothing, I just find it attractive that you read the same books as me." He admitted with a charming smile at her.

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Caleb smiled and moved a strand of her hair behind her ear. "It is."

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Caleb chuckled, "Sure." He said and took the book from her and began reading the first chapter aloud.

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Caleb soon finished the first chapter and looked down to see her adorable head on his shoulder. "Can I help you?" He asked with a grin.

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Caleb smiled, "It's okay. Don't worry about it." He said softly and moved so that his head was in her lap.

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Caleb looked up at her, "So... What authors do you like?" He asked sweetly.

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Caleb chuckled and closed his eyes as she stroked his hair, "Sure."

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Caleb smiled, "The Hunger Games. Go on." He murmured as he kept his head in her lap with his eyes closed.

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Caleb smiled as she listed off her favorite authors that were very much like his own. He opened his eyes to look up at her.

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Caleb chuckled, "You seem really nice. What's your favorite color?" He asked and closed his eyes once more.

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"Mine's red. Like your hair." He said and looked up at her long red locks.

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Caleb sat up and brought his head out of her lap, a little tired of flirting. "So... I was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere... With me?"

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"I was thinking we could go to the rose garden. I haven't been there yet." H said and smiled at her.

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Krul Tepes | 42 comments Beware the fuzzy wrote: "((O.O romance ^_^))"

((Exactly. Let's see how this turns out. I like it so far))

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Caleb smiled, "You will. I think I'll nickname you Rose now." He chuckled and took her hand to get up and lead her to the garden.

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((Continue at the rose garden. I'll post first))

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