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A patch of forest ground that belongs to the Nyern Clan.

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Temperance Acacia walked back to the camp, her skirts and cloak swirling around her ankles. She took a deep breath, inhaling the spicy pine and ashy scent of the wood burning fires. She could already feel the annoyance at the mortal monk melting away as she walked among her people. She smiled for the first time that day, letting the wind gather her leonine waves.

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alessia (classick) Xiore shouldered the huge sack of alcohol over his shoulder, whistling as he trudged through the forest. He looked carefree, but he was born a liar. Inside, he was a mess. He was infuriated at Valery Sif Era, at his sister's survival and...he was just angry he didn't kill her. Inside, he was starting to plot out plans on how to kill both Era and Ebony. His double-bladed staff could do well in the plan, as well. Sighing, he shifted the sack of bottles and beer and picked up his pace. Who knew what the youngest child of the Nyern leaders was up to now?

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Temperance Acacia stopped in front of her home, bending down to pick a few sprigs of rosemary. She looked up, seeing Xiore cross in front of her. "Xiore," she called out, getting to her feet and tucking the rosemary up her sleeve. Xiore seemed lost in his thoughts and looked more than a little troubled.

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alessia (classick) Xiore heard his name being called out and glanced over his shoulder. He would have just looked away and kept on walking if it was anyone with a lower ranking than the leaders, but it was Acacia Sabine Cauchemar, the leader of the Nyerns. Known as mistress to Xiore, for he did kill under her orders. "Mistress?" Xiore replied, turning to advance towards her. Did she need anything? Did she want him to kill a Lenida? Oh, he would be more than glad to do so. But he still had a sack of alcohol to deliver.

He tried hiding it. Shuffling so the sack was put behind his back and hidden from the sight of the Nyern leader. But of course, who could keep anything from her? He started sorting through believable lies. What should he tell her? Her son wanted so dearly to get drunk?

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Temperance ((Sorry two quick questions;!Is Xiore Acacia's son? And do they know that they are related?))

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alessia (classick) {Nope, Xiore is not her son. He was referring to Alexander, who I haven't created yet. :P Sorry for the confusion. But hey, Xiore doesn't actually have biological parents he knows of, just adoptive parents who are most probably dead.}

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Temperance ((Oh ok that makes sense. Thank you for explaining.))

"Is something troubling you, Xiore?" Acacia asked. She caught sight of the sack that he was trying so desperately to hide. The bulk of his cargo and the slight, sloshing sound gave away its contents. Despite her best efforts, her eyes hardened slightly as she cocked her head, studying her assassin with narrowed eyes. "What are you doing with that?"

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alessia (classick) "Nothing," Xiore said, answering both questions. "There is nothing troubling me, Mistress. Is there something troubling you?" he asked, attempting to change the subject. Comically, he threw the sack into the bush next to them, attracting the attention of a few passers-by. "Nobody touch that," he told them, giving them a dangerous look, "Or you hands--and the sack--are mine." With that, he turned back to the Nyern leader, trying--with failure--to look innocent. How could a mass killer actually look innocent, though?

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Temperance A smile twitched at Acacia's lips and a laugh burbled out of her throat, a sweet sound that had been seldom heard the last few weeks. "The only thing that is troubling me is your poor acting skills." she teased. "Are you going to tell me what's in that sack," she said, gusturing to the roughly constructed bag, "Or am I going to have to look for myself." Despite the threat, the smile had yet to leave her face.

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alessia (classick) "There is nothing of importance, I assure you," Xiore said, plastering a fake smile onto his face. Silence stretched for a moment or two before he finally gave up the useless acting. "Inside the sack are your youngest child's dearest wants," he said simply, giving his mistress a look that told her whatever her youngest child wanted so dearly wasn't good. Xiore decided to just mouth out the word, "Alcohol." "Believe me, Mistress, I had nothing to do with it," he added--aloud--quickly.

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Temperance Acacia felt the smile fall from her face, as she caught the hidden meaning behind Xiore's words. She moved away from her home, stalking towards the sack. She ripped it open,staring at its contents in dismay. She took an unsteady step backward, feeling like the earth was unsteady beneath her feet. "Xiore," she whispered, feeling her throat tighten. "How could you?"

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alessia (classick) "What could I have done?" Xiore said, clearly disappointed in himself too, "Alexander, he does not want anything but to have this." He gestured at the sack. "He will not eat. He will not drink--not anything healthy for him, at least. He will not sleep. He just mourns over something in his chambers." It hurt him too, watching the little witch sit on his bed looking really sickly. If wine was the only thing he'd drink, it was what Xiore would give him. Maybe the alcohol could get the little witch to sleep, as well.

He hated the look on his mistress's face. Clearly, she had not heard. Even Kamila hadn't, seeing how she'd smiled at the thought of her brother that morning. Alexander's behavior had started a few days earlier, only, though.

{Trust me, I have no idea how I got the notion to do that.}

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Temperance ((Lol it's ok :) ))
Acacia's hands started to shake. "You could have stopped giving him this." She whispered. "You could have come to me." Acacia could feel the tears start to run down her face and cursed herself for showing weakness on dent of her people. She knew that Xiore felt just as poorly, but he had kept this from her. She has trusted him with the well being of her son and he had gone behind her back.

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alessia (classick) Xiore wanted to tell her he didn't come to her because he didn't want her to worry, with everything going on currently, but he knew it was a poor excuse. He didn't come to her honestly because Merilyn--the head of Alexander's tiny batch of maids--told him not to.

Xiore stood outside Alexander's chambers, pacing. Alexander had just ordered him to run an errand, to retrieve a huge assortment of alcohol. He did not want to, knowing alcohol was not very healthy for the little one, but it was the only form of food Alexander wanted.

The door of the chambers opened and Merilyn entered the corridor. "What are you still doing here?" she exclaimed, narrowing her eyes at the Elite Hunter. Xiore halted his pacing and looked at Merilyn, "You agree with half of my mind to obtain his wants? Don't you understand that al-" "I understand," Merilyn interrupted quickly, "But you must see it differently. He will not drink anything but wine and beer. If we do not present him just that, what will he drink?"

Xiore did not answer for a moment before saying, "We could inform his parents." Merilyn shook her head, "No. They have enough to worry about. And if they cannot do anything, the information and facts will be a burden they cannot afford to carry now." Xiore believed her. So he did what he was told to. Obtain the alcohol. Then, add in a small bit of sleeping potion into the beverages before allowing Alexander to drink.

Now he knew he was terribly wrong. He should not have hidden the truth from the rest of Alexander's family. "I apologize," Xiore said, barely audible. He knew his apology barely mattered, so he explained his--And Merilyn's--plan to Acacia. He told her they planed to add in sleeping potions to the drinks for Alexander. He told her all he knew about Alexander's condition.

"You should eat," Xiore said gently, sitting on the edge of Alexander's bed, offering the younger witch a tray of food and drinks. A proper meal. But Alexander shook his head feebly and told Xiore to leave his chambers. But Xiore didn't want to move. Alexander had not eaten or drank or slept or moved anywhere besides his chambers in three days. And that was worrying, since he used to be a witch that ate a lot and moved a lot. "Eat," Xiore repeated, a little more firmly. But Alexander set fire to the whole tray. Xiore cursed and threw the tray to the floor, stomping and putting out the fire.

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Temperance Acacia could feel the tears streaming down her face as she listened intently. When Xiore finished his sorry tale, she shook her head, at first slowly, then rapidly. "No." She whispered brokenly. "Not my son." Her legs trembled and she felt like they could barely support her.

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alessia (classick) Xiore bit his lip. He could feel her heart break. And that was rare, he had many difficulties understanding others. "Mistress," he said, reaching out to steady her before she fell. Passers-by, slowed to give them both worried and confused glances but Xiore gave them a reassuring look and they moved on. He turned back to Acacia and looked into her blue eyes {are her eyes blue? I can only remember icy blue}, he didn't know how to reassure her for he had himself to reassure as well.

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Temperance ((lol yes they are))

Acacia let out a sob and clapped a hand over her mouth. She leaned onto his arm heavily, thankful for his support. "Oh Xiore," she whispered, taking in the devastated face of the assassin; she couldn't blame him for wanting to shelter her and her husband. The camp had been through hard times and things within her family had been difficult. But, as the mortals said, this took the cake. "What am I going to do?" she whispered tearfully.

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Temperance Instead of waiting for the assassin to answer, Acacia freed herself from his support. Muffling another sob, she turned and hurried into her home. Once the door had been shut, she leaned against it, finally allowing herself to weep. "This can't be happening. Not to my child." she whispered, her vision obscured by tears.

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