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A patch of forest grounds that belongs to the Lenida Clan.

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alessia (classick) Valery stormed into the territorial forest, on her march to her destroyed home. But she broke down in the middle of it. "UGH!!!!" she whirled around and kicked a tree. It shuddered dangerously and leaves drifted to the forest ground. She let out another furious growl and kicked the tree again. It let out a small wail as it slanted to a side. Valery made herself stop, falling against the tree behind her. Her eyes were back into their molten gold color but she was still fuming. Ebony was a good friend of hers, they'd known each other for ten, supremely long years. And meeting her brother, the cause of her destruction, Valery couldn't help herself but catch fire. She would have killed him if Eleana had let her. Or at least, died trying. The next sound to escape her lips was a small wail of despair. You're a warrior and this is war, Valery. People die. She knew that, of course. And she knew the next person to die was going to be a Nyern.

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