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which movie version do you prefer

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Monica Shoshanna I actually preferred the Baz Luhrman version; I though Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire were really good choices. I especially thought that DiCaprio's performance was genuine and touching (his best romantic role since titanic). I liked that there was a modern twist to it to make it a bit edgy and not a dry period film. I like the 1974 version too, Robert Redford is amazing and totally fits the role of Gatsby. However I think that the chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan was stronger and the acting was a bit better. I like both versions but I prefer the new one. They both stay true to the novel though. I think the new version had more heart and got me more. What are other people's opinions?

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ch I liked the new version best also. I thought DiCaprio showed Gatsby's inner torment and outward magnetism with great skill. I thought the hotel scene was very well done, especially.

Although people have objected to the modern music of the Baz Lurman movie, I liked it because it set the scene correctly; not that I like the music one way or another, but it was new and provocative, which is what jazz was doing at the time of the novel.

Michael Beyer The truly great literature in our world is made great by a preponderance of metaphor and meaning. The theme of the green light across the water is so very compelling and clear in the book. Luhrman brought that out in visuals, music, and the actors' reactions in ways that no previous film has. This latest Gatsby was the Greatest Gatsby because the film is so much more in tune with the metaphors.

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Amy I liked the Robert Redford version. I did not even finish the new one.

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