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Eerie (eeriev) Aer walked down the hill into the forest with Daniella bt his side. She was still holding his hand but he didn't protest.

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Dani looked around them as they passed through the forest. "It's beautiful..." She murmured quietly in awe. When she remembered they were holding hands, a blush crept up on her cheeks. The girl blushed a lot, but this usually wasn't the case. Let's just say she usually never had a reason to blush. She looked down at their hands as she slowly slipped her own out of his.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer turned to her and looked at her awkwardly, then he put his hand in his pocket. "Beautiful is a way of putting it." he said breathing deeply the fresh air. He sighed as he sat on one of the trees that had fallen.

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Dani smiled and sat down next to him, "So what did you want to do here?" She asked and looked down at the flowers and foliage that grew on the ground.

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Eerie (eeriev) "I don't know.. You said we should go somewhere and this is my favourite place to think." Aer surpsrised himself with how emotional that sounded. "Because of the fresh air and the climat." he added.

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Dani nodded, "Right... So what do you like to do in your free time? Intend to do a bit of photography and drawing. Sometimes singing." She offered up and looked up at him from where she sat.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Well most of my time is filled with books." he admitted a bit embarrassed. "I take care of my little sister too." Aer looked away realizing he wasn't such an interesting person. "So photography? That's amazing." he said trying to distract her from himself.

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Dani smiled and noticed how he tried to keep the subject off of himself. "Thanks. But it's really sweet how you take care of your sister." She admitted and looked back down at the ground. "But I really like taking pictures. It's just something about capturing a moment that you'll never see again..." She murmured quietly.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Yes, that is a good explanation. And what about the drawing? What do you like to draw?" Aer asked as he started playing with his sweatshirt.
((Do you want his sister to come?))

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(( if you want her to then sure))

"I like to draw things I see around me, usually people or nature. A lot of the time I draw things I take pictures of." She said and focused more on the ladybug that had crawled onto her hand. A smile crept onto her lips, "Things like this." She murmured and looked at the ladybug still.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer looked at the insect crawling up Dani's hand. "I don't understand why these are considered beautiful and most people hate other bugs." he admitted looking at the girl confused. Suddenly he saw a white wolf behind Daniella. He tried to not give it away so she wouldn't get scared.

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Dani smiled at him, "Maybe the ones who aren't afraid are introverts." She said warmly, being one herself. "Or the fact that I'll take up any chance I get to interact with other live creatures. Especially ones that won't... Never mind." She murmured and changed the subject, not noticing he wolf behind her. The bug slowly crawled to the edge of her hand and flew away.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Aaah.." Aer looked at the wolf and quickly turned back to the girl. "Ones that won't what?" he asked putting a fake smile on. He knew that the wolf was his sister and she was going to scare Dani, if she turned around. He needed to buy her time to change, something that was quite difficult for Allison.

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Dani bit her lip, "Ones that won't intentionally try to make you feel worthless..." She murmured and looked up to see him looking up at something behind her, but he quickly averted his eyes. "What are you..." She started but trailed off as she turned around and saw the wolf. "Oh..." She murmured and stared at the wolf for a few seconds as her eyes vaguely showed fear for a second but no longer. Her uncle had shown her what it was like to shift, but she would never know fully. "Is that your sister?" She asked as she saw the recognition in his eyes.

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Eerie (eeriev) ((Ally:

The white wolf walked up to Aer slowly and put it's head in his lap. He pushed her gently and got up only to crouch next to her. "Yeah.. Heey!" he grabbed her head in his hands not sure of how concious she was. "Allison, come on you know you can do it." he said with his sweetest voice. Aer smiled like he only smiled at her, a true, real smile that would warm the heart of the most scared creature, like his sister was right now.

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Dani watched and felt her heart wrench for the two. It was too sweet, and she smiled to herself as she looked back down at the ground and pursed her lips slightly. She felt a little awkward, not having her little brother like he had his sister. The only problem is that she envied her brother because mom and dad actually cared for him and didn't ever put him in the lab. She missed him so much...

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Eerie (eeriev) The wolf slowly turned into a beautiful little girl with a big, kind smile. He removed Aer's hands from her face and hugged him tightly. "Thank youu." she giggled.

Aer looked at Dani and laughed for the first time since he had met her. He squeezed his sister and got up still hugging her. He turned on himself as fast as he could and Allison started screaming and laughing.

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Dani smiled again at this, she loved how he was with his sister. Though she did stay quiet because she didn't want to butt in on their time together. It was just really heart-warming. She could see how much he loved his sister, almost as much as she does for her brother. Except she mothered him, and she longed to hug him one more time...

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer let go of his sister and she grabbed his hand hanging from it still laughing. "Who are you?" she asked to the girl that was standing in front of them.

"Allison, manners." Aer reproached her. Looking at Daniella with a shy smile.

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Dani smiled shyly back down at his sister, "I'm Dani. I go to school here." She said sweetly and looked back down at her hands as she tried not to let it show how shy she really was. Though it failed miserably as she couldn't stop looking at her wrists. It was what she did to remind herself that she was vey dangerous and shouldn't socialise. At least, it's what her parents had told her but she never believed them. They lied to her about everything. But there was still that small possibility that she could actually hurt people unintentionally.

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Eerie (eeriev) Allison jumped in front of her and quickly looked at her observing every detail. "Oh I know!" she turned to her brother but he nodded in disagreement. The girl frowned and turned back to Daniella. "You have pretty hair." she said after a moment of silence. Aer smiled thinking it really was true.

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Dani had a curious look on her face as the siblings exchanged looks. It left her curious as to what the girl had thought. "Thank you. You do too." She complimented and looked over to see a patch of daisies and plucked one carefully to hand it to the girl. "Here, you can have it." She said with a warm smile.

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Eerie (eeriev) Allison smiled wickedly. "Actually daisies are Aer's favourite flowers, you should give it to him." she giggled. Her borther rolled his eyes, he knew exactly what she was doing. Everytime he talked to a girl, that didn't happened often, Ally acted like Cupid.

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Dani felt a small blush come over her cheeks as she looked down at her. "How about you take this one and I'll give him one too? That way you both get one." She said and crouched down to gently pick another one and she handed it to Aer shyly. "Here, for you." She said with a shy smile and even more blush.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer smiled back shyly as he thought he had blushed even more than her. "Thanks.." he mumbled watching his sister give him thumbs up with a smile from behind Dani's back. He took the flower and felt shivers running down his spine when their hands touched for an instant as he looked at her straight in the eyes.

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Dani bit her lip as their eyes locked instantly, and she slowly pulled her hand away from his own. She looked down and stepped back over to where she had been, feeling her hand tingle slightly at where their hands had touched. This boy was making her feel things she'd never felt before, and she didn't know what to make of it.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer frowned, she didn't seem to feel the same as him since she rejected him so many times. Allison looked at the both of them and smiled discovering that her brother's emotions had clouded his judgement. "Can I?" she asked once more looking at his brother. Aer was surprised, like he had gotten out of a trance but he nodded again almost instantly. She ran over to him and pulled him down whispering something in his ear. His expression didn't change.

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Dani watched curiously as he did so, seeing that he'd looked a bit upset e moment before. She pondered on what had made him upset... It had obviously been her. When she pulled her hand away he'd frowned. A sudden suspicion crept up that he liked her, but she dismissed it immediately. Nobody could ever like her.

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Eerie (eeriev) Allison finished whispering in her brother's ear and smiled as he looked at her. "It was good." he said tapping her on the head. "Well I'm not you." she answered disappointed of his response. "Dani do you like wolves?" she asked giggling.

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Dani looked up at the girl and nodded quietly, leaning against a tree as she fidgeted slightly. "Why do you ask?" She asked Allison and tilted her head to the side, her curiosity taking over.

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Eerie (eeriev) "I'll give you a demonstration." Aer rolled his eyes at his sister's idea. "She loves being the centre of attention." he said laughing. Ally punched him in the stomach annoyed. She turned to Dani with a smile and turned into wolf for seconds. "She wont be able to come back." Aer laughed again as the wolf turned to him with a growl.

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Dani raised an eyebrow at this, still a bit confused as to what she was trying to say. "Are you trying to ask me if I like werewolves?" She asked with a small grin and tilted her head to the side again.

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Eerie (eeriev) The wolf nodded. "She's just showing of her powers." Aer commented. Allison growled at him again showing her teeth. The boy looked at his sister rising one eyebrow. He smiled. "Turn back and say what you have to say." he challenged her.
Allison nodded again as she took a few minutes to get the transformation right. "So what do you think?" she walked to Dani and smiled.

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Dani smiled at the girl, "I think it looks cool to be a werewolf. Sometimes I even wish I was one." She said and looked over to Aer. She smiled soft at him before looking back over to Allison.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Aww you're so sweet." she said putting her fist to give Dani a little punch on the shoulder. Aer opened his eyes widely looking horrified as he ran with his super speed and grabbed his sister. He still had problems with the stopping so he hugged her protecting her with his body as they ran trough a few trees before falling on the ground making a big hole. "Are you okay?" he asked to the little girl opening his grip. She nodded. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" he yelled at her.

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Dani watched in horror as Aer sped her away. It all happened so fast. She
leaned back against the tree as she sighed. As she sat down on the fallen tree her mind wandered the possibilities for his running away with his sister. He probably just wanted to get away from her.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer ran back to where they were seconds ago but with his normal human speed, dragging her sister behind him. He was more worried than mad. He walked over to Dani and looked at her horrified. "Are you okay?" he asked licking his lips concerned. Allison looked like she was about to start crying.

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Dani got up to stand in front of him, looking down at his sister. "I'm fine, what happened? Is something wrong?" She asked as her brows furrowed. One thing she hated more than her parents was seeng little kids cry, it made her want to cry with them.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer sighed relieved. He turned to his sister. "Allison are you crazy?" he still sounded more worried about her than angry. "I-I..I'm sorry I didn'-I didn't realized.." she said sobbing. Aer frowned. He put a hand on her shoulder and kissed her forehead. "Please be careful, you could have hurt her really badly." he explained to her calmly.

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Dani slowly sat back down on the fallen tree and watched as she remembered what had almost happened. Were werewolves really that strong? Taking a deep breath, she looked back down at her hands. Even just hearing the girl crying made her sad. One thing kept her from it though. Why would he care if she got hurt? She'd always thought nobody could like her.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer wiped Ally's tears. "Come on, it's okay." he said leaning down putting his forehead against hers. "I'm sorry." the girl whispered. "I know but you have to say that to someone else." he looked at Dani and smiled. Allison went over to her. "I'm really sorry I almost wripped your arm off." she said looking down.

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Dani smiled warmly and leaned down so that she could see the girl's face. "It's okay. You shouldn't worry about it." She said softly and looked up at Aer sweetly before looking back at the girl. "Is it okay if I hug you? I hate seeing kids cry." She asked Allison with her head tilted to the side and a gentle expression on her face.

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Eerie (eeriev) The girl smiled and nodded. Aer put his hand on Ally's shoulder. "As long as you don't hug her back." he said serious. He looked at Dani. "She's still little so it's harder for her to control her powers." he explained. Allison let the girl hug her as she put her arms around her waist softly.

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Dani smiled and hugged the girl before pulling away and looking between Aer and Allison. She was so curious as to why he was being so protective of herself, nobody had ever done this for her. All she wanted was answers, but nobody had them except for him. She looked back down at her hands and avoided anybody's eyes.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Hey dwarf, what are you looking at." Aer looked at his sister. "The time. I have to go to class in a few minutes." she said looking at Dani. She didn't want to leave because the girl was really nice to her but she wanted them to have some alone time so she said bye. Aer kissed her on the cheek before she ran off.

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Dani watched as the girl ran off and looked up at Aer. "So... Why are you being so protective over me? Not that I don't like it... I do. I'm just not used to it. Nobody ever protected me." She murmured, just taking a sweep of confidence and a risk.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer opened his eyes surprised rising his eyebrows. "I-I.." he didn't even know the answer. A very big impulse made his eyes stop on Dani's lips and he bit his lip. He grabbed her face and kissed her passionately without even realizing what he was doin.

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Dani felt her heart begin to pound as he kissed her, though she kissed him back just as passionately. She was so scared and nervous and anxious all at the same time. Every one of these feelings and something else. Her arms slowly wrapped around his neck as they kissed. All of a sudden it hit her like a ton of bricks. She really liked this boy. Not as a friend, but something more.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer felt his heart race as he was left breathless. He continued to kiss her until a very intense instinct ran trough his veins. He felt his body on fire as the wolf blood flood. His eyes turned yellow and he pulled away turning his back on her trying to calm himself as his breath quickened.

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Dani watched him and stood where she was as she breathed slightly heavy. "I..." She managed, but couldn't finish her sentence. "Are you okay?" She asked in a concerned voice as she looked at him. The kiss had felt... Amazing. Why had he pulled away?

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