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Dani walked into the gym in her P.E. uniform, typically a blue shirt and black shorts with her hair done up in a ponytail. Looking over at the clock, she saw that class didn't start for a few minutes so she decided to walk over and sit on the bench. Biting her lip, she looked down at the numbers on her wrist and traced the black ink with her fingers.

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Eerie (eeriev) Caleb entered the lockers and changed into his uniform, it was like the girls' a blue shirt and black shorts. He threw his clothes in one of the lockers and entered the gym. He saw Dani was alone on one of the beches and went over to her. He kissed her cheek lightly. "Hey."

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Dani's attention averted from her wrists, a smile quickly appearing on her lips. "Hey." She said sweetly as she invited him to sit next to her. "What do you think we'll do in class?" She asked curiously as she looked up at hm.

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Eerie (eeriev) ((he had already sat down:D))
"I have no idea. Maybe volleyball, we used to play that at my old school." he explained looking at the other kids walk in.

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Dani rested her head on his shoulder, "Or soccer." She suggested, thoughtfully licking her lips, the numbers completely discarded from her mind.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Ugh I hate that game.." Aer said as he observed the a blond girl talking to other two. He smiled at the thought that she could be the mean girl that appears in all the american movies about highschool.

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Dani watched her as well, clearly not getting the memo that the girl was 'popular.' "I'm gonna try to make some friends." She told him as she got up and walked over. "Hi." She said cheerfully to the girl. "Um... Why are you talking to me? Go take yourself somewhere else and litter that place up with your little miss sunshine aura." The girl said bitterly. Dani bit her lip, a frown coming across her lips as she turned and walked back over to Aer.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Ugh I don't thin-" Aer started saying but Dani was walking towards her already. The girl said something to her and she got back. "What happened? Did you make friends?" he asked with an ecouraging smile.

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Dani shook her head and sat next to him with a sad expression, "People just generally don't like me, I told you." She said with a sigh.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Well I generally don't like that girl. She must be really stupid not to want you for a friend." he said with a smile. "Maybe she's just jealous of how beautiful you are."

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Dani smiled and turned to face him, "Thanks. I'm just used to letting people say those things to me. Were you ever bullied?" She asked quietly as she rested her head back on his shoulder.

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Eerie (eeriev) Caleb didn't answered he looked at the teacher that was telling them to get closer. "Class started! Let's go." he grabbed her hand making her follow him.

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Dani smiled and walked up to the teacher with her hand still in his. "Alright class, today we're going to be playing a game with teams. But I'll let you choose." He said with a sly grin. She would've rolled her eyes, but she was afraid she would get in trouble.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer removed her hand slowly. The teams were separated in two groups girls and boys. He kissed her cheek quickly before going over to one of his friends as he threw him a ball and Aer catched it. He knew almost all of the boys of his team and even the other boys team so he felt home again.

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Dani walked over to the girl's side of the court. She didn't know any of the girls, being new this year. Before she knew it, she was talking with a really nice brunette girl, something they had in common.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer was catching up with his friends. Some of them stayed in the school even for summer but other went back home and had interesting stories to tell. He galnced over to Dani that looked happy talking to another girl. When he noticed she looked over he stuck his tongue out to her.

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Dani smiled when he stuck his tongue out at her, quickly doing the same to him before turning back to Sierra. That was the girl's name, and they were quickly becoming best friends. "Is that your boyfriend?" Sierra asked her. "Yeah, he's really special to me. I love him so much..." She said softly and looked down at the ground. "Awww!!" Sierra said cutely.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer smiled back at her and turned to his friends too. Jeff had just finished talking about his summer so they were probably going to ask him about his new adventures as a shifter. "How's your special girl?" Saul asked not really itreagued by Jeff's story. "She's still struggling but she'll be fine." Aer said he looked down a little ebarrassed. "I have two special girls now." he smiled to his friends. "Oooooh!" Max shouted and his voice echoed in the whole place.

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Dani blushed as Sierra teased her about Aer, "Stop... Not like you've never had a boyfriend before." She joked with her. Sierra rolled her eyes, "So what if I have. This isn't just a boyfriend, you love him!" She said with a cheery tone. Dani sighed, "If you don't stop I'm going to walk away." She joked and started backing up slowly with a playful grin. "Okay!" Sierra said and immediately smiled. "At least that guy talking to him is really cute..." Sierra murmured as she looked over. Dani rolled her eyes, "Wow...." She said sarcastically.

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Eerie (eeriev) Max, Jeff and Saul made him tell everything about her and he begged them not to turn around to look at her at the same time because that would make her uncomfortable. And as best friends do, the three of them didn't listened. They walked towards the two girls. Aer rolled his eyes and sighed walking behind them. "Hello ladies!" Saul said kissing Dani's hand like in the movies.

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Dani blushed a light pink, looking up at Aer. "H-Hi..." She murmured in return to the boy's greeting. Before anybody got another chance to greet her, she quickly ran over to stand at Aer's side. "Hey." She said sweetly to him and got on her toes to kiss his cheek lovingly.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer smiled wrapping his arm around her waist. "Dani, this are the biggest idiots you'll ever meet a. k. a., my best friends." he smiled as they turned around to him almost at the same time. "This is Saul, he actually quite.. unique." Aer whispered that last part in her ear. "This is Jeff, he's a hippie." Jeff waved but then he looked back at Aer "Heey, I'm not a hippie." he protested. Aer laughed and turned to Max ignoring him completely "And this is Max, he's kinda stupid but really good at sports." Max punched him on the shoulder. "See? He only knows violence." Aer turned to her. "I'm Max and he thincks he's really funny. I'm actually a future scientist and I know nothing about sports." he laughed nerviously.

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Dani giggled and introduced Sierra to the boys, watching her glad reaction of not being left out. While they were all busy greeting her, she turned to Aer. "I'm glad I made a friend, even though she's crazy. She's obsessed with our relationship." She smiled and nuzzled his arm lightly before taking his hand in her own and intertwining their fingers together. "Your friends seem very... Special." She giggled.

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Eerie (eeriev) "They are.." Aer laughed. "I've known Saul since we were five year olds. And Max and Jeff I met here three years ago. They are amazing and they've been there for me troughout everything. Saul was actually the first person I told about my wolf shifting, he didn't ran away or called me freak. All he thought was it was cool. The werewolf bit him a few years later, no one ever found him he still lives in our neighbourhood." Aer explained looking at how happy Saul was now and remembering what pain he had went trough when he got bitten.

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Dani smiled lightly, "Maybe I can comeback to your neigbourhood with you over the summer and help you find it." She suggested, knowing he would probably turn it down. Sierra flirted with the boys while they spoke, and Dani found it quite amusing.

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Eerie (eeriev) "No." he cut her off. "It's too dangerous and if I have to look after my sister I can't keep you safe." he explained joining the group. "What are you talking about?" Aer asked amused.

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Dani frowned and followed him up to the group, putting her head lightly against his shoulder as she watched the group. "Oh... Nothing." Sierra said with a small blush and a knowing look at Saul. Dani raised an eyebrow at her as a grin broke across her lips.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer looked at Saul, he knew every single one of his expressions. He was like a brother to him so with that little smile he gave him, Aer immediately understood the situation. Saul really liked Sierra but all of his best treats where never seen by the girls because he was too shy around girls he liked. "Hey, Saul, have you finished the drawing for the competition?" Aer knew exactly what to do to help him get her attention.

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Dani watched as Sierra walked over to her, taking her hand and pulling her away from the group. "So... You and Saul, huh?" Dani asked excitedly. "Maybe, but I really like him!" Sierra said bashfully. "Why would a werewolf fall for a witch anyways?" Sierra murmured sadly. Dani rolled her eyes, "C'mon, if a werewolf can fall for a mutant with freaky number tattoos and mental problems, I'm sure Saul will have no problems falling for you. You're beautiful, and he wouldn't have any reason not to." She said reassuringly before pulling her friend into a hug.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer saw Saul frowned when the girl left. "Okay, what did I do?" he asked. Aer looked at Jeff and Max. "Operation S-2 is on guys." he whispered letting them know they were supposed to show the girl how awesome Saul was without forcing it. "Cool I remember my part." Jeff said excited. "Good." whispered Aer as he saw Saul look at him and roll his eyes after. "This is not gonna work, I always spoil it." he said. They looked at the girls hug. "Quick talk about yiur drawings!" Aer told him. ".. and that's why I can't finish it until tomorrow." he faked a conversation.

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Dani pulled away from her friend, leading her back over to the group. "Finish what?" Sierra asked, standing next to him as Dani stood next to Aer. She lifted her gaze to look up at him, seeing that he was focused on something. "Thanks for doing this, she really needs a boyfriend." Dani whispered to him with a smile, knowing what he was planning with just one glance.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Oh nothing.." Saul said shyly. "It's not nothing." Jeff said meaningfully. "Yeah, we were talking about his drawing he's competing on international level for a scholarship for one of the best Universities of Art in the world." Max added quickly. "It's something like the Olympics but with drawing." Jeff said excited about his friend. "It's really nothing guys.." he whispered blushing. "It's just a hobby for him but it's his passion so he wants to study it." Aer explaind softly trying to calm his friends.

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"That's amazing... Seriously." Sierra said with a smile up at Saul. "Maybe you could show me some of your work some time?" She asked sweetly. Dani smiled and leaned her head back on Aer's shoulder, closing her eyes as she listened to the conversation around her.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Uhm.. s-sure.. an-any time." Saul said looking at Aer so he could inspire him some strenght. Aer gave him an encouraging smile. "It is amazing. And not only that.. he's winning." he said with a slight grinn on his face.

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Sierra raised her eyebrows, clearly impressed. The girl also seemed to find it cute that he seemed so nervous. "Maybe we can meet up after PE?" Sierra suggested to him with a shy smile. Dani nuzzled Aer's arm, "We get to go on our picnic, right?" She asked him in a hushed whisper.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Yup." "O-okay" said the two boys at the same time.

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Sierra giggled and gently took Saul's hand and lead him over to the basketball hoop. "Hey, wanna play a game with me?" She asked as she held a ball. Meanwhile Dani looked up at Aer with a smile. "Good, I'm really looking forward to it." She said with a cheeky smile.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer watched the two of them play. "What's your favorite food?" he asked focused on his friend's game.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer watched the two of them play. "What's your favorite food?" he asked focused on his friend's game.

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Dani held closely to him, "I really love anything. It doesn't matter to me." She watched her friend as well, smiling when Saul stood behind Sierra, both his arms out as her back was to his front. He was blocking her from turning around and making a shot. "Not fair!" Sierra exclaimed with a blush. Dani's eyebrows went up as the girl turned around with the ball in her hands and pecked Saul on the lips. The boy seemed so surprised that she got past him and scored the winning point. "Ha!" Sierra said happily with a smile.

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Eerie (eeriev) ((Saul is my charrie even if it's not official you can't write what he does:P))
"Oh no!" Aer exclaimed seeing what the girl did. He saw Saul walking away and he waved his hands to make him stop. "I don't want to play anymore." he said to the girl passing by Aer that tried to stop him but failing. He got back to the lockers room. Aer looked at Dani desperately.

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((Sorry! :( I didn't know what else to put down, I didn't mean to be controlling him ))

Dani returned the look at Aer before immediately walking over to Sierra. "What were you thinking?!?" She said to the girl. "I was just playing...." Sierra said before looking down at the ground. "Now I feel like crap..." She said before sitting on the bench with a defeated look. Dani sighed as she sat down next to her friend, "You just need to apologize to him, but you'll have to wait for him to leave the locker rooms."

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Eerie (eeriev) ((It's okay if it was another I wouldn't care but he's inspired from my crush:D))
"It's not your fault." Aer assured her. "He's just kinda shy that's all. I'll go talk to him." he bent down and kissed Dani on the cheek. "I'll be right back." he whispered walking towards the lockers room. He saw Saul sitting on one of the benches with his face in his hands. "How bad was it?" "Well she thinks it's her fault." Aer said sitting next to him.

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((Ahh, okay :))

Dani sighed and looked down at the ground as she studied her wrists again. "Sorry for snapping at you..." She murmured and bit her lip. "It's fine, I understand that you would have mood swings because of the um... Testing." Sierra murmured and regretted it immediately. "I mean... It was my fault anyways. I shouldn't have done what I did and should've let him win..." She corrected herself quietly. Dani shook her head, "I don't know. I'm not good for giving out advice. Maybe you should just wait and see if Aer can bring him back out here." Dani said quietly.

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Eerie (eeriev) "I'm so stupid." Saul said rubbing his face with his hands. "I ain't arguing on that." Aer smiled. "What happened? Did you feel it again?" he asked remembering Saul's last girlfriend. He used to tell him about the same feeling he got with Dani. "Yeah.. It was so little but you know what happened to Madison." he said quietly. "I was scared I could hurt her.

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Eerie (eeriev) .

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Dani sighed, thinking of why Saul did what he did. "Maybe it was because he was trying to protect you. I know that when they're involved in too much intimate contact that their wolf starts coming out. It happens with me and Aer all the time." She offered. Sierra nodded her head thankfully. "I'll remover that, thanks."

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Eerie (eeriev) "Hey, it's okay. We promised we would take care for eachother in situations like this." Aer patted his back. "I know but what if one of us gets hurt in such fight?" Saul looked at him. "It's okay we'll just explain he-" "No." Saul cut him off. "We won't explain her anything I prefer her thinking I'm wierd. I don't want to risk another girl's life."

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Stephanie (WildQuaffle) | 149 comments Jesse walked in with Amy.

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Eerie (eeriev) "I'll be right back." she said walking towards the girls' lockers room. She changed into her PE uniform and put her red hair in a ponytail. She walked out and looked around the gym.

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