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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Warlocks can perform some magic but don't make these characters too powerful.

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Kris Harte (kristatic) Guide Lines




Place of Residence now (London or New York):


Appearance: (pictures are aloud, but a description is still required)






Relationship Status:


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Kris Harte (kristatic) Name: Hazel Stone

Age: Looks around 18 but was born around the 1750s

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York

Powers: Her favorite spells to use are those that control the elements.

Appearance: Medium length black hair and bright green eyes and average skin tone. That dull when she runs low on energy and brighter when her emotions are high or using magic.

Style: She love to wear long flowing dresses. Like these.

Personality: She’s childish and playful. But if you get on her bad side her happy girl charade goes away replaced by a person determined to kill you. She has ADHD and lots of mood swings. Hazel is outspoken but closed off about things.

~Being alone(but hates it too)
~Playing tricks on people
~ Loves all species

~Talking about her past loves

History: Hazel lived around slavery times and hated seeing the things she saw around herself. She helped slaves escape and one of them was her first lover, who will remained unnamed. Since his death, she’s been hiding from love even though it eventually finds her and breaks her heart again and again.

Relationship Status: Single


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Hannah (hannahsmanyhobbies) Name:Izzy Grove

Age:17 or 18


Place of Residence now (London or New York): London

Powers: Turns invisible, minor mind reading skill,fly

Appearance: (pictures are aloud, but a description is still required): Tall and blond, blue eyes,average weight. Wears pink glasses.

Style: Sweat pants or pj bottoms (never jeans). Usually accompanied with long flowing purple robes. But when being incognito she wears mundane clothes.

Personality:Nerdy and very bookish. Not in a show off way though. When she gets upset she goes around haunting people like a ghost to feel better.

Likes/Strengths: Books,pranks, joking around, skilled at potions.

Dislikes/Weaknesses: Shadowhunters,long conversations, oh and puppy's. She can't stand the thought of physically hurting anyone.

History: She's gone rouge. Has had some encounters with Magnus Bane. Loves breaking in to mundane library's. Lives in present day.

Relationship Status: Single but in love with a mundane boy. But obviously they can't be together.


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Kris Harte (kristatic) accepeted

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Beastly Name: Nagosheion (na*gosh*e*ion = how his name is pronounced)
nickname: Naga

Age: he is exactly 1000 years old but he doent look a day over 20

Gender: male

Place of Residence now: london

Powers: warlock magic and spells
can talk to animals
can turn into a giant black cobra the size of a two story house

Appearance: Naga is a well muscled man. Naga's arms have black snake like markings on his arms and three small horizontal stripes on his cheeks. from the waist down he has a black serpents body. Naga has hypnotizing teal eyes with the pupils of a snake. his hair is slick and shiny in the sunlight, his hair color is a mix between brown and a very light black. naga also haves pointed demon fingernails. his ears come to a slight point and he has the incisors of a snake. he looks like a male Medusa just but he is male and cant turn people to stone or have snakes for hair

Style: he wears demon and warlock battle gear or things a male serpent hybrid would wear

Personality: Naga is very sly and is very muck like a snake. he never picks sides so don't ask him to join a war. naga is very hypnotic and presafeive. Naga gets lonely easily and wishes to have friends.

likes: working on new spells
making his snake like scales shine
making deals

strengths: it is hard for him to feel pain
senses better than any creatures senses
he can constrict his victims when fighting
he is very wise and incredibly smart

dislikes: being accused of something he didn't do
people killing without a good reason
when people think hes gonna turn them to stone like medusa
being lonely

History: Naga was once a normal warlock till one day. Naga was working on a spell and something went terribly wrong. the spell mutated naga into a mutant warlock serpent being. when naga tried to explain to his friends and family all they did was scream and runaway leaving naga alone forever. naga desperately tried to find a place to live but again only to be treated as a monster. after 10 years naga found a friend that took him in for a little bit, the warlock magnus bane. he met other warlocks and other mutant demons after no longer feeling like a monster, naga thanked his friend and left. Naga wrote many dark art and spell books for study and infromation on how to preform a spell. he lives near a city but only comes out at night to forage.

Relationship Status: married to linn

Crush: he has a huge crush on linn a hafling shadow hunter.

Other: his element of spells of nature and dark sorcery

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Kris Harte (kristatic) Naga is accepted

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Moose  (Sandra) (dedicatedwarlock) | 163 comments Name: Jonathan Ethan Marquet
Nickname: Jem or Ethan

Age: Stuck at about 19 - 20 ( really 328 )

Gender: Male

Place of Residence now (London or New York):
(did live in London , but moved) New York

Elemental and healing

His eyes are a bright blue, his hair is a deep black color, He looks scrawny but looks can be deceiving. He often wears up to five jelly bracelets on his left wrist and usually is wearing a beanie or some sort of hat.

(view spoiler)

He wears mostly skinny jeans and a graphic tee. Or he’ll be wearing sweat pants around his apartment

Jem is very enthusiastic about a lot of things. He is very loyal and keeps his promises. He does have problems with trusting people, but is very kind and hates seeing people upset or angry at him.

- Singing
- Drawing
- Cats
- the color Purple
-Flash (superhero)

- Powers
- fast
- great thinker

- Demons
- Most Vampires
- glitter
- being inside

- ADHD (gets distracted easily
- Not good at showing emotions
- trust

Jem, like most warlocks started off with a family, his mom, about 328 years ago. His mom had died when he about 17. He moved from London to New York. He found a place to work and his own place. He has helped out a lot with the shadowhunters.

He also doesn’t trust most vampires because that his how his mom had died. she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Other: snake bites

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments All characters above are accepted.

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Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments ((Making a character to celebrate :D))
Guide Lines

Name: Paige Leville

Age: Looks 17 (Really is 107, so quite young on Warlock standards)

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now (London or New York): Travels around, mainly resides in New York, but fancies vacations to London

Powers: Uses warlock spells, likes to conjure up fire, can sometimes get minor premonitions (nothing major, can sometimes “feel” if something bad is going to happen)

Appearance: (pictures are aloud, but a description is still required)
She is relatively tall for a female, at around 5’7. She had wavy blonde hair, and usually keeps it in a messy braid. Every 50 years, she adds a stripe of color to her hair, so right now she has two stripes of color in her hair (bright blue and dark green). She is slight and looks very skinny, even though she eats (a lot). She has webbed feet as her mark, like a fish (minus the scales).

Style: She likes to wear casual clothing (ex. Loose tees, sweatpants, jeans) But sometimes dresses fancy if she is going to a party, (Her idea of “fancy” being a dress and whatever shoes she can find that aren’t dirty)

Personality: She is extremely brave and outgoing, yet she isn’t forceful. Paige will be very kind unless you insult her, or something dear to her. Always loyal, Paige will never let another friend be hurt, and she will always believe someone who had gained her trust. If she sees someone acting cruel, it takes all her willpower to not cast a spell on them.

- Comics
-Cracking (lame) jokes
-Is very crafty with a blade
- Eating

-People who are cruel to others
-Werewolves (Again, read below)

When Paige was 5 years old, her mother was killed by a rouge werewolf, causing her to live with a father who she wasn’t related to by blood. Her father loved her, but Paige could never really feel close to him. At the age of 23, she left her father’s home in New York to move to London. At the age of 47, she returned back to New York for her father’s funeral. She sold the house and moved into a nice apartment on the Upper East Side and has lived there ever since.

Relationship Status: Single

Other: Is a child at heart

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Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments Accepted, I guess
(It’s awkward accepting myself, but I guess I have to! :P))

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Elmina | 44 comments Name- Kayla Zee

Age- looks 18. Is 103.

Gender- Female

Place if residence- New York

Powers- Kayla can create objects out of darkness and she has been studying spell books for spells such as healing and mind reading spells.

Appearance- Kayla has long blonde hair and bright red eyes (I know the picture doesn't have red eyes...) and a long tail covered in hair/fur the same color as her hair.

Style- Kayla will usually wear a pair of jeans and a white or black sweat shirt. She usually has a very annoyed expression and she usually wears her hair down. Usually, she will has light pink lip gloss and light blue eyeshadow on as well as a bit of mascara and eye liner.

Personality- Kayla is not a generally 'happy' person. The only time she doesn't look annoyed is when she's reading. She doesn't really like people but a few of her friends can actually make her laugh.

Likes/strengths- reading, the dark, being alone

Dislikes/weaknesses- people, bright lights, loud sounds

History- there isn't really much to tell. Her parents, who hated her, left as soon as she was old enough to be on her own and she never heard from them again. She spent most her time reading and studying spell books and didn't meet a lot of people. The people she did meet, generally didn't like her.

Relationship- single

Other- Kayla has a pet cat named Mark. Her pets often need to be replaced because they're life span is a lot shorter than her's. Before Mark, she had a lizard named James.

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ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) Name: Macie Micheals

Age: 18

Gender: F

Place of Residence now (London or New York):New york

*control over wind
*Mind reading
*Able to speak to animals

Appearance: description

Style: description only the clothes

Personality: tbrped

*speaking and dealing with animals
*the night
*the crescent moon
*Sward and dagger play

*large crowds

History: Macie is an orphan who learn the trade of magic on her own by chance. She mostly stayed by herself while she grew up. After a few years of knowing magic, she was found by her teacher and taught her the more complicated magic. She grew to live her teacher who then died to protect her from some misguided Shadow hunters. she now lives alone in her apartment in new york, staying away from shadowhunters.

Relationship Status: single

Other: description she has a pet sparrow who keeps her company

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted.

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Name: Jasmine Greengate

Looks 18, born in midevil Times.
Place of Residence now:
New York
-Control over water and wind
-Hypnotize people with her singing

She wears lots of blue, any shade as long as it's blue. Or maybe black. Usually wears tall black boots since she's short.
She is a bubbly person, but hides it so noone notices her. Since she can't control her powers very well. She's trying to control her powers and really can't.
-Hiding herself
-weather magic
-any other magic
talking to people
-meeting people
She found out her mom isn't really her dad when she was seven and learned why she seemed to hate her. Her 'mom' was mad that her dad had a kid not with her, and Jasmine ran away from home. On the run she discovered her powers, and killed another runaway by accident, by singing a song about death he died. Someone herd Jasmine scream and ran to the nearest guard tower (midevil times) they came and threw Jasmine in prison, she was even by then. She was locked in a dungeon for a while before someone realized she didn't mean to kill that boy. The second she got out of jail she got on a ship to America and stayed in New York since, but has traveled around the world, but always came back to New York.

Relationship status:Single

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๑GloryPlutonian๑ (pamyord) Name: Avalon Whitestone (Idk why I chose that name, it sounded nice in my head :) )

Age: 19 (born loooong time ago)


Place of Residence now (London or New York): London

Powers: pyrokinesis


She's got pink hair which is her warlock mark and blue eyes, pale skin and freckles.

Avalon usually wears black dresses and boots with long heels because she is really short.
She is smart and ambitious, decisive, exuberant, independent.
-books and libraries
-burning stuffs
-doing magic to mundanes
-someone to do magic on her
-big dogs
-meeting new people
-boring people
Her father is Azazel (yep, another Supernatural fan). Her mother was burned because she was thought she was a witch. Since then she lives with her older brother in a flat in London. He travels a lot so she is often alone in their flat. She had a sister who was taken from the Fairies. Because of that she hates them.
Relationship Status: Single

Other: She's got small white cat named Rashko. (This name is real, I swear!)

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Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments Approved

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Moose wrote: " Name: Jonathan Ethan Marquet
Nickname: Jem or Ethan

Age: Stuck at about 19 - 20 ( really 328 )

Gender: Male

Place of Residence now (London or New York):
(did live in London , but moved) ..."

just putting this out there, but I am moose on different account

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Name: Isis Zeal

Age: 15 (However in reality 98)

Gender: F

Place of Residence now (London or New York): London

Powers: Magical control over plasmic matter (Can physically alter the appearance of mundanes, shadowhunters or downworldersalong with minimal power over thoughts)

Appearance: Black hair, dark-colored oval eyes with stout eyelashes ,tawny skin. Sharp jawline and aquiline nose. Tall with lanky limbs. her warlock's mark is a criss-crossed scar at her back.

Style: Isis is extremely self-conscious of her mark and usually covers up a lot of skin. She is seen with very random stuff as she plays with anything she can find from her hair to the multiple charm-neclaces she weres. Her style varies from punk to casual in no time at all. To honour her Egyptian heritage she lines her eyes with dark kohl

Personality: Isis is brash, recless and sarcastic to the point of being mean. She will swear, snap and play around with your minds to drive her enemies (or even allies) to insanity.

Likes/Strengths: Isis is sardonic and finds pleasure when anyone feels hurt over her (Almost always wrong) actions. She feels extremely happy when she can ensorcel anything as she happens to be bad at basic magic.

Dislikes/Weaknesses: Isis doesn't like to be told to do anything. She feels powerless when facing shadowhunters and demons. Isis is unable to get along with her fellow downworlders too.

History: Her demon father was an eidolin demon. She has no experience of the real world as for the first 50 years of her life have been erased. For the past 48 years she has been terrorising young shadowhunters and making a meagre living working as a stunt double. (however she abandons this nearly as fast as she chooses this)

Relationship Status: Single but also very distrustful of other beings

Other: Isis, being very traditional, can often be seen on enchanted brooms, with black cats and wearing pointed hats.

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