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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Create a werewolf here or a character who is going to be turned into one in the near future.

message 2: by Kris (last edited Nov 23, 2013 04:28PM) (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) " Guide Lines


Age:((when they turned))

Place of Residence now (London or New York):


Appearance: (pictures are aloud, but a description is still required)






Relationship Status:


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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Just add the place of Residence, London or New York

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) kk

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments I really messed up the vampire thread. Do you know of any way to fix that?

message 6: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) Copy the guidelines and edit your first post them up there?

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Good. Thanks! That's a great idea. Why didn't I think of it?

message 8: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) Because I'm amazing :p

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments hahaha.....>.<

message 10: by Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (last edited Nov 25, 2013 03:18AM) (new)

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) Name: Hazle Roe

Age:((when they turned)) 14

Place of Residence now: New York

Gender: Female

She's preety in the shy-girl-next-door way, but she's blind, longish dark brown hair, light grey eyes, almost perfect face

Top :
Personality: She doesn't have a lot of friends
Girl-Next-Door type, shy, keeps to herself, but can't stand to be away from the pack

She likes to be alone
Her hearing is better then most

She hates it when people try to show her stuff, seeing as she's blind
She's blind

History: TBRP?

Relationship Status: Open


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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Can you add a little more to personality and appearance please? Otherwise, accepted :)

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Beastly Name: talon rose

Age: 16, he was born werewolf

Rank: Alpha

Place of Residence now+ New York

Gender: male

Appearance: tallon is six feet and nine inches tall. He is skinny and looks like he starves himself, when actually he eats Alot. He has natural black hair. He styles his hair so it is combed over to one side and spikes it up in the back. He has glassy green eyes

Wolf form: a fairly large black timber wolf [image error]

Style: anything in current male emo fashion

Personality: tallon is very protective of his twin sister, Eera. He is very self relient but likes help from his sister Eera here and there. Tallon likes to play the piano and drums. He is one of your more hardcore emo' s. He dies not think twice about tearing apart boys if they try to take his sister from him. Tallon loves to dance and sing.

Likes: pizza
Playing pranks
Playing drums and piano
Watching horror movies

Strengths: werewolf strength,speed,eyesight and hearing
Can turn into wolf

Dislikes: being bullied
Romantic movies
Hip hop music

Weaknesses: werewolf weaknesses

History: tallon was born in the back streets of New York with his twin sister. He grew up in a old house that made life ok. He and his sister would sneak out as soon as they hit the teenage phase. Tallon moved out with his twin sister at sixteen.

Relationship Status: single

Other: he is inseparable from his sister's side

Name: Eera rose

Age: 16 , she was born werewolf

Rank: alpha

Place of Residence now : New york


Appearance: Eera is very slim and flexible. She has smooth and pretty facial features. She has her hair styled so it covers one eye . Her hair is naturally black with a blonde patch. She is three inches shorter than tallon. She has glassy green eyes

Wolf form:a fairly large Gray timber wolf

Style: any thing in current female emo fashion

Personality: Eera gets very curious when it comes to things she shouldn't know about. She is a hardcore emo like her twin brother, tallon. She is not very big on cutting but she does it anyways. She doesn't care for rules much she likes to break them more than fallow them.
Like her brother she loves to sing and dance

Likes: how her brother is always at her side no matter what
Very gruesome horror movies
Full moons
Playing electric guitar and the bass guitar

Strengths: werewolf strength, speeds, hearing and eye sight
Can turn into wolf
She uses her buety to her advantage in a fight

Dislikes: people constinally flirt with her
Fighting with tallon
Scar movies that say there scary but arnt scary at all
Dead silence

Weaknesses: werewolf weaknesses

History: same as gallons history

Relationship Status: single

Other: she is inserable from her brother side

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Both are accepted!

message 14: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) accepted

message 15: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) np


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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) Name: Kira Micheals

Age: 22

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New york

Gender: female

Appearance: description

wolf form: description

Style: her usual style would be bell-bottom hip hugging bluejeans with either Long-sleeve, t-shirt, of spaghetti-strap tanktop (depending on the weather)

Personality: tbrped (reason being it that i usually don't go with the personality i set for a character)

Likes/Strengths: steak, well all meat but fish, running, agility, hand to hand combat, fighting with knives

Dislikes/Weaknesses: wolvesvein, silver, dealing with other people

History: Kira come from an orphanage and never knew her parents. she was happy go lucky for some of her childhood until she was adopted by one family. they treated her well and they gained her trust and love. But everything changed a week after she had been there. they abused her and used her in anyway possible. Kira was finally taken away from them after 4 hard years with them. she never trusted anyone ever again and she never got adopted after that. she got out of the orphanage at 18 and has been living in New York to start out fresh. on her 22nd birthday she got bitten by what she thought was a large rabid dog and she became a werewolf.

Relationship Status: single


ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) is Kira okay?

message 20: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Yeah. Accepted and by the way, characters don't need to be accepted now since I'm not online much.

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Name: Eloea Markswood

Age: 16

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York

Gender: Female

Appearance: White hair, blue eyes:

Style: Loose black or white tunic, navy leggings, black lace-up shoes.

Personality: I'll make it up as I go along

Likes/Strengths: Her pack.

Dislikes/Weaknesses: Silver (evidently), stupid people

History: She grew up with her brother. He accidentally bit her on her 16th birthday.

Relationship Status: Single.

Other: Uses a bronze and steel bow and arrows.

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Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments Accepted

message 24: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Name: Antonio Morgenstern


Place of recidence: London

Gender: Male

Appearance: Antonio is tall and slightly muscular with short blonde hair that usually falls over one of his eyes and deep blue eyes that look as if they have taken on the clour of the sea. He looks like he's from a rich family because of his appearance but his family is actualky very poor and his clothes are usually old and torn in some places.

As a wolf, he's huge and bigger than most werewolves. He has a silky pelt which has shades of gold and bronze in it.

Style: No particular style. He wears any clothes he gets.

Personality: He's a very afable person when he's human and will talk to just about anyone but as a werewolf, he can't think clearly and if he's left free will kill anybody in his path.

Likes: He likes to earn money to support his family which consists of only him and his mother.

Dislikes: Rich people

History: His oarents named him Antonio after the character from Shakespeare and he hates his name but doesn't ave the heart to change it because his mother likes it. His father and his younger brother died fro pneumonia on a bad winter and he got turned that very night when he'd gone to search for a doctor. He still doesn't know who turned him. He came back home though and has been able to keep his dark secret from his mother for all this time.

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Name: Ariana(Ari) Carmen

Age: 15

Place of Residence now (London or New York): London

Gender: female

Appearance: (pictures are aloud, but a description is still required) average height, long blonde hair, with unnatural green eyes, looks pretty but deadly at the same time.

as a wolf Ari has a white pelt with the same unnerving green eyes.

Style: likes long jeans and short sleeves shirt with a light jacket. other then that shes fine.

Personality: is very friendly when a human. Still friendly as a werewolf but ready to hurt anything that gets to annoying.

Likes/Strengths: as a human Ari likes happiness and is good in hand to hand combat. as a werewolf she is very careful and deadly.

Dislikes/Weaknesses: rude and annoying people and things.

History: has two older brothers, who like to pick on her and give her minor injuries. her parents tried to stop her brothers but it didn't work so she ran away from home after she got turned. she was in the woods looking for some food when she got bitten.

Relationship Status: single

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now i am finally done!

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Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments Approved

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Violet | 6 comments Name: Jake Fairchild

Age: (when they turned) 17

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York

Gender: Male

Appearance: (pictures are aloud, but a description is still required) A skinny, lanky brown-haired boy who's all knees and elbows. He has odd crystal-clear blue eyes that contrast greatly with his light-brown skin.

Style: He always wears red plaid coats over an illustrated white top, and jeans. He wears black-and-white sneakers, and a gold cross around his neck. He's typically seen with black headphones on or around his neck.

Personality: He's shy and reserved, and no matter how friendly you are to him, he won't open up. If someone in his pack finds out about anything in his past, that person will be found dead in an alley and you'll be sure never to see Jake again.

Likes/Strengths: Rock music, books, the beach, stargazing, hunting.

Dislikes/Weaknesses: Running, video games, darkness, plants, being still.

History: He was originally born a Shadowhunter, hence the two-part last name, in Idris. He lived there until he was 11, before moving to Los Angeles. It was there he was Turned, and he killed his entire family under the light of his first full moon. He escaped first to London, before someone found out his secret, and then moved again to New York. There he stayed, in Luke Garroway's pack.

Relationship Status: Single, but has a crush on Simon Lewis.

Other: His sexuality is gay and his best friend is Maia Roberts. He's a distant cousin to Clarissa Fairchild, but has only met her a few times.

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