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Caleb teleported right in front of the entrance to the room, standing and waiting patiently for Autumn to arrive.

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Caleb smiled as he saw her and happily lead her into the classroom. He gave her a kiss on the cheek before he went to sit at a desk.

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Caleb watched as the teacher walked in and introduced himself before quickly giving out small assessments to quiz what everybody already knew. He got his own handed to him and bit back a sigh of boredom. Great, an assessment on his first day.

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Caleb finished a few seconds after her before returning her smile and setting his pencil down.

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Caleb looked up at the teacher and listened half-heartedly as he'd heard all these things before.

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Caleb stifled a laugh as he heard her say that the eagle belonged to her. "Weren't you supposed to leave him in your room?" He asked her curiously.

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Caleb chuckled, "Good idea, make a distraction so we can leave." He joked and winked at her.

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Caleb made a pouty face at her before turning back to his book. It would take her awhile to get used to his ridiculousness.

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