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message 1: by Ananya, Group Creator (last edited Nov 23, 2013 04:42PM) (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Create a vampire or a daylighter here

Guide Lines




Place of Residence now (London or New York):

Powers: (daylighter or regular vampire))

Appearance: (pictures are aloud, but a description is still required)






Relationship Status:


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Beastly Name: Barnibus collins

Age: barnibus was turned 1402 and looks at least 20

Gender: male

Place of residence now: New York but travels to london every few years.

Powers: regular old school vampire
Can turn into giant bat vampire monster
Enhanced scent, strength, hearing, eyesight, and speed

Appearance: barnibus is fairly tall and muscled. His skin is a ghostly pale like any vampires from his time. He has electric blue eyes that turn red when he is angered or very angrey. He has vampire fangs like any vampire, barnibus has slightly pionted ears and deadly and sharp tallon like finger nails. His hair is a milky brown that is brushed back in the style of the 1700s

Style: he where's dress shirts with a older styled velvet vests with black Jean/sold pants like horse riders wear and male leather boots from the 1600s.

Personality: barnibus is a perfectionist. He must do things his way. Never disobey him or he'll make you pay. He loves to mess with shadowhunters. He is a big hit with the lady's.

Likes: warm blood
Red wine
Doing able to do things without being yelled at by shadowhunters.
riding horses

Strengths: inhuman strength,speed,sight and hearing
He is a master at wielding pistols and hand guns
His ability to fight do to his past of being a soldier in the 1700's

Dislikes:people that don't know there place
When something is our of order
Cold blood
White wine

Weaknesses: people from his past
War memorys
Holy water
Vampire weakness

History: barnibis was born into a wealthy family, he jioned the army as a american soldier. He never really had to work a day in his life. He lived in a huge mansion which he Still owns. As he turned 20 he fell in love with a widowed women a year younger than him. Both fell in love with each other but his true love had a secret she was a vampire. The young widow Turned him into a vampire, devastated Barnibus killed her and lived his life in solitude for 300 years watching the ones he loved die while he stayed young forever. He still lives out his life in the shadows and protection of night.

Relationship Status: he is hazel' s boyfriend.

Other: likes to ride horses

message 3: by Ananya, Group Creator (last edited Nov 23, 2013 04:24PM) (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted and could you just ad where he lives now. In London or New York? That would be it

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) Name: Will Night

Age: Looks around 20 but turned during the WWII

Gender: Male

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York

Powers: (daylighter or regular vampire)) Daylighter

Appearance: Looks more humanish than others. He has pale vampire skin and jet-black hair. His eyes turn red when hungry but their usually blue. He’s really tall and slim.

Style: Black shirts and pants, loves to blend in with the night.

Personality: Will is a caring soul. After killing people for so long he wants to help them, instead. He's kind and compassionate. He has taught himself restraint around blood. You'll rarely see him lose control, but he is stubborn.

~Helping others
~super speed, hearing, sight, strength-vampiric things
~doing whatever he wants
~protecting his sister, Paige

~Vampire community
~drinking blood
~falling in love
~staying out of shadowhunters way

History: Compared to his brethren, he has more control than most. Will worked as a nurse in the army before turning into a vampire, but because he was a daylighter he continued to help humans despite what he had become. He does not like being a vampire and is shunned by most vampires. The only vampire he stays in close contact with is his sister, Paige. Who he turned into a vampire in order to save her life.

Relationship Status: Currently single

Other: He’s immune to most vampire killing weapons: stakes, crosses, holy water, etc. because he’s a daylighter.


Name: Paige Night

Age: Looks 19 but was turned around WWII

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York

Powers: (daylighter or regular vampire)) Daylighter

Appearance: Medium height girl with pale skin. Long wavy jet-black hair, like her brothers and red eyes.

Style: She wears short skirts and t-shirts. Not to mention short dress. All black.

Personality: Paige has learned to use her body to get whatever wants. Because of this she has a lot of male minions. She’s flirty and very outspoken

~drinking(blood and/or wine)
~Her brother, Will
~super speed, hearing, sight, strength-vampiric things
~staying out of shadowhunters way

~Being told what to do
~Falling in love

History: She had a rough childhood being abused by her father, but Will had always been there to protect her. But when Will left to join the war, the beatings resumed and with no one there to stop them , she was nearly beat to death and left for dead, but Will came back just in time and turned her in a daylighter like him.

Relationship Status: Currently single

Other: She’s immune to most vampire killing weapons: stakes, crosses, holy water, etc. because he’s a daylighter.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Does Raphael have a brother? It was mentioned in the first book but I'm not sure.

message 6: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) I don't know, it was never made clear. But he did have a family, I think.

message 7: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Cool. Then a brother sounds good. I want to see what he's like!

message 8: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) I'll try to make him cool. ;)

message 9: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Ananya~Shadowhunter in training wrote: "Does Raphael have a brother? It was mentioned in the first book but I'm not sure."

Hey, I just found out that Raphael had six younger brothers! :P Look:

message 10: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Oh my god!That's so cool. I never knew that. No names mentioned though.

message 11: by Elizabeth (last edited Nov 26, 2013 01:23AM) (new)

Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Name: Suri Darling

Age: Looks to be 15 but is really 23.

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now: New York

Powers: daylighter, being young she is still discovering her abilities.

Appearance: Suri stands at 4'7, long curly milk chocolate hair flowing down to her waist, framing her round child like face. She has clear blue eyes, with golden flecks that appear at night. A slim button noes, and full lush lips.

Style: Suri loves to wear dresses, frill, lace, even ones that flair out at the bottom. She loves her white fur coat the most, because it is a token of her past.

Personality: She is sweet on the outside, but inside sleeps a dark creature. Cross her and she wont be so kind. She uses her innocent appearance as a weapon to feed.

Likes/Strengths: Doing whatever she wants without asking. She has been very spoiled in the first four years of her existence as a vampire.

Dislikes/Weaknesses: She hates being told no, and above all she hates being reminded of her past.

History: Suri was the oldest in her family. Before she was turned, she remembered happiness and love. But the day everything went wrong, she remembers everything turning grey and ugly. Her family, wasn't her family anymore. There was yelling and fighting, and then running. Endless running. She awoke in a dark ally, dry blood everywhere, and since then she's been on her own.

Relationship Status: Single

Other: She loves shopping.

message 12: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) Accepted

message 13: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments I absolutely love your character!

message 14: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Luka? Because I'm not technically done with Niko.

message 15: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Whatever you've done with Niko is awesome even though it's not done. I'd never even think of making such a detailed character!

message 16: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) I personally love the GIFs best. xD And yes, I try to be as detailed as possible. But...I'm afraid this isn't the best I've done, since I'm in a rush. :(

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Star wrote: "Name: Luka Kai Lebeth

Age: 17

Actual Age: 101

Date Of Birth: 17th November 1912

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Vampire

Powers: Hightened Senses / Immortal / Heals Upon Ingestio..."

Vampires can't be water manipulators.

message 18: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) Luka is accepted

message 19: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Kris wrote: "Luka is accepted"

But Vampires don't have Telekinesis.

message 20: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) Oh I didn't see that. Star fix that and your fine

message 21: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) Good

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alessia (classick) Elizabeth wrote: "Maureen Brown

Name: Maureen Brown

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York

Powers: vampire


I thought Maureen was turned when taking a picture with Simon? When she had a crush on him?

message 23: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Yeah...and Elizabeth, she's an original character. You don't have to make her profile again.

message 24: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments AℒℰSSⅈA wrote: "[spoilers removed]
N I K O L A S - A D R I A N - S A N T I A G O


| Losing | Niko has a huge pride and he does not favor having it damaged when he loses in battle, ..."

From where did you get the template? It's really detailed.

message 25: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) ѕαяαн {24601 ηαησωяιмσ мσ∂є made it for the group POSIES [AN ADVANCED RP]. (view spoiler) I just edited it a bit by adding GIFs.

message 26: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Yeah. That's why it seemed familiar. She even made it for the City of Ember RP. I got an invite for Posies but too busy with other RPs so I'm not joining any new groups now.

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Ananya~Shadowhunter in training wrote: "Yeah...and Elizabeth, she's an original character. You don't have to make her profile again."

So I delete her?

message 28: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments You don't have to but it's not necessary you create her because her personality and apperance remains the same as the books.

message 29: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted.

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Name: Diego Stallind

Age: 19 (vampire age 57)

Gender: male

Place of Residence now (London or New York): new york

Powers: daylighter


Clothing style: Emo

Weapons: Dual Colt .45s

Personality: Tbrp'd

Likes/Strengths: Big weapons

Dislikes/Weaknesses: fast/small objects

History: His momory was whiped by some retarted thing gone wrong only knows the past 5 years that have gone by since them

Relationship Status: Single

Other: Fav blood type is b-

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

I need to be ACCEPTED!!! Been waiting for a month!

message 32: by Genevieve (new)

Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments I'm so sorry! I didn't know! Of course you are accepted!

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

It's okay it was a little annoying, thanks 4 repliying quikly XD.

message 34: by Genevieve (new)

Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments No problem! I only became a MOD a couple of days ago, so I couldn't of accepted him until recently! :)

message 35: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 20, 2014 05:10PM) (new)

Name:Nina Indigo



Place of Residence: New York

Powers: Regular Vampire

hair long, blue eyes, Bright smile.
Kinda girly
Sweet, kind, can't live with out a guitar or her best friend.
Guitar, is okay with blood. Can go a bit longer without blood
Too dependent on her best friend.

Lives in a big mansion, but is an only child and her parents travel a lot. Was turned into a vampire by Raphael.
Relationship Status:
Her best friend is a boy and they kinda like each other.
her best friend's name is Wyatt Rain

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

(She was turned in 2012)

message 37: by Genevieve (new)

Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments Approved

message 38: by Elmina (new)

Elmina | 44 comments Name- Nicole(Nick for short)

Age- looks 21. Is 241.

Gender- Female

Place of residence- New York

Powers- Normal Vampire

Appearance- Nick's eyes are very light gray and her skin is pale. Her hair is long and black.

Style- She usually wears black sleeveless dresses or jeans with a black tank top. Her hair is almost never up, instead she wears it loose.

Personality- Nick can be very flirty but stays away from mundanes, she finds it hard to control herself around them. She has started writing books to fill her time but most don't get published. She has a horrible temper and can snap at any second.
Likes/strengths- Darkness. Blood. Wine(she drinks wine to try to be as normal as possible). Writing.

Dislikes/weaknesses- The sun. Feeling like she isn't normal. Bad temper.

History- Her parents were killed in a car crash but her adoptive parents were very fond of her. Even after she moved out, they kept very close until her 21st birthday when she suddenly disappeared and was declared dead a year later. She couldn't bring herself to see her adoptive parents because she didn't know if she could control herself for long enough to explain everything.

Relationship- Single but flirts with various boys of various species.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

She sounds like a vampire version of Isabelle.

message 40: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted

message 41: by Elmina (new)

Elmina | 44 comments I just realized it really does. I didn't even notice that

message 42: by Elmina (new)

Elmina | 44 comments Thanks ananya.

message 43: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments No problem :D

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Elizabeth (Last name lost in history)
562 (Looks 25
Place of Residence now (London or New York):
New york
regular vampire

Dark Hair, and violet eyes

She has been around long enough to know that she shouldn't get to know people who can die, so she knows warlocks and vampires. She misses her old life, but has mostly gotten over it.

night, blood
Can't eat normal food, hates death of others.
She was turned on a farm by a rogue vampire attaching everyone. She returned to her home and her husband tried to kill her. So she ran away and never used her last name again, She had a daughter name Violet after she ran away and kept her, Violet was also a vampire. Elizabeth brought Violet to London to raise her, Violet chose to be a pre-teen, so she look like she's 12.
Relationship Status:
Violet went to La and hasn't seen her in awhile.

message 45: by Emma (new)

Emma Name: Gabriela Wells

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: crazy, weird, smart, nerdy (like Simon)

Appearance: dark black hair, pale white skin, piercing blue eyes

Relationship: NONE

message 46: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted

message 47: by Emma (new)

Emma Yaya! Vampires

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Joyeuse Maeron

Age: 2014 years, 5 months, 1 week, 1 day, 7 hours and 37 minutes old (as of when I typed that), looks 18.

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now (London or New York): London

Powers: Regular vampire, but with distant warlock heritage, so traits sometimes manifest in form of random chaotic magic. Can grow bat like wings.

Appearance: Grey eyes, dyed purple streaks in blonde hair


Personality: Weird, quirky, unique

Likes/Strengths: Her weirdness, bursts of magic, ability to grow bat like wings.

Dislikes/Weaknesses: Uninteresting people, daylight.

History: Bitten when she was 18. Born at exactly 12:00am on the first of January, 1 C.E.

Relationship Status: Single.

message 49: by Ananya, Group Creator (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted

message 50: by Sia (new)

Sia (slayqueen) | 2 comments Name:Selene
Age: 2years,originally 16
Place of residence: London
Powers:day lighter
Style:usually wears colourful clothes not all black stuff.
Personality:can be a bit mysterious,funny,sarcastic,flirty,loves animals.
Dislikes:show offs.

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