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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Create your own character here.

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Kris Harte (kristatic) " Guide Lines




Place of Residence now (London or New York):

Appearance: (pictures are aloud, but a description is still required)






Relationship Status:


Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) Name: Ileane Maywood

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now (London or New York): NewYork

5'5, her hair's always curly
Dark Blue eyes

This is her phone

Personality: She's one of the smartest people you'll evre meet, but she is so shy

Likes/Strengths: She likes to listen to music

Dislikes/Weaknesses: She listens to music when she's hunting

History: All in All her childhood was great, until her older Brother Josh killed her mother and father, thinking that they were Demons. He wasn't right, but then again, he wasn't wrong, Ileane still doesn't understand why he did it.

Relationship Status: Open

Here are the songs she has
(view spoiler)

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted

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Beastly Name: Linn Ann Mitchell

Age: 21

Gender: female

Place of Residence now: London

Appearance: Linn is exactly six feet tall . She has red hair with black ends that met with the red color just above her ears. She has soft like facial features. She is fairly skinny. Her eyes are a angelic grey in color. She has many Many ruins all over her body

Shadow Hunter and downworlder crossbrid form:

Style: anything that has leather on it or made of leather

Personality: Linn is very brave and courageous. She likes to stay neat and orginized. When she's training she will not stop till she gets it right. She will prepously hurt herself to feel the pain to overcome it in fights. She can be mean and unkind and cruel sometimes. When Linn is in her hybrid form she can be a killing and bloodthirsty monster if the lunar waves are just right. ever since linn married naga she's become very mellow and peaceful ful.

Likes: training
Friends and family
Messing with downworlder leaders.

Strengths: she never gives up hope
She is hard to kill because of her pain tolerances
Reading books
She knows how to use almost every weapon ever made
She has many ruins that gives her excess strengths
She is very skilled at using a whip.

Dislikes: people how try to be her patently figures
Guys who treat women like objects
Messy and unclean people
Couch potatoes

Weaknesses: she can't be kept in small spaces
Her temper
She doesn't have many though
shes terrified of spiders.

History: Linn was born into a very prideful family of shadow hunters. Her father always trained with her mother died giving birth. She had the perfect family in her eye even though she had no mother. Her father always told her to never give up or give up no matter what happens. She loved being a shadow hunter. Her father died from a heart attack' Linn was devastated but she kept on going. She lives and breaths the life of a shadow hunter. A year after being in the shadow hunter life, she heard her name and halfling. She found out she was half downworlder a very rare child of shadow hunter and downworlder that keeps the peace of most demon species and shadowhunters a month later. Her secret has always stayed hidden only her and the silent brothers know of her half nature. She only uses her downworlder side if she truley needs it.

Relationship Status: married to naga

er: she owns a pet snow owl

Linns ruins on her body:

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted!

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Name:Sierra Williams

Age: 17


Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York

Appearance: Sierra is tall and beautiful with long white-blonds hair and deep blue eyes. She sometimes looks like a doll come to life. She has runes inked all over her hands and usually wears full sleeves. Her hair is usually up in a bun when she is in a fight. She hardly ever smiles but looks even more beautiful while smiling.

Style: She likes long dresses but in fights it's Shadowhunter gear. She hardly ever wears anything short-sleeved

Personality: She is a deadly fighter and the enemy should never go by her looks. She likes to fight and anybody can see she enjoys it. She is very irritable around people and usually talks rudely but inside, she is very nice and cares about others though that side of her is rarely shown.

Likes/Strengths: weapons, new clothes, battles

Dislikes/Weaknesses: people

History: Her parents are Shadowhunters who work for the Clave and they have no time for her. She is very independent because of that. She lost her brother when she was five. He was younger than her.

Relationship Status: single as of now

Other: She is more rude to a guy if she likes him

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alessia (classick)

I S A B E L L E - S O P H I A - L I G H T W O O D




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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Wow cool :)

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Beastly Name: Damien dawnstar

Age: 17

Gender: male

sexuality: bisexual

Place of Residence now (London or New York): new york

Appearance: Damien is fairly tall. He is lanky but totally pulls it off. He has black shaggy hair. It covers most of his eyes. He has ruins covering most of her arms

Style: anything that is male emo style(dont judge i emo to). Damien is fairly tall. He is lanky but totally pulls it off. He has black shaggy hair. It covers most of his eyes. He has ruins covering most of her arms

Personality: Damien is shy and quiet. he likes to skateboard. he cuts himself here and their but not very often. he is very protective of his rights. He hates being bullied by other shadow huters because hes diffent
Damien has always had a passion for music. He loves to play his guitar and sing. Dances street dance but not very often

likes: skate boarding
Playing guitar and singing, dancing
others like him

strengths: he is good with any kind of knife
he is naturally smart
Damien is very flexible
ruins give him extra strengths

Dislikes: bullies
Bossy instructors
Girls that always through themselves at him

History: he grew up being emo. He lives a normal shadow hunter life

Relationship Status: currently single

Other: don't touch his skateboard or guitar

Damiens runes:

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Beastly Finished my character

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Kris Harte (kristatic) accepeted

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Caden blevins Name: Darkheart

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Place of Residence now: London

Appearance: Behind the mask, Darkheart has dark brown hair cut just short enough to prevent his hair from curling. His eyes hazel, and change in light of his mood. He's slim but fit, muscles toned through constant training.

Style: He is always wearing his black mask, which resembles the mask subzero wears, covering just his mouth. A black hood covering his head but giving just enough light to show his eyes. Sharp silver body armor covering his chest and arms, and black gloves. Black combat pants and boots. He is almost always in black and silver clothing.

Personality: He is quiet and to himself, he is very stubborn underneath, and likes things his way. Many secrets hide behind the mask of Darkheart.Only when he fights do you see the true passion and fire that burns within him.

Likes/Strengths: Meditating and training alone.

Dislikes/Weaknesses: People touching him or getting in his way. Also he is deathly afraid of clowns.

History: His brothers fought each other, when Darkheart was very young, to the death. Over something still unclear to him, all Darkheart really knows is they both died. Out of anger and confusion, the boy began training. The outcast all his life. He devotes his life to hunting down demons.

Relationship Status: Single

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Kris Harte (kristatic) Name: Danielle Goldpine (goes by Dani)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York

Appearance: Bright blue eyes and long wavy brown hair. Average height and olive skin tone.
Style: Baggier dark colored clothes

Personality: Dani is very shy and quiet when you first met her, klutz, responsible, trustworthy, very apologetic, scared of A LOT of things, doesn't trust easy, bit of a loner, etc.

~using small blades
~studying ruins

~perverts, drunks, most men
~being alone

History: Dani was raised with her shadowhunter family in Idris. Her father is the Consul and was targeted by powerful demons, so they sent her away to New York to keep her safe.

Relationship Status: Single sorta goes out with Jason who her parents tasked with protecting her(view spoiler)

Other: Did I mention she's pregnant.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Name: James Warren

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Male

Place of Residence now: London

Appearance: His jaw is strong and sharp, eyes burning true blue. Dark brown hair pushed to the side and out of his eyes. He stands at six foot two, body toned from years of training.

Style: James is most comfortable in his jean and tee, along with his jean jacket and leather wristband.

Personality: James has the 'do what I want, when I want' attitude. He's been known to get into fights, and is stubborn when it comes to getting what he wants.

Likes: Starting fights, improving his skills, messing around.

Dislikes: People snooping around in his past. People that are constantly happy, life is a roller coaster nobody is always happy. If they claim to be they must be hiding something.

History: James comes from a small town called Warren, namely after his family. However, situations arose that forced him to leave. With no word from back home, or of his family, he has moved on in his life. Knowing about the world of magic all his life, he discovered the existence of the shadow hunters. Quickly he began training and grow to become apart of the family.

Relationship Status: Single

Other: Deep down James is a good guy, deep deep deeep down.

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Adrienne | 6 comments Name: Alicia Grante

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Place of Residence now: New York

Appearance: description

Alicia has curly (A bit) blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a bit short in height and is thin.
Style: description
Alicia likes girly outfits with pastel colors.

Personality: Alicia is bubbly and cheerful, always wearing a smile on her face. She is sweet and a bit childish, though she looks like the opposite. But when in shadowhunter mode, she is serious, focused and deadly. Alicia is naive, curious, stubborn and sneaky, much to her advantage. She is very good at fighting for her young age.

~Reading Books
~Making New Friends
~Using Swords

~People teasing her
~Snotty and arrogant people

History: Alicia had a good life. Until she learned that she was adopted. She tried asking her foster parents about it but they wouldn't budge. One time, while Alicia was sleeping, she was attacked by a downworlder, thankfully, she was saved by her foster parents, who were shadowhunters and good friends with her real parents and told her to follow in their footsteps so she began training herself.

Relationship Status: Single

Other: Alicia's good at ballet and piano, though no one has ever saw her dance ballet and hear her play the piano.

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alessia (classick) You guys are really fast when making characters...

message 18: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne | 6 comments Is my character approved?

message 19: by Kris (new)

Kris Harte (kristatic) all above characters are accepted

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Aiman Name: Heidi Emma Carstairs
Nickname: Di pronounced: Dee
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Residence: New York
Appearance: Curly auburn hair, violet eyes, tall and slender.
Style: Usually wears anything that is comfortable yet trendy. Hates jeans and pants for girls with fake pockets so she sometimes wears males' jeans. Hehehe ;)
Brave and stoic though she has a softer side towards her friends and loved ones. Heidi is also funny and strong but a little bit disorganised.
Generally having fun
Physical strength
Being able to use practically any available object in a fight.
Physical abuse against innocent people
Heidi also hates jeans for girls with FAKE POCKETS. Ugh.
Mephobia- Fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can't handle it and everyone dies. ;-)
Heidi has had a pretty exciting life, 'saving people, hunting things- the family business' ;-)
Relationship Status: Single
Other: Heidi is great at acting. She is also a good singer.

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alessia (classick) {You know, I heard that for jeans with "fake pockets" you're supposed to cut them open. They were sewn together so that during shipping and packing, dust and dirt don't go in. Or at least, that's what the radio tips said. xD}

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Aiman lolz ;D

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Kris Harte (kristatic) accepted

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Aiman Thanks!

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Kris Harte (kristatic) accepted

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Moose  (Sandra) (dedicatedwarlock) | 163 comments Name: Markus Starkdale

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Place of Residence now (London or New York): London

Appearance: Markus as semi - short medium brown hair. He has dark green eyes and is fairly muscular. ( and obviously as rune marks covering his body)

Style: All black obviously. Mostly skin tight clothes like skinny jeans and underarmer type of clothing.

Personality: He is like most shadowhunters, except is slightly more selfish. Ever since his parents were killed he tends to care more about his safety than others. He can be very sweet, nice and charming.

- training
- hunting demons
- sword fighting
- being nice to others

- his emotions
- loyalty
- werewolves
- big open areas

History: Markus has lived a pretty much normal shadow hunter life except for the fact that his parents were killed by a group of werewolves when he was 12. He has planned to find who killed them and get revenge on them. So I guess he does have a slight dark side, but it doesn't show. He has lived in the London institute ever since. He doesn't make friends that easily, but is willing to try.

Relationship Status: Single

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You do, but go ahead, I'm sure the moderators won't mind.

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No sweat.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments By the way, Emily and Markus are accepted.

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Moose  (Sandra) (dedicatedwarlock) | 163 comments Thanks :)

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Beastly Name: lealawna evergrove
Nickname: lea

Age: 17 1/2

Gender: female

Place of Residence now: london

Appearance: lea is a fairly skinny women. She has buetiful ginger hair that ends at her shoulder blades. She is is 5 feet and six inches tall. Lea has soft facial features, making her very elegant and buetiful. Lea has no scars on her skin at all. Like almost all shadow hunters she has ruins on her arms.


Lea likes to wear dresses that fit to her body but not to much. She likes to wear dresses that have many buetiful designs on them. She refuses to wear outfits that don't match her head piece she wears everywhere. She always wears a head piece that her mother gave her.

Personality: lea is very peaceful and friendly. She is the one you'd want has a true friend. Lea doesn't get out mutch but tries her best to learn new things. Lea loves to sing and write poems. She truley wants to be a famous poet. Lea is quiet and shy around men she really likes. Lea is very spiritual when it comes to nature. She loves to walk in the woods and just learn and be one with nature. She doesn't mind when people call her the mother nature inhabiting a women body.Lea loves children, She wants to have a child so she isn't always so lonely and thinks she'd be a great mother.

Likes: nature
Writing poems
Walking in the woods
Making friends
Friends and family

Strengths: she has vast knowledge of nature
She is handy with bows and arrows.
Runes give her extra strength and abilities

Dislikes: abusers of power
Men that think they can marry her just like that
Getting bullied or insulted
When someone ruins her dresses or outfits.

Weaknesses: lea often stays alone in the woods and it affects her socail life
She has can't really kill things without feeling like she is going to die to
She is terrified of hieghts.

History: lea was born in a small village in Ireland near many miles of woods. Lea was a only child and had trouble making friends. So lea would make herself at home in the woods or fields. As the days went by she grew up into a buetiful young women. Her parents sent her to get married but lea hated the man she was going to be married to. She refused and went to the London institute so she would not have to be forced into marrage. There she lives peacefully and lives a much happier life.

Relationship Status: currently single and waiting for a special person to give her heart

Other: lea owns a pet gypsy vanner horse names snap dragon.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted.

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Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments Name: Miranda Carstairs

Age: 16 3/4

Residence: New York

Dark brown hair that is a couple inches longer than shoulder length, slightly wavy
Almond shaped eyes, color: Amber
Has an hourglass figure
Roman nose, on the short side, 5'3
Very pale
Style: whatever is "modern"

Skills: Is extremely crafty with a sword, is interested in pop culture

Hobbies/ likes: Painting (badly), plays the flute

Dislikes: Make-up, people who are self-assured

History: Is a distant relative of Jem!
Parents are still alive but in the London Institute
Family came from Canada. Was always very outgoing until her little brother died. Now she is very shy and slightly unapproachable.

Personality: A shy girl, but very sarcastic. She likes to crack jokes at the most peculiar times, and has a very dry sense of humor. One day she wants to write a book that people from all over the world would read! She is very polite until you insult her, and then she can be very cruel. Extremely clumsy.

Relationships: Parabatai/ undetermined (will find out later)

(If I left anything out, sorry!)

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted and don't worry. You didn't leave out anything. You can try adding a little more description though.

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Name: Chloe Herondale


Gender: Girl

Place of Residence now New York

She has brown hair that's always in a braid and sparkling blue eyes.
Style:Well she likes manga and stuff, so she wears shirt with anime stuff on them and jeans.

Personality: She's very nice, but can get mad very easy

Likes/Strengths: She's very strong even thought she can't fight yet. Her best friend is/was Max Lightwood.

She cares to much about her friends.
History: She lived in Idris while her parents served in the circle. Stephen was her cousin, but she didn't really know him. But after he and Celine died her family moved to New York. Her dad didn't want to be in the circle anymore, but her mom did and her mom stayed behind.

Relationship Status: Single, but likes Max
Don't read on if you haven't read the first three books!

She's Jace's cousin and eventually will met him when Stephens uncle brings her to visit the New York institute.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Accepted!

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Yea! Yay!

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Elmina | 44 comments Name- Jasper(Jay for short)

Age- 18

Place of residence- He loves traveling but right now, he's in New York at the institute. He doesn't plan on staying long though.


Style- Jasper usually wears a plain black t-shirt and a pair of jeans and usually wears a black backpack where he keeps weapons, a stele, and his fighting gear.

Personality- Jasper is a very nice person and can be a bit flirty though he would never flirt with a girl who already had a boyfriend. His temper is practically nonexistent

message 39: by Elmina (new)

Elmina | 44 comments Oops! I didn't mean to post that yet!

message 40: by Elmina (new)

Elmina | 44 comments Personality(continued from first post)- He loves meeting new people and can get along with almost anyone, but he can be very secretive.

Likes- People, downworlders, traveling.

Strengths- Socializing, leaving things behind, making runes

Dislikes- Learning about shadowhunter history, reading

Weaknesses- Has a horrible memory(except when it comes to remembering things about people or runes)

History- Jasper doesn't remember much about his parents, they died from a demon when he was 8. He went to the nearest institute and stayed there until he was 15 then he started traveling.

Relationship status- single

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Kris Harte (kristatic) Accepted

message 42: by Elmina (new)

Elmina | 44 comments Awesome. Thanks.

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Name: Calla Bravery
Place of Residence London
Appearance: Long blonde hair that she puts flowers in and violet eyes

Style: Very much a girly girl
She is very shy and is an artist and likes Clary because of this.
Art,daggers, better hearing then others.
Goth people, hipsters, and bow and arrows
Calla lives in a London suburb and the first demon to attack her was at her 14th birthday party and killed her boyfriend.
Relationship Status:

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So can I just start playing her or what?

message 45: by Genevieve (new)

Genevieve Carstairs (mirandacarstairs) | 1022 comments Approved

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Yay thanks

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Name: Beta Thresh

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Place of Residence now (London or New York): New York


Style: Gothic

Personality: Tbrp'd

Likes/Strengths: Swordplay and spaghetti

Dislikes/Weaknesses: spiders

History: Was raised as a shadowhunter and has learned the was of them too. From a noble family.

Relationship Status: Single

Other: n/a

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Name: Amethyst (Amy) Jerald

Place of Residence now:
New York

Long hair, Half white, half light pink
Pale skin
Little blue eyes

Pastel goth
Bubbly and defensive. Keeps to herself sometimes, but she's just thinking, not being rude. She isn't trying to be any way.
Pastel colors
blood red
She grew up in London, but her dad got a job in New York, so she moved there, with her mom, dad and brother (Robert, call him Bert) She is a great archer and stinks at sword fighting. But Bert tries to help her with that. Her mom's on the council and has to leave alot for that, so she's closer to her dad.
Relationship Status:

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Can I rp with her?

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments Yeah sure :D

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