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message 1: by Bathsheba (new)

Bathsheba Dailey | 1 comments My E-Book is free until midnight, here is a peek into it and the link to download it and thank you to anyone who does download it and does a review after reading

It is what I see in my nights of restless sleep that torment me in my waking hours. I search for what I will never find and find what will only drive me into hell a little deeper every day. I have always been just me and that has been fine and I love the heart that I have been blessed with even through a life that I could take or leave without any turns looking back. Does this mean I do not love my family or children? Does this mean that I really want to die in my sleep like I beg every night before I once again fall into my own hell of night tremors? This is something I ask myself every single breathing day that I am made to exist on earth! I love my children but maybe just maybe they would be better off without a mother who cries in her sleep for no reason that they could ever understand or that I would even want to tell them. I am alone in the crowded room that everyone talks about and that may be okay for some but I was meant to love and cherish those who walk in my life. I am lost in the dark and followed by the shadows that are to forever haunt me with nowhere to run but back within myself. I cry a million unseen tears that I hide with a pretty smile upon my face that I wish to let run free and to be seen by just one person that will maybe understand me and understand what I am forever left to feel. I am not mentally ill by any chemical imbalance! I am however mentally ill by the life that I have been given and at the end of the day after I have tried to make everyone else’s life pretty with a pink ribbon, I am left to wonder; “Did they see me”?

message 2: by Maryalice (new)

Maryalice | 8 comments I show it is 3.99

message 3: by Kami (new)

Kami Dodson-Perry | 22 comments It was yesterday until midnight that it was a freebie. See the 1st sentence.

message 4: by Maryalice (new)

Maryalice | 8 comments I saw the first sentence, I didn't see the date and thought it was posted this morning since that is when i got the e mail.

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