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am i the only one who thought this movie is going to be cheesy?!
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gosh too many fangs! i'm so disappointed because these are my favorite series and gosh that trailer did not look serious enough and can't help but think this cast isn't attractive enough. except Christian,his casting is allright. please tell me your thoughts because i'm very worried about this.
if you still havent watched it,here's the link:

I just think the way they've been promoting it is coming off as cheesy. I wish they weren't going for the whole 'Mean Girls with vampires' thing. But I do think the actual movie will be pretty good. Maybe I'm just optimistic but I think I have more of a problem with the advertising angle and not the actual footage from the film. If that makes sense.

I agree that the trailers make the movie look really cheesy, but Richelle Mead was apparently asked for her input when they were filming the movie and she has said on her blog that the movie is very true to the book. If the author is happy with the movie and thinks the fans will be satisfied then I can't really argue against that.

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I really hope the movie is more serious. When I read the series(which I absolutely love!) it was dark humor. Yeah, it's funny and cute at places but really it's a "live or die" kind of book. Hopefully the movie is better than the trailer!!

Hannah I totally agree! I never got my hopes up about this movie, but the trailer still dissapointed me. I guess we'll have to see how it goes... :)

I couldt agree with you more. I love the series but the trailer had so many inaccuracies and smacked of Vampire Diaries. The trailer really sucked and I think I will avoid watching any in future and hope the movie is better than the trailer.

I won't be surprised if this movie flops. The only young adult book to movie series that hasn't seemed to flop were Hunger Games and Twilight. Twilight helped kick start this type of franchise. Hunger Games has nothing to do with vampires or the Supernatural.

The trailer looks terrible. The trailer is meant to bring people in with show them a glimpse of what they are getting. It helps people decide if they will or won't see the movie. If the trailer sucks, then less people will be willing to spend $6 to $8 on a ticket to the movie especially people who are already tired of the vampire craze. This means that they are less likely to give a good movie a chance which means it could still flop. And Book fans alone won't be able to save it.

Parmida Asadi yes though im a huge book fan but when i saw this trailer i was so upset and disappointed that i decided never to see the movie because the good books ...more
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Parmida wrote: "gosh too many fangs! i'm so disappointed because these are my favorite series and gosh that trailer did not look serious enough and can't help but think this cast isn't attractive enough. except Ch..."

Don't worry! You're not alone! I'm worried about it. Especially since the director made Mean Girls. They said they've changed a few things. So be cautious, like I am!

I agree.They should have gotten a different director. :/

I agree. The trailer doesn't seem to relate well enough. The book looks most definitely better.

The trailer looks nothing like I expected the movie to be. Dimitri looked way hotter in my mind then he does on screen. The psi hounds look different and the Moroi look like they carry around wands.

trailer sucked. is it a joke, if so it is mean. why does Hollywood wants to kill a good series.

I can see how you could be worried - there are a lot of fangs and jokes in the trailer, but in an interview richelle mead explained that the trailer had to appeal to people who hadn't read the books and the best way to do that was to make the trailer funny. She assured us that all of the more serious aspects of VA were definitely in the film, just not included in the trailer, and that she was happily surprised by how true to the book the film was :D I loved the trailer -
I was actually glad they kept all the comedy in!

As for the cast, personally I think they're awesome. Zoey in particular is strikingly similar to how I pictured rose in my head! I think its a little harsh to talk about them not being attractive, after all its personal opinion, but in interviews all the key characters really seem to just love and understand their characters and are proud of the film which I think is very important :D

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I was not impressed with the trailer. But I'm going to try and hold my judgement against the movie until I see it. I hope that they do not kill the series and make it all "Hollywood" if they know its good enough to become a movie then they should know it doesn't need anything more. Its already awesome. But it never works out that way. I keep hoping that maybe whoever directed and helped with Harry Potter would do the same with this series. I thought that Warner Bros did an awesome job of bringing the Harry Potter world to life and did a pretty good job at sticking to the written book series.

Here's my opinion on the matter:

This is one of my favourite series, and while I rarely hold hope for any book converted into a movie, this one was even more disappointing than usual. It seems like they have tried to make it into a comedy or at least take away a lot of the dark/serious tone of the books which added a lot of depth to the characters and was just plain bad ass.

I also think the actors weren't casted correctly as there are some obvious differences in their appearances. Like the book makes a clear distinction between Moroi and Dhampirs but without my knowledge of the characters from the books id be helpless finding the difference in the actors.

On top of that as pointed out by many people already, using the term "blood whore" when refering to a moroi doesnt leave me with high hopes regarding the accuracy of plot considering that is supposed to refer to dhampirs.

Overall im not at all excited for this movie.

My friend sent me a youTube link on Facebook, and when I first saw it I thought it was a spoof. It looks as though they are making fun of the books.

It's obvious they are trying to reach a certain audience...and it doesn't seem to be the readers.

the movie trailer is terrible. the movie is going to suck. :/

Well, I just found out that the directors of Mean Girls is directing Vampire Academy. I mean, this is a pretty serious chic book. Not Mean Girls. I mean I love Cady and Regina and all, but...yea. I didn't even recognize some of the characters in the trailer. Rose seemed way too nice and Lissa wasn't pretty enough. It was quite cheesy in my opinion.

I'm really disappointed with both the trailer and the casting. I actually found a fan casting I really like.

I was really hoping that the film was going to be done well and stick the books. But from what we have seen from the trailer it looks as if it is to a Low budget movie. I am very disappointed.

OMG YES AGREED, just saw the trailer today when I went to go see Catching Fire which was amazeballs if I do say myself, anyway, I read the whole series and the trailer makes it look so stupid and disappointing. It looks cheesy and teeny-booper-esque(don't mind my invented word). Everything just didn't match up with the atmosphere the books gave off, the use of bright colors, the insult wasn't even used correctly, the cast looks not on par with the descriptions, and the voice over kinda rushed over a bunch of the books, plus it looks more like a parody film than an actual film.

I think the film is going to be cheesy from what I've seen on the trailer. I was disappointed in the trailer. There were a lot "funny" bits which I thought were just cheesy, and there is some really bad acting in just the trailer. I'm still going to see the movie, but I don't have my hopes up. I really hope they haven't ruined it for me.

I like the comedy in the trailer but what's up with the cat?! And I do not like how Dimitri looks at all but I can see how there showing the comedy to get people who haven't read the book to come I just hope they keep some of the seriousness to the movie

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I think it looks fun. I loved Mean Girls, and it's the same director. I think the novels are a combination of dark AND funny which the trailer certainly hits.

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Esperen a que salga la película y después juzgan. Para mí el cast es PERFECTO!

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I'm disappointed! The trailers kinda sucked, the casting is not what i excepted and some of those scenes don't happen in the book. I swear us fans could do a better job at making the movie. Books that get turned into movies are always wrecked or don't give the book enough justice! Is it really that hard to turn one of the BEST VAMPIRE BOOKS EVER into an equally amazing movie?


Its gonna be completely cheesy

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I wasn't a fan of the trailer as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited to watch it. I'm hoping that the movie is a little bit more serious than the actual trailer. Because if this movie fails, that means their won't be a sequel. And if their is no sequel their is no Adrian Ivashkov! And I don't know about y'all but I NEED ME SOME ADRIAN! Lol

I think the movie trailer looks better than the book.

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I've just seen the trailer on big screen before Hunger Games and it looks terrible.

Lol I know this is completely off topic, sort of, but I can help but mention this. I can't help but pick out someone's wrong grammer. Its a bad habit. In the title of this discussion the words 'thought' and 'is' kind of makes the point of the discussion unclear. By using 'thought' which is past tense, it implies that this was a previous thought that you've had before this moment in time while the use of 'is' which is present tense, would imply that this is how you feel in the present. The two words together doesn't work.

Lol, I know this might make me seem like a know-it-all. Sorry if I offend.

Anyway, I thought the trailer was great. I love Lissa and Rose is perfect. I only wish we saw more of Dimitri.

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