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Bobby Dixon Friday Night Lights is a book about a high school football team in a town called Odessa. Odessa is a small town and it is known for football. The Permian football team has high expectations. The team is expected to win the state championship. They have a lot of problems along the way. There are injuries to key players, pressure, and racism. There is a lot of things that are distracting them from achieving their main goal which is to win the state championship.

I liked many things about the book. One thing I liked was that it was realistic. It showed problems that teams have all of the time. It showed problems that people go through with family. In addition, it touched o the topic of racism. There is still racism after the civil rights movement. Some schools are segregated. It is still like this today. There was some things I didn't like. I didn't like how the players were treated. In addition, it showed me how people only care when you are doing good. It showed how people don't care when you are not whining.

I really did like this book. I would recommend this to sport fans and high school players. Also, I would recommend it to people who saw the movie and didn't read the book yet. I have to watch the movie again.

Andrew This is a great look into America's obsession with sport and competition.

If you are interested in a similar story, or are simply a basketball fan, check out "Fall River Dreams" - about All-American Chris Herren and the Durfee High School basketball team. There is also an ESPN 30 for 30 about Chris called "Unguarded". Also interesting.

Spaducci I've seen that documentary "Unguarded", and since I also know many addicts, I've tried to pass that along. It was very interesting and amazing he actually overcame that difficult obstacle. Thanks for the share!

William Moore “The measure of your character and mental toughness is the space between what you are doing and what you could be doing”

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"On Character and Mental Toughness"

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