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message 1: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Pearson-Vasey (onaquest) | 2 comments I just purchased one of your suggested books, The Romanov Princess. It has not yet been entered in the Goodreads system. Once I read it, where should I post the review(s)?
I think we do need a few rules here - or guidelines. Good idea, though, to swap reviews with other authors.

message 2: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya (lavanyas) | 1 comments Hey Gloria, I guess till u get it in Goodreads, You can post your reviews in the site Prash has given.
Sign in to the site and write your review and make a thread in this group about that books and copy paste your review here itself :)

message 3: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Pearson-Vasey (onaquest) | 2 comments Just realized your book was The God with the Red Dot, Prash, so I've bought it and will read it first. Common courtesy since you started this group. It's a great idea, by the way.

message 4: by Adam (new)

Adam | 3 comments I am definitely getting involved with the website in the near future...maybe this weekend.

message 5: by Prashant (new)

Prashant Chopra (prashchopra) | 13 comments Mod
Thank you Gloria, much appreciated!

Thanks Adam. Welcome all!

message 6: by Tabetha (new)

Tabetha Thompson | 2 comments Hello,
My name is Tabetha Thompson and I am the author of The Friend Zone and More Than Friends. I am seeking reviews/ratings. Follow the link for more information. https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog...

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