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Rebel Rider I'm wondering, what kind of content is in this book? I'm thinking about getting it but I'm wondering if there's anything I should worry about such as swearing, sex, same gender romance, serious violence, or other things that are of concern.
I really enjoyed Kat Fall's Dark Life books and my younger brother did too so I'm wondering if this would be okay for him to read. (He doesn't like romance.)

Jaime I think this one would be a great story for a young male reader. There really isn't much language, and the slight mentions of sex are rare and not at all graphic. There is definitely violence, though. Some of the scenes are pretty graphic, gory. I would skim through it if I were you to see if it is inappropriate for your brother. I think it is all a matter of opinion. I wouldn't have a problem with my 15 year old nephew reading it.

Donita Chang There wasn't a lot of romance. It was kind of like the first book of PJO. It was more of an adventure type. There was a light swearing and the only sexual content was suggestive things. As a teen reader, I had to read it twice for myself to understand. The violence is pretty graphic that I had to turn away for a moment. So I wouldn't recommend it if your younger brother is like, 10-12. If he's mature, then sure. If he's younger than that then I suggest you read it first before he does.

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notyourfriend I loved this book soooooooooooooooooo much!!! I liked it's graphic-ness. The characters are so enjoyable too. I loved Rafe XD

Sic Transit Gloria This book won an award titled "Best Clean Young Adult Read" (or something like that). You decide. (Although by now you've probably already read the book.)

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