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message 1: by Laurann (new)

Laurann | 1 comments Hi,

I'm hoping to find someone willing to read the first draft of my short story. It's around 5,000 words so far. It's an erotic story with a group sex scene, so I need someone brave!


message 2: by Ahnah (new)

Ahnah (ladyliriel) | 12 comments Sounds interesting, I can give it a go, I am not so tame myself. ;) my email is as follows:

message 3: by Tianna (new)

Tianna | 37 comments I can give it a go as well.

message 4: by Natalie (new)

Natalie | 38 comments I would be interested if you are still looking for someone

message 5: by book junkie (new)

book junkie | 14 comments I would love to read it

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