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message 1: by David Sven (new)

David Sven (gorro) | 567 comments Ch12 - It looks like Tarmin does have a degree of sentience. It doesn't have a figurehead, but does have eyes - and Tarmin appears to be giving Sedric a dirty look

I imagine Hest is going to be spewing when he finds out how independently Alise has acted. And Sedric looks like he's brought his sample bottles in the hope he'll be able to snag some dragon parts - a tooth or scale maybe. I think this was more his idea - Hest didn't seem that interested in scrounging when Sedric suggested it to him earlier.

Alise is connecting well with Sintara. These dragons are really easy to manipulate if you speak to them the right way. It was good to see and hear Malta again as well.

message 2: by David Sven (new)

David Sven (gorro) | 567 comments Ch15 - I was right about Sedric and Hest
And Sedric looks like he's trying to buy his independence by selling dragon parts.
I'm more convinced that Kelsingra is the same Elderling city that Fitz visited with the stone dragons. The silver river is probably the skill river - I remember that being silver. I wonder if real dragons can heal themselves or remake themselves from the skill river?

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 8 comments David,

I agree that it is the same river. Sintara's memory of landing in the river seems to be the same as the vision the Fool had in Assassins Quest. I didn't think about the implications of the river on the dragons. I think you're right that it will heal the dragons.

message 4: by Hanne (new)

Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
Just finished these 5 chapters, and I don't think it will take long before I finish the book! It took me a little while to warm up to the story, but I'm really liking it now!

David Sven wrote: "Ch12 - It looks like Tarmin does have a degree of sentience. It doesn't have a figurehead, but does have eyes - and Tarmin appears to be giving Sedric a dirty look"

Yes! And that makes sense. He doesn't have a head so can't speak, but he does all the other things we know liveships do. The looking, but also Leftrin seems to have a connection to the ship like Althea did with her family's liveship.
He felt there was a stranger on deck through the ship, he felt the ship's connection to lying on that beach near Cassarick.

Re: the river. I agree, it's got to be the city Fitz visited. Geographically that also fits, if i remember the maps well.

I hope along the next chapters we will get a glimpse of Hest's reaction when he finds out Alise signed that contract. Either through a point of view paragraph, or via the bird keeper messages. I was cheering so loud when i found out they're sending a copy of her contract to keep 'in her files'.

The flash backs to Hest and Sedric were interesting as well. Sedric wasn't always this dandy-like, that's what Hest build him into. I'm guessing it won't be just Alise who will find herself again on this trip.
I thought Sedric's attraction to Greft interesting, he sure likes his men dominant!

message 5: by Hanne (new)

Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
Alex wrote: "The first meeting between Sintara and Thymara is my favourite part of the book so far. Loved the switching POVs and how at odds their relationship started."

Agree, that was really nicely done. Though my favourite part is Sintara getting annoyed when Thymara is spending time with one of the most 'useless' dragons in the bunch.

message 6: by Rob (new)

Rob (robzak) | 432 comments I'm enjoying the book as well and expect to finish it tonight. If anyone had doubts about Sedric and Hest, we finally got definitive proof of the nature of their relationship.

Good for Alise. I think most of Sedric's sympathy stems from guilt though.

message 7: by Hanne (new)

Hanne (hanne2) | 791 comments Mod
I forgot all about that skill river. It's an interesting though!

Alex - I agree Sedric's back story being very interesting. I'm glad she waited this long into book 1 to tell it, even though we had guessed a lot about it already obviously.
It makes me pity him though, he really doesn't have an identity of his own. He's what Hest made him to be. I really want him to find out what he can be without Hest on this trip

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