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Tony Parsons The story unfolds by vampires attacking lots of student’s in the school gymnasium (Terrance Donald Jimmy Holton Holly Sharp Emma Pelham Melissa Colwyn Donald Damian Forrest & Abigail). 1 of the vampires was the a student’s mother.

I didn’t realize a vampire could have sex with another person & change them into a vampire, I thought they only bite, kinda interesting. Blood, guts, heads severed, body parts dismembered, sorcerer, zombies, wooden stakes to the heart… great stuff. I also liked judging by the names the use of different ethnic groups instead of the typical white (Caucasian) vampire’s.

I truly had to start keeping track of just a few of the numerous characters in the chapters:
Melanie Alexandra Billy Krista Poppy Raquel Alexandra Daphne Catherine Jenna Vicki Helena Emily Annie Robert Jimmy Victor Graham Craig Victor Kate Julie William Robyn Bernie Forrest Gina Kristy Abby Paul Patrick Mark Wendy Laura Adam Johnathan Mike Jim Caitlin/Mother superior (Catholic twist) Emily Karen Lisa Sharon Kate Diana Louise Allie Donna Alanna Karen Sharon Preston Francisca Stephen Maggie Debbie Maggie Emma Barbara Bobby Mark Alanna Erzsbet, there were a lot others.

The ending Daphne & Catherine turning out 2 B lesbians.

Not UR typical vampire book (movie) it was filled with a ton of characters. Maybe with a lot of tweaking it could be made into a paranormal or schifi movie.

I enjoyed reading the free book but unfortunately it was real hard for me to follow, I would have to give it a 3/5.

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Lee Cushing If it's not too much trouble, would you please add this to the reviews section of the book.

It would be appreciated.

Tony Parsons I did Lee

thanks again Tony

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Lee Cushing If you want to try any of the others in the series, let me know.

Tony Parsons thanks I'm swamped right now

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