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J.L. | 3 comments Hi everyone,

Beta Readers wanted for a Middle Grade Action Adventure Book.
(86.6K Words / 294 pages / PG-10: Action, Violence, Light Romance, Implied Language)

Summary: Five months ago ten-year-old Zeno was forced from his home, four weeks ago he learned to fly, three days ago he crept through a force field, two hours ago he rescued his best friend, and one minute ago his heart stopped.

In the future long-distance communications no longer exist. From his small town, Zeno longs for adventure, admiring the legends of the Messengers, futuristic child couriers who live and die by carrying important information. His world falls apart when murderous bandits come searching for new members, and his mother makes the difficult decision to take him to join the courier group.

After enlisting, he must pass basic training which includes: mastering the art of stealth, destroying a monstrous robotic chameleon, and conquering holographic swamps just to earn his invisibility cloak. And that’s the easy part.

One night, information arrives which threatens to destroy the Messenger Corps. Zeno has to face his fears, come to grips with his enemies, and fight his way over miles of treacherous land, knowing that thousands of people will die if he doesn’t make it in time.

Complete at 86,600 words and the first of the series, THE MESSENGERS – DAWN OF SHADOWS is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure for reluctant readers ages 10 and up with nods to PERCY JACKSON and THE HUNGER GAMES.

If you are interested reply here with your email or email me at jlstovall4 at

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How soon did you need it by!Seems like an interesting concept and I'd be glad to offer, but do you need it right away?I could give you feedback in a few weeks....

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J.L. | 3 comments I'm in no rush.

The door is still open for anyone who wants to read.

Main Characters include:
One Asian-White Mixed Child
Two African American Children


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